WOWOW Co., Ltd. (Correction) About partial correction of “Regarding the number of subscribers in September 2022”

WOWOW Co., Ltd.
(Correction) Partial Correction to “Number of Subscribers in September 2022”
We would like to inform you that there were some errors in the content of the “Regarding the number of subscriptions in September 2022” disclosed on October 4, 2022, as follows. Corrections are underlined. Record
Corrected parts and contents of correction
-Before correction-
We will inform you about the number of subscriptions and cancellations in September 2022 and the number of subscriptions as of the end of the month as follows.
[Image 1d1355-6852-1ea4855a0c666c092f6f-0.jpg&s3=1355-6852-424989bf0a6406e716dd24a312cbb12b-588x121.jpg
*1: For the 2nd and 3rd contracts by the same subscriber, the monthly fee of 2,530 yen (tax included) is discounted to 990 yen (tax included). It is included in the number of cases.
*2: Regarding contracts with lodging facility operators for viewing in guest rooms of lodging facilities, the viewing fee is determined individually, and the cumulative net number of subscribers (rooms) for the contracted guest rooms at the lodging facility is the cumulative total at the end of the month. It is included in the net number of subscribers.


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