Yamachu Socks that feel better than bare feet, “Karesoku” Inevitably sold out! The second popular cafe series! From October 7th, autumn limited colors will be released in limited quantities!

Socks that are more comfortable than bare feet “Karesoku” [Inevitably sold out! ] The second popular cafe series! From October 7th-Tonoeru Basic-Autumn limited colors will be released in limited quantities!
Developed by Yamachu Co., Ltd. (Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Michiharu Nakabayashi, hereinafter referred to as “Yamachu”), “Kare Sok” socks that perform joint research with foot experts and perform functional designs based on scientific evidence. (https://www.caresoku.com/) will release a limited number of Tonoeru Basic-Autumn Limited Colors from Friday, October 7th. As the second installment of the cafe series that was very popular last fall, it is a lineup of two gentle latte colors, “Hojicha Latte” and “Matcha Latte”.
Products can be purchased at the Caresoku Online Shop
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Special page URL: https://shop.caresoku.com/?mode=f24
■Plan overview
 Keasoku’s annual seasonal limited color project, Tonoeru Basic-Autumn limited color will be released in limited quantities this year as well.
The limited colors for fall 2022 are “Hojicha Latte” and “Matcha Latte.” This is a latte color with the theme of “Japanese cafe”, which is the second of the cafe colors that were very popular last fall. For the first time in Tonoeru Basic, we use heathered threads to create a gentle color that is a mixture of Japanese tea and milk. It has become a warm color that is perfect for this season when it gets cold every rain. Both colors are subdued and easy to match with a wide range of outfits.
The Caresoku Tonoeru series are socks that prevent and alleviate foot problems such as floating toes, bunions, and ingrown toenails just by wearing them. Whether you’re going out in autumn or relaxing on a holiday, why not spend a stylish and healthy time with Tonoeru Basic in limited colors?
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-Release period-
Sales start from Friday, October 7, 2022
-Implementation content-
Caresoku-Tonoeru Basic-Autumn limited color will be released in limited quantities.
* Sales will end as soon as the planned number is reached.
-Special page URL-
■ Product information
Totoeru Basic “Hojicha Latte”
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“Hojicha Latte”, where the deep brown color of roasted Japanese tea mixes with milk.
Lighter tone, darker tone, neutral brown that blends well with both coordination is outstandingly easy to use! The warm and gentle color is perfect for relaxing feet.

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Totoeru Basic “Matcha Latte”
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“Matcha latte” with a chic impression of milky matcha green. The calm moss green with low saturation does not overstate the point, and it elegantly brings together the coordination. It’s a color that you’ll want to wear in the fall, as it gives you a sense of warmth in a dignified atmosphere.
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Product name
Care Soc-Totoeru Basic-
¥3,300-3,520 (tax included)
*Price varies depending on size
Autumn limited color
Hojicha latte (heather beige brown) / Matcha latte (heather moss green) Features
・ Crew length that is easy to use casually every day
・Three-dimensional knitting that fits your feet
・Soft texture
·made in Japan. Each pair is carefully woven at a factory in Niigata. material
polyester, cotton, nylon, polyurethane
Size (unisex)
What is Caresoku? (Brand site: https://www.caresoku.com/)
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A sock brand that conducts joint research with foot specialists and performs functional designs based on scientific evidence. The concept is “preventive science”.
We aim to create socks that not only solve daily problems such as “feet get tired easily” and “dry heels”, but also prevent physical problems by bringing out the original functions of the feet. Yamachu positions this brand as a “FOOT HEALTH WARE” that transcends the conventional concept of socks. This is also our mindset as we tackle the social issue of health through our products.
■ Product lineup
・For people who are concerned about foot fatigue and pain
・For those who are concerned about dryness of the heel Care Sok [Uruosu] (heel cover, relax)
・Care Soc [Warm] for those who are concerned about cold feet (home long) https://www.caresoku.com/product/atatameru/
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■Company Profile
[Image 11d69008-18-0c3906907bba03880b21-12.jpg&s3=69008-18-04bbec6ce2ae5ff58e4a676161c16465-205x51.jpg
・ Company name: Yamachu Co., Ltd.
・Foundation: September 1958, July 1963
・Capital: 60 million yen
・President: Michiharu Nakabayashi
・Business description: Mail order business
・Head office location: 496-1 Shimojoko, Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture ・Sock factory location: 435-1 Shimojoko, Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture ・URL: https://www.yamachu.net/
“Foot and Sock Shop Goen”
[Image 12d69008-18-09e380c898de2fafc268-11.jpg&s3=69008-18-8cd78a4bc32074be096461c7fccab3b0-382x287.jpg
A factory shop attached to the company’s sock factory opposite the Yamachu head office. We sell functional socks that consider the health of your feet, including “Karesoku”.
Our staff, who are qualified as “Foot Concierge”, will help you improve your health starting from your feet.
Business hours: Mon-Sat/10:00-18:00
Closed: Sundays and public holidays
Details about this release:


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