Work Career Co., Ltd. Job seeker support training “Web designer training course” opened in Yamanashi

Work Career Co., Ltd.
[Work Career Co., Ltd.] Job seeker support training “Web designer training course” opened in Yamanashi

Work Career Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director: Takuya ), which became the “first e-learning certified school in Japan” in job seeker support training, has newly established a web designer training course in Yamanashi Prefecture. The course has started.
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Why is Work Career holding a job seeker support training course in Yamanashi? Due to the impact of the new coronavirus, work styles and lifestyles have diversified, and opportunities to think about careers have entered an era where everyone faces each other. Against this background, Work Career has a vision of “a society where anyone can choose a career that suits them, anywhere in Japan.”
⚫︎ “I don’t have a job because I live in the countryside.”
⚫︎ “I can only work part-time because I am a housewife”
⚫︎ “Not hired due to lack of skills and experience”
We have opened a job seeker support training course with the aim of converting the “cannot be helped career” that is overflowing in the world into a “career that suits you” and aiming to realize a society where people who live a rich life can play an active role.
The “Web Designer Training Course”, which started in February 2022, has received more applications than the capacity every time, and we will continue to support everyone who aspires to new careers. [Image 2d103442-7-c69b40752af6ae17ddf5-5.png&s3=103442-7-95dd084bd6df45306ba43fe277eb23d0-1758x976.png
Yamanashi Prefecture will be the second venue after Chiba. Since 2018, Work Career has been developing a “one-month rural stay type career school business” in Tsuru City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
Until now, there may be some people who have decided not to
participate in a local school for one month due to child rearing or financial circumstances. However, by utilizing e-learning support training for job seekers, we have made it possible for more people to “realize their own careers.”
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Yamanashi Camp Manager: Comment from Shun Kurosawa
After graduating from university in Yamanashi, I moved to Yamanashi. Currently, I am working on the theme of creating a place where people can gather using vacant houses. At the beginning of the migration, I felt that there were hurdles to working in rural areas in terms of “work availability” and “learning opportunities”. That’s why I want to make Yamanashi a more livable area by increasing the “choices of work styles” unique to the region through training to support job seekers. I myself have changed the way I work in Yamanashi by using my web skills, so let’s work hard together with everyone who is starting to study.
Characteristics of Work Career Support Training for Job Seekers [Image 4d103442-7-9afd27bb3830cb33d86b-7.png&s3=103442-7-de51d75fae6502e8058219be7ff8dde4-2871x1562.png

Work Career’s job seeker support training not only acquires skills, but the biggest feature is that it is always “practical and you can learn from instructors who are active at the forefront”.
1. Learn by doing
In addition to inputting video teaching materials on e-learning, you can learn skills that are useful in the field by actually moving your hands and learning.
2. Learn from active instructors
“Professional Lectures” by active instructors have been well received as an opportunity to learn about the actual state of work. There are many lecturers such as writers and marketers who are active in the work career. For that reason, we provide guidance that not only acquires skills, but also how to connect the learned skills to occupations.
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Training planning manager: Reina Wakayama’s comment
Some people may feel “loneliness”, “difficulty in maintaining motivation”, and “difficulty asking questions” about online learning. We are planning initiatives to reduce such learning difficulties and ensure smooth enrollment.
In addition to learning skills, we also provide support such as creating a space where instructors and students can talk easily and searching for jobs that are close to each individual’s wishes. Let’s open up a new career together in a positive atmosphere.
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Completed web designer course in April 2022: Yuko Ikeya
During the training, I was able to immediately consult with the instructor about any points I did not understand, and the instructor gave me direct advice, so I was able to learn with peace of mind. In addition to careful correction guidance, taking an inventory of my experiences using the “Career Map” was also a good opportunity to think about my future. Currently, I am working full-time as an office worker for a human resources company.
Since I use Slack and online tools, I can feel what I am learning from training every day. In the future, I hope to gradually increase the number of duties I am in charge of.
More than 1,000 graduates in total work careers-Reliable guidance results [Image 7d103442-7-b457ccecd7c9d479a6e1-9.jpg&s3=103442-7-e58ac73e4b639b377755e353ca7c42f3-1280x853.jpg
Work Career is a one-month rural stay type career school business “Work Career” (formerly: Rural Freelance Training Course).
■ Event results and content
⚫︎ Since 2016, held at 11 locations in Japan and overseas
⚫︎ Providing career counseling and experience of actually earning money with web skills
⚫︎ More than 1,000 graduates
Even in the job seeker support training, we provide online
face-to-face guidance once a week by experienced instructors and daily time to solve questions using communication tools, so those who have difficulty acquiring skills by self-study or those who have no experience. However, we have prepared an environment where you can enroll without frustration. In this course, we will utilize the know-how we have cultivated so far to provide “support for a work style that suits each individual” that can only be done by a work career.

Web designer training department e-learning course outline
In this course, the work of a web designer is divided into six genres: “graphic design”, “website design”, “no-code site creation”, “programming (site creation using html/css)”, “direction”, and “website operation”. , each of which will be studied through classroom lectures and hands-on practice.
Even inexperienced people with no knowledge of the industry can take the course without any worries, and you can enjoy learning the skills and basics to be active in the field immediately after completing the course.
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⚫︎ Application period
October 20, 2020 to November 28, 2022
⚫︎ How to apply
Please apply by mailing the application form prescribed by Hello Work. ⚫︎ FAQ
Q: Do I need to commute to school?
A: Since it is an e-learning course, it can be taken from anywhere in the country. In addition, interviews with instructors are also conducted using online conference tools, so you can take the course with confidence regardless of where you live.
Q: I’m worried about whether I can study by myself.
A: In addition to face-to-face classes once a week, questions can be answered at any time using the chat tool (Slack).
Q: I’m worried about preparing for the course, such as computer specs. A: You can also contact us from LINE, so please contact Work Career official LINE for details.
URL: ⚫︎ Homepage for work career vocational training
⚫︎ Contact
Please contact Hello Work for details on the conditions of attendance. ⚫︎Company information
Company name: Work Career Co., Ltd.
Location: 3870 Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba Prefecture
Business: Planning, development, and operation of schools for adults URL:
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