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Kumamoto Prefecture and Yahoo!

Kumamoto Prefecture and Yahoo! “Shakeout training” (hereinafter referred to as “main training”) will be held on the following day. This training is intended for a wide range of citizens of the prefecture, including prefectural and municipal staff and visitors. It should be noted that this is the first attempt in the Kyushu region to carry out this training in cooperation with the prefecture and Yahoo! JAPAN.
It is important to practice “immediate action” in order to ensure personal safety without panicking in the short time between seeing and hearing an earthquake early warning and the arrival of a strong tremor.
In January 2020, Kumamoto Prefecture and Yahoo! JAPAN concluded an “Agreement on Dissemination of Information Related to Disasters” and provided “emergency information from local governments” such as emergency disaster information and the status of evacuation shelters in the prefecture. , Yahoo! Disaster Prevention Bulletin app, etc. This training will be carried out using this training notice of “emergency information from local governments”.
[Image It is a training that participants voluntarily do after the shakeout training. In preparation for disasters such as heavy rains and typhoons, create a “My Timeline” to organize your own and your family’s evacuation actions and make a disaster prevention action plan, check evacuation sites and evacuation routes, and use the “Yahoo! Using the “Disaster Prevention Timeline”, which receives push notifications when there is a warning, and the “Disaster Prevention Notebook”, which summarizes disaster-related information, each person can do what they can at home or at work.
You can also watch the “Kumamoto My Timeline” creation support video from the URL in the training notification.
(3) Responses to questionnaires
Exercise participants answer a questionnaire about disaster preparedness. *The results of the questionnaire will be used as a reference for future measures.
3 Target participants
Citizens of the prefecture (individuals/organizations), prefectural and municipal staff and visitors, elementary, junior high and high school students
*To participate in the training, you need to register with the prefectural disaster prevention information email service or the “Yahoo! Disaster Prevention Bulletin” app. You can receive training signals (see the attached flyer for details).

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