World Co., Ltd. A sustainable fashion market “RAGTAG” x “246st.

World Co., Ltd.
A sustainable fashion market “RAGTAG” × “246st.
5 days from November 2nd (Wednesday) to 6th (Sunday) at the 1st floor of the World Kita-Aoyama Building

World Co., Ltd. will hold a POP-UP type event “246st. )” will be held. [Image 1d2439-962-7eb8a1343408ba53ea8a-0.jpg&s3=2439-962-d09316d789e43179874825d87427bce9-2000x1132.jpg
The 246st.MARKET, which WORLD started in 2019 and celebrates its 5th time, has focused on reuse and creativity from the concept of “GOOD FOR FUTURE” that has been held as a concept so far. This time, the theme will be “GARAGE FOR FUTURE” featuring the used select shop “RAGTAG” of the World Group. The creators will visit the product center where about 300,000 items of “RAGTAG” are always stored and select the products that they feel inspired by. “246st.MARKET” will curate the whole and sell it on the 1st floor of the World Kita Aoyama Building along with the creator’s products. Rather than being thrown away, precious clothes that have been handed over to people who love fashion have become a new initiative to bring to the world through the selection of creators.
World will continue to serve as a place to connect creators and start-up brands who will lead the next generation and consumers. We will evolve this initiative as a place to face themes that fit the times. Points of this release
・Sustainable fashion market where primary distribution and secondary distribution circulate
・Products selected from the perspectives and individuality of each of the 10 featured creators in one place
・ Spatial production inspired by a ragtag product warehouse ~GARAGE FOR FUTURE~ GARAGE FOR FUTURE MAKING MOVIE ~selected by Creators~
A MOVIE that records the scene of picking up items at the RAGTAG product center in July 2022 is now available.
About 246st.MARKET
“246st.MARKET” is a project to create the future together with young creators and new initiatives, based in the World Kita-Aoyama Building located on Aoyama Street, with the overall concept of “GOOD FOR FUTURE”. Creators and brands that continue to transmit things and things with a view to a sustainable future will be gathered based on the theme of the world and held for a limited time (POP-UP) to create new value and form a next-generation community. I plan.
The World Kita-Aoyama Building has held pop-ups twice in the fall of 2019 and the fall of 2020, and as an external store, it has been held twice at the commercial facility NEWoMan Yokohama, and this is the fifth time.
You can also watch videos of past events.
“246st.MARKET” Official Site
video site
[Image 2d2439-962-2df7e9b342cfc0143d3f-1.jpg&s3=2439-962-605eafa09b48194955ece8ca9965905e-3900x2195.jpg
Scene from the event held at the World Kita-Aoyama Building
[Image 3d2439-962-d12b61094eec30db6896-2.jpg&s3=2439-962-bf870a593cff7b750674048c053c3483-3900x2194.jpg
NEWoMAN held in Yokohama
Efforts to circulate the primary and secondary distribution of the World Group with creators
At this event, creators will select items from the RAGTAG product center that they feel are timeless and good, as well as items that inspire them. At the venue, products carefully selected by creators and creators’ own products will be lined up.
Participating Creators
“kotohayokozawa” KOTOHA YOKOZAWA
[Image 4d2439-962-41512d4fa830b116982b-3.jpg&s3=2439-962-be4e487e12c8e0347ba6ae1a25d6d33c-3900x2194.jpg
Selection at the product center
What is “RAGTAG”
[Image 5d2439-962-f5aa160c4890335235ea-4.jpg&s3=2439-962-7dcd5121d750620f07cc9d8b83797d83-3900x2925.jpg
RAGTAG Shibuya store
“RAGTAG” opened its first store on Takeshita Street in 1985. Currently, we have 21 stores nationwide. We offer longed-for brands and high-quality items at affordable prices unique to used goods. It is supported by people who have a strong passion for fashion and people who are particular about fashion. A wide range of over 5000 products, from trendy casual brands to coveted luxury brands and up-and-coming designer brands. In particular, it is characterized by putting effort into handling high-quality brands that are filled with the passion and commitment of the creators. New items arrive every day, so you can enjoy a fresh assortment whenever you visit.
In the venue, we also purchase clothes and fashion miscellaneous goods brought by customers. the clothes you cherish
to the next person’s hand. RAGTAG staff will take it in and assess it. STEP1: Bring your own clothes and fashion goods to the venue and go to the purchase booth
STEP2: The staff will keep it at the venue and inform you of the assessment result on the web at a later date
STEP3: Payment to the designated account
246st.MARKET holding summary
[Image 6d2439-962-66910d191a4ca41db8c3-5.jpg&s3=2439-962-c985dc8dafde0129799741776aee367f-750x565.jpg
Schedule: 5 days from November 2nd (Wednesday) to 6th (Sunday), 2022 ■ Place: World Kita-Aoyama Building 1F (3-5-10 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo) ■ Hours: 11:00-18:00
*The last day will be until 17:00.
■ When entering: Free admission
* As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus infectious disease, temperature measurement etc. will be carried out at the time of admission.
“We also ask that you wear a mask.”
■ Sponsor: World Co., Ltd.
■ Cooperation: Tin Pan Alley Co., Ltd.
World Platform Service Co., Ltd.
Details about this release:

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