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Yamanashi Prefecture Yamanashi brand information transmission site “High Quality Yamanashi” renewal open E volving into owned media that widely conveys the high-quality charm and value of Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture
Yamanashi brand information site “High Quality Yamanashi” renewed and opened Evolving into owned media that widely conveys the high-quality charm and value of Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi Prefecture (Governor: Kotaro Nagasaki) has significantly renewed the brand information transmission site “High Quality Yamanashi”, which started operation in 2020 on October 20th. Based on the “Yamanashi area promotion strategy”, the prefecture is working on the development of promotions in cooperation with all government agencies under the concept of “providing a high-quality environment”. As part of this initiative, we will shift from the position of “High Quality Yamanashi”, which is already in operation, as a site for disseminating information on the prefecture’s
initiatives and events, to broadly promote the prefecture’s advanced policies and the appeal of people and things that create added value. It has been renovated into an owned media that nurtures fans. In addition to redesigning the user interface, we will update the article content with major changes.
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With this as an opportunity, we will deliver content that raises awareness and interest in Yamanashi Prefecture, and widely disseminate not only the attractiveness and value of the prefecture’s excellent local resources, but also the advanced policies promoted by the prefecture. We aim to further strengthen the Yamanashi Prefecture brand.
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“I want to give back to the Fuji Kawaguchiko forest that raised me.” Mr. Takahiro Yoshino, a woodworker who lives with the forest [Image 3

Forests occupy 78% of the land in Yamanashi Prefecture, and the area of ​​forests that have acquired the international standard for sustainable forest management, FSC certification, is the largest in Japan. While the prefecture as a whole is focusing on forest protection, the spotlight is on Mr. Takahiro Yoshino, a woodworking craftsman who is working to protect the local forest.
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Soaring to 2nd place in school trip popularity ranking, Yamanashi prefecture has the lowest bankruptcy rate in Japan…
What are the results of the “Yamanashi Green Zone Certification”? [Image 4d78927-77-7dede32de4e85f101217-3.png&s3=78927-77-392ac4821b9c5fce99d1ed70dba6ce6e-1536x864.png
The “Yamanashi Green Zone Certification,” which supports Yamanashi Prefecture in creating a business environment that is strong against infectious diseases, has spread throughout the country and has received high praise, such as being selected as a unique policy with the highest award at the National Governors’ Association. We will introduce characteristic data to show what kind of effect this initiative actually brought.
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