xID xID sponsors “Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa – My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program” to promote the utilization of My Number Card

xID sponsors “Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa – My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program” to promote the utilization of My Number Card
Govtech company xID Co., Ltd. (head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hikaru Kusaka, hereinafter xID), which provides a digital ID solution “xID (Cross ID)” specializing in My Number cards, is promoting the use of My Number cards. We will support the acceleration program “Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa – My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program -” held for the purpose.

Background of the contest
My number card has merits such as being able to use it as an official identification card for identity verification and to receive various administrative services. The government aims to have almost all citizens acquire My Number cards by the end of 2022, and the current acquisition rate is 47.4% (as of August 2022) (*1). 1 in 2 people get it. In order for almost all citizens to obtain My Number cards, it is necessary to promote further utilization so that citizens can realize the convenience of My Number cards. In light of this situation, Kagawa Prefecture is the first in Japan to solicit ideas for developing services that utilize My Number Cards under the theme of “How to use My Number Cards.” Acceleration Program-” will be implemented. xID, which has been working with various local governments such as Kisarazu City in Chiba Prefecture and Yaizu City in Shizuoka Prefecture to promote the use of My Number Cards, agrees with the purpose of holding this program and through our sponsorship, promotes the use of My Number Cards. We would like to accelerate further. *1Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications “Regarding My Number Card Issuance Status”
Contents of xID provided in “My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program” ・Provision of test and production environments for “xID API” (*2) during the exhibition to those who passed the first screening ・ As a supplementary prize, the winner of the Grand Prize will receive 2 million yen of free credits for “xID API” (available for up to 2 years).
*2 A digital ID application that can verify identity, verify identity, and electronic signature by linking with My Number Card
(Product site: https://x-id.me/)
Details of “My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program” Applicants
Individuals, corporations, and groups can apply as long as they aim to develop services that utilize the My Number Card.
* Voluntary groups consisting of multiple individuals, corporations, and groups may also apply.
* We would like to invite those who have a strong desire to realize their ideas and have a feasibility to participate, rather than ending with just an idea proposal.
Recruitment period
October 3, 2020 (Monday) to October 24, 2020 (Monday)
Recruitment method
Please apply from the application form on the special site below. * Multiple applications from the same entity are possible, but please apply for each service proposal.
Special site for this program: https://mynumbercard-contest.kagawa.jp organizer
Kagawa Prefecture, Takamatsu City, Marugame City, Sakaide City, Zentsuji City, Kanonji City, Sanuki City, Higashikagawa City, Mitoyo City, Tonosho Town, Shodoshima Town, Miki Town, Naoshima Town, Utazu Town, Ayagawa Town, Kotohira Town, Tadotsu Town , Mannou Town Co-sponsored
Kagawa Informatization Promotion Council
Information and Communication Center (e-Topia Kagawa)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (pending)
digital agency
General Incorporated Association Digital Identity Promotion Consortium Sponsorship
Amazon Web Services Japan G.K.
STNet Co., Ltd.
NTT DATA Corporation
Kawai Co., Ltd.
Google Cloud Japan G.K.
xID Co., Ltd.
Takamatsu Kotohira Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Ryobi Systems Co., Ltd.
*In Japanese syllabary order
About the opening event
Along with this program, an opening event will be held on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.
We will explain the mechanism and technical matters of My Number Card, and we will have a panel discussion about the possibility of My Number Card, where xID Representative Director Hikaru Kusaka will be on stage, and an overview of this program, so please join us.
Date and time: October 5, 2022 (Wednesday) 14: 00-16: 00
Opening event LIVE viewing URL: https://youtu.be/dpEMlho5oUU About xID Inc.
xID Co., Ltd. has the mission of “realizing a digital society with low credit costs”, and is focused on the digital ID solution “xID” specializing in My Number cards. Govtech creates next-generation business models with partners. It’s a company. As a neutral digital ID solution that is trusted by both the public and private sectors, it facilitates “reliable data utilization” that transcends barriers between companies and between the public and private sectors, which was previously impossible, and contributes to economic development and the resolution of social issues. We will realize Society 5.0, a human-centered society that balances
xID Corporate Site: https://xid.inc
xID Media “Digital Society for Everyone”: https://media.xid.inc/ About inquiry
Inquiries regarding this program
Mina-chan Pionship Kagawa 2022
– My Number Card Utilization Acceleration Program – Secretariat Kagawa Prefecture Digital Strategy General Office Digital Strategy Division 4-1-10 Bancho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture 760-8570
Inquiries regarding this sponsorship
xID Co., Ltd.
Public Relations: Momoi
Phone: 080-4446-5958
Email address: pr@xid.inc

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