Wovn Technologies, Inc. Josai International University to support multiple languages ​​on WOVN.io to impro ve its global brand power

Wovn Technologies Inc.
Josai International University to support multiple languages ​​on WOVN.io to improve global brand power
– A system that enables speedy transmission of information to international students, partner universities, faculty members from overseas, etc. –

The website multilingual solution “WOVN.io” provided by Wovn Technologies Inc. (hereafter WOVN) has been adopted for the official website of Josai International University (Togane City, Chiba Prefecture, President Kenji Sugibayashi). I was. By promptly delivering information to people whose native language is not Japanese, such as international students and their families, staff from overseas partner universities, and teachers from overseas, we will increase awareness of the activities and appeal of Josai International University. increase.

WOVN.io’s mission is to make all data accessible to people around the world in their native language. It is a multilingual solution that leads to success in overseas strategy and dealing with foreign residents. It has been introduced to over 18,000 sites, including major companies. It can be retrofitted to an existing website, reducing unnecessary costs, reducing human resources, and shortening the introduction period for system development and multilingual site operation required for multilingualization.
Corporate information
Company name: Wovn Technologies Inc.
Location: 2-26-1 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo D-LIFEPLACE Minami-Aoyama 9F Representative: Takaharu Hayashi, President and Representative Director Established: March 2014
Capital: 5,367,010,000 yen (including capital reserve) *As of September 1, 2021 Business description: Development and operation of website
multilingual solution “WOVN.io” and application multilingual solution “WOVN.app”
Company HP: https://wovn.io/ja/
Inquiries regarding this matter
Wovn Technologies Co., Ltd. Public Relations
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