Wood Friends Co., Ltd. Wood resource cascade business Regarding wood resource cascade business financing through syndicated loans

Wood Friends Co., Ltd.
[Wood resource cascade business] About wood resource cascade business financing through syndicated loan

Wood Friends Co., Ltd. (head office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President: Tomohide Hayashi, hereinafter “the Company”) has announced a “syndicated loan” (hereinafter “syndicated loan”) arranged by The Juroku Bank, Ltd. (Chairman and President: Yukio Murase). , “this loan”).
Purpose of Syndicated Loan Agreement
This loan will be used to finance capital investment for the realization of our “wood resource cascade business,” such as sawmills, which are scheduled to start operations in 2024 in Minokamo City and Yaotsu Town, Kamo District, Gifu Prefecture. It is used.
In 2021, we started acquiring forests and embarked on a forest resources business. In cooperation with local forestry business operators, we will establish a stable and sustainable supply system for domestic timber through a sawmill that will start operations in 2024, and we will integrate the forestry business from the procurement of raw timber to the manufacture of construction materials and construction. We aim to build a system that utilizes resources without waste.
We will promote the effective use of forest resources in the Tokai region and increase the value of domestic timber and forests by capturing various market needs in the construction material business, medium- and large-scale wooden construction business, wooden sash business, etc., including the housing business. We will continue to connect.
In addition, we will deepen our ties with local residents through the financial institutions participating in this loan, and contribute to the circulation and revitalization of the local economy by realizing our “wood resource cascade business.”
Overview of Syndicated Loan Agreement
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Overview of Syndicated Loan Agreement
[Image 2d91762-17-865aaadb7e066b50304f-6.jpg&s3=91762-17-fb793fcb2800a94386939485c5a2e851-480x280.jpg
Gifu Factory 1st Factory
[Image 3d91762-17-e8aa677a10f054936024-7.jpg&s3=91762-17-ae252d53baf35d5586ec301f3ce6cc9b-481x280.jpg
Gifu Factory 2nd Factory
[Image 4d91762-17-7301d1006b80ae9f0489-8.jpg&s3=91762-17-dd086334d92d1bd718bef5e2b892dc8f-480x281.jpg
Gifu Factory 3rd Factory
[Image 5d91762-17-40d68efa220187c08cbe-9.jpg&s3=91762-17-aba6def698d3cf8ec41891f99163480c-481x281.jpg
Minokamo factory development site
What is the wood resource cascade business?
In 2011, we opened our own laminated lumber factory and pre-cut factory in Yoro-cho, Gifu Prefecture, focusing on the abundant forest resources of the Tokai region as a corporate activity in the times, society, and environment. By realizing a consistent “manufacturing retail” from forestry to construction and sales in the housing business, we aim to eliminate the conventional complicated
distribution and stably supply domestic lumber at a reasonable price. At the same time, the effective use of surplus materials in the production process of structural materials leads to a reduction in the loss of wood resources. Properly circulate local forestry and use wood resources appropriately. We are promoting investment and development based on our concept of “wood resource cascade business”, and we believe that these efforts are directly linked to the SDGs.
[Image 6d91762-17-2ebb9e250e9d0659a754-5.jpg&s3=91762-17-c16d590b427b61b0b2140c4f22f8cb7d-979x551.jpg
Wood resource cascade business concept
About Wood Friends
Company name: Wood Friends Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Tomohide Hayashi
Location: KDX Nagoya Sakae Building 2F, 4-5-3 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
URL: https://www.woodfriends.co.jp
Since its establishment in 1982, under the corporate philosophy of “more beautiful” that products, companies and society are beautiful, To date, approximately 12,000 houses have been supplied.
As a group business, we also develop golf course management, hotel management, and designated management.
Starting from our own laminated wood factory,
We aim to realize a consistent manufacturing and retail system from forestry to housing sales.
While working on the housing business as an industry to create local employment, Making effective use of wood resources, creating a rich living environment, Under our concept of “Wood resource cascade business” that realizes a sustainable circular economy,
We aim to be a company that coexists with the local community. Details about this release:


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