Yahoo Japan Corporation Yahoo! News to make it mandatory to set a mobile phone number when posting comments

Yahoo Japan Corporation
Yahoo! News, making it mandatory to set a mobile phone number when posting comments

Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereafter, Yahoo! JAPAN) will allow mobile phones to post to Yahoo! Require phone number setting. (*1). Yahoo! News has provided a comment section since 2007 with the aim of creating opportunities for users to share diverse opinions on news and gain new perspectives. Yahoo! News prohibits the posting of content that contains slanderous content, and is working to prevent the posting of inappropriate comments by clarifying specific examples of posting violations in its comment policy (*2) in an easy-to-understand manner. We are also focusing on countermeasures such as deleting inappropriate comments that have been posted by making full use of human patrols and AI by a dedicated team on a 24-hour basis. In addition, as a countermeasure against inappropriate comment posting, since June 2018, we have taken “posting suspension measures” so that accounts that have repeatedly posted inappropriate comments will not be able to post again (*3). . Furthermore, from October 2020, in order to prevent users who have received “posting suspension measures” from acquiring a new Yahoo! JAPAN ID (hereinafter referred to as ID) and repeatedly posting inappropriate comments, We are strengthening measures to restrict comment posting even if the owner of the mobile phone number that received the “measures” regains an ID (*4).
Yahoo! JAPAN is promoting the transition from password authentication to passwordless authentication (SMS authentication, biometric authentication) in order to improve user safety and convenience (*5). Setting a phone number is mandatory. As a result, about 70% of active ID users have moved to passwordless authentication, including SMS authentication.
On the other hand, among the users who received “posting suspension measures” for comments, the percentage of IDs without mobile phone numbers was high at more than 50%. One of the reasons for this is the repeated inappropriate use of a user with a different ID. For this reason, we decided to make it mandatory to set a mobile phone number when posting in the comment section this time, so that we can reliably implement “posting suspension measures” based on mobile phone numbers. Mobile phone number setting is scheduled to be mandatory for comment posting from mid-November, and advance notice has been started today, and information on how to set it is being provided. In addition, users who are currently using biometric authentication can also use the comment field as it is if they have already set their mobile phone number and SMS authentication is enabled.
Yahoo! News will continue to provide opportunities for users to take an interest in news and gain diverse perspectives through the diverse thoughts and opinions posted on Yahoo! We will strive to do so. *1 Details are also provided on Yahoo! News’ owned media “newsHACK” *2 Yahoo! News Comment Policy *3 *4
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