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WSP Co., Ltd. New release of adult pink pearl “plumberry” series with juicy color like fruit

WSP Co., Ltd.
New release of adult pink pearl “plumberry” series with juicy color like fruit 2022 A/W Collection “plumberry”

The pearl jewelry EC site “Pearl for Life” (WSP Co., Ltd.) has released a new fruit-like adult juicy pink pearl collection
“plumberry” on October 4th (Tuesday).
[Image 1d30601-71-16d0f0ebf36aaa998ac6-0.jpg&s3=30601-71-53d279c9b4bef570ec34fbe519db0d23-2000x1125.jpg
Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection “plumberry”
An adult-colored flutter, a femininity that doesn’t flatter. The theme of this A/W collection is “adult pink”.
Sweetness and cuteness are sealed, and pearls of “deep & lustrous juicy pink” with a graceful and fruity mood. Wearing a captivating adult pink that will make your heart flutter, you will not only be elegant on the surface, but also bring out the charm of an adult from within.
[Image 2d30601-71-32f2d258c442d0c2b43a-7.jpg&s3=30601-71-9300d7471c13bd38b418886ba9dad449-2000x1500.jpg

The identity of the fascinating adult pink pearl
The lustrous and beautiful pink pearls are all natural freshwater pearls. From pearls with beautiful aurora interference colors that give off a metallic look to pearls that have a faint and gentle nuanced color that evokes the freshness of fruit, each one has a different expression, and you can feel the mystery of nature in the richness of the colors.
Not only the color but also the shape of the pearl has a different expression. Nucleated freshwater pearls, which are created by placing a nucleus in the center of the pearl, are larger than ordinary freshwater pearls, and emit a beautiful luster that permeates from the inside of pearls like Akoya pearls and South Sea pearls. In addition, the uneven and unique pink baroque pearls, which have a “cozy mood” that is not overly pretentious, are perfect for your current mood. [Image 3d30601-71-38c93385a097e68c29c5-1.jpg&s3=30601-71-e843cca11fa70a7758aabc47cfbc7003-1540x750.jpg
“plumberry” details:
Coordination of feminine style “plumberry” that does not flatter Purplish pink and mauve pink, which are soft and calm tones of berry colors that have a mature and slightly mysterious atmosphere, match the wardrobe of the autumn and winter mood.
Unlike simple and sweet pink, it has a calm grayish-based tone, so it goes well with the chic color trends of autumn and winter and earth colors such as brown, beige, khaki, and ecru, and brings out the charm of adults.
[Image 4d30601-71-f53a0bb112c6e2124f3a-2.jpg&s3=30601-71-7820de0f0b97d050acda56d55bf653a3-2000x1333.jpg
[Image 5d30601-71-61576d5bafaebd5879f2-3.jpg&s3=30601-71-8f27b1d49536b5b9a8a3d8a623901216-2000x1333.jpg
“Plumberry” LOOK BOOK is now available:
Featured trend combination color jewelry debuts
[Image 6d30601-71-0cac4c6ddddceeb33c5e-4.jpg&s3=30601-71-fe3918644bad90eea4e3c8d1fa080773-2000x2000.jpg
The design chain that you want to add to your pearl items is the hottest “combination color”. The combination of two colors (bicolor) of gorgeous and luxurious “gold” and elegant color “platinum” gives off a unique atmosphere and personality.
The new gold chain with the popular loop design is also a must-see. Gold jewelry that makes a strong statement yet has a sense of looseness, giving you a sense of adult leeway. Even if you simply wear it alone, it will enhance your usual wardrobe.
[Image 7d30601-71-7408fabe8c1f831efa76-5.jpg&s3=30601-71-03c44851c8cfa4bc6658067b2821a785-2000x2000.jpg
■Pearl for Life
“A rich life colored with pearls”
In 2002, a pearl jewelry EC site was born from WSP Co., Ltd., which operates a jewelry wholesale business centered on pearls.
In the fall of 2021, the site will be renewed as “Pearl for Life”. We have a wide variety of high-quality and rare pearl jewelry, and we will deliver the luxury of adults wearing really nice and good things and encountering pearls that will make your heart flutter.
■Company profile
Company name: WSP Co., Ltd.
Location: Ginza 3-chome Building 2F, 3-14-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Masao Watanabe
Established: December 1994
Business: Started as a pearl wholesaler in 1991. With a vision of “for beauty throughout life,” we develop jewelry centered on pearls, cosmetics derived from the sea, and sell beauty miscellaneous goods. Details about this release:

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