World Food Day Month: SDGs on Halloween Let’s bring surplus food to the Halloween event and challenge the food drive! Campaign 

Authorized NPO Free The Children Japan
[World Food Day Month: SDGs on Halloween] Let’s bring surplus food to the Halloween event and challenge the food drive! Campaign
Halloween Food Drive Campaign 2022

Authorized NPO Free The Children Japan (located at 6-6-5-3F
Minamikarasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Sanae Nakajima) will be holding a special event on October 10, 2019, which is World Food Day Month and Food Loss Reduction Month. From the 1st to the 31st of each month, the slogan “Trash? Campaign 2022” is implemented. After the campaign ends, we will collect the activity reports of the participants, tally the weight of the food collected during the period, and publish it. By using the free teaching materials (action kit) on the site, you can easily learn about food problems, food drives, and review activities. Through the campaign, we support the creation of opportunities for many people to work on solving food problems. Related events include Chitose-karasuyama on 10/29 and food drive at Higashi-Koganei Station on 10/30 and 31.
We will hold a Halloween event where you can experience Eve. Campaign details [Image 1d35268-67-5f9cefa8c7a805dcfb2c-3.png&s3=35268-67-87dfae928134cafe965214d43352bb58-1366x768.png
October is Food Loss Reduction Month (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ministry of the Environment, Consumer Affairs Agency) & World Food Day Month (United Nations)
Let’s share food at this year’s Halloween party with a food drive! How about adding a food drive to your regular Halloween event as part of the program?
*Food drive: Collecting surplus unopened food from households at event venues and street corners and donating it to organizations such as food banks and welfare groups that distribute free food to families facing financial difficulties. activities to do
October is the “Food Loss Reduction Month” set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, the Ministry of the Environment, and the Consumer Affairs Agency, as well as the “International Food Day Month” set by the United Nations. There is a need to foster awareness of food issues. Free the Children Japan connects Halloween events with food issues and creates opportunities for everyone to enjoy taking action to solve problems. After the campaign ends, we will tally and announce the weight of the food collected at the registered event. By the way, last year 150 people participated and 51.684kg of food was collected. How much will it increase this year! ? Last year’s campaign:
[Image 2d35268-67-be2dafb61189ee93ccc6-1.jpg&s3=35268-67-82b753bd28a6f180e4d079d5a6d5fa72-1920x1280.jpg
Food collected from food drives
Trash? or Treat?
SDGs action at Halloween event X food drive!
In Japan, 16.24 million tons of food is wasted annually, of which 5.22 million tons of food is discarded even though it is still edible. , the number of people who have difficulty in eating daily is also increasing. One of the actions to solve such food loss problem and poverty problem is “food drive”.
How to do a Halloween food drive is easy. After researching food banks and welfare organizations that accept food in the area and confirming the types of food that can be accepted, during the Halloween event, “Bring the food that is sleeping at home.” Just ask the participants with flyers and posters (let’s also tell the details of the food). Halloween in the SDGs era has changed from “Give me some sweets!” to “Let’s share sweets and food!”
Register for the Free the Children campaign site and host a Halloween event that will change the world.
Register to participate in the campaign from the organization’s website and hold a food drive in your own city!
The procedure for participating in the food drive campaign is 3 steps. 1. Register for the participation application form from the campaign site. (Let’s raise the feeling that we can do it!)
2. perform a hard drive
Don’t forget to measure the weight of the food and take a picture after the end. If you have SNS, post it with “#Halloween Food Drive”!
3. report activity
We’re summarizing your reports and reporting the total weight of the food collected during the campaign!
Halloween food drive campaign site (October 1-31)
( ▼Related event 1
“Halloween costume food drive event Trash? or Treat? ~Trash? Feast?~” 10/29 (Sat) @ Community Cafe Nanatsuko in Chitosekarasuyama
▼ Related event 2
Halloween Food Station in JR Higashi-Koganei Station (10/30/31)
There are 3 benefits for campaign participants!
Participants who have registered for participation, conducted a food drive, and submitted an activity report will receive the following three benefits.
1. Invitation to Change Makers Fes, a festival celebrating young people who take social action (under 25 years old)
The live event “Change Makers Fes2023” will be held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL on Tuesday, March 28th.
It is a festival where artists and celebrities appear and support children’s social activities.
ChangeMaker Fes 2023
2. Publication in the “Social Action Report” scheduled to be published in spring Activity reports will be published in a booklet that collects social actions taken by children and young people over the course of the year.
Social action report
3. Issuance of campaign participation certificate (activity certificate) A certificate of activity will be issued for submission at the entrance examination.
(Data will be sent in November. If you need it urgently, please let us know.) Halloween Food Drive Campaign 2022 Overview
▼ Campaign period: October 1st to 31st
▼ Report deadline: November 10
▼ Eligibility: Under 25 years old (as of April 1, 2022)
▼Organizer/Planner NPO Free The Children Japan
▼Details Click here for details and download of free teaching materials (action kit) Power up local people with sleeping food!
SCARE HUNGER Action Kit (Food Drive) [Image 3d35268-67-a25ec4a4a4ac840f6ea5-2.png&s3=35268-67-a9ed432f251c6d6cd80cb9c626bbe531-1120x630.png
About NPO Free The Children Japan
For more information
Founded in 1995 by Canadian Craig Keelberger (12 years old at the time) with the aim of liberating children from poverty and
exploitation, we started activities in Japan in 1999 as a partner organization of “Free The Children”. rice field. In parallel with our international cooperation activities in developing countries, we help Japanese children and young people to become “changemakers” who tackle domestic and international problems and bring about change. Currently, the main business is visiting schools, selling teaching materials, lending, selling fair trade products, collecting spoiled postcards, correspondence programs with the children of the support recipients, and work camps in Japan and overseas. It is published in school materials such as civics and English textbooks
Authorized NPO Free The Children Japan
We are a supporter of “World Food Day” month.
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