Yaruka Yaranka Co., Ltd. University student x entrepreneur exchange event “Monsters x Eggs” will be held!

Yaruka Yaranka Co., Ltd.
University student x entrepreneur exchange event “Monsters x Eggs” held! Entrepreneurs representing Kansai (Monster), student entrepreneurs, and students aspiring to start a business (Eggs) gather together to create connections that transcend generations.

What is Monsters x Eggs?
Yaruka Yaranka and the Monsters x Eggs Student Executive Committee, which has a vision of “showing “ life options ” to young people in Japan, will be on the 1st floor of MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System on Saturday, November 5, 2022. [Monsters x Eggs] will be held at. With a vision of “Boost Kansai beyond the Generations.”, student entrepreneurs and students aspiring to start a business (Eggs) will give their business ideas and entrepreneurial troubles to
representative Kansai entrepreneurs (Monsters) and receive direct feedback. provide a place The goal is to create entrepreneurs among the participating students and contribute to the growth of the Kansai economy by generating chemical reactions that transcend generations. [Image 1

Background of the event
In today’s world, where the idea of ​​finding a job after graduating from university and being a salaried employee for the rest of your life is crumbling, an increasing number of students who are looking for a way of life that is more like themselves are making
entrepreneurship one of their choices. increase. However, there was no place in Kansai where senior entrepreneurs who practiced such a way of life and ambitious students could meet. I strongly wanted to create an opportunity to expand the “options” of life at a place where entrepreneurs and students who aspire to start a business,
representing the Kansai region, can meet and interact across generations. The first event will be held with the aim of raising excitement from Kansai to all over Japan and the world through Monsters x Eggs.
Overview of the event
■ Sponsor
Yaruka Yaranka Co., Ltd. Monsters x Eggs Student Executive Committee ■ Date and time
Saturday, November 5, 2022 12:00-18:00
■ Venue
Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS) Headquarters Building 1F Lobby Space/Chapla Stage
■ Participants
・Limited to 150 students who are entrepreneurs or students who want to start a business
・Kansai entrepreneurs 30 or more
■ Event content
・Guest talk show by entrepreneurs representing Kansai
Managers of companies representing Kansai will be guest speakers to hold talk sessions on the theme of entrepreneurship to expand students’ “life options”.
Guest speakers: Tomoya Nakano, i-plug Inc. / Kohei Nishizaki, Tomorrowgate Inc. ・Pitch contest
A pitch contest where you can get direct feedback from senior entrepreneurs with the managers of Kansai start-up companies as judges.
Students who are about to start a business or students who have just started a business present their thoughts and business ideas for starting a business in the “Vision Pitch” section, and student entrepreneurs who have started a business and have achieved a certain annual sales scale business sections. Implemented in two divisions of the “scale pitch” division for
Vision Pitch Judges: Mr. Kohei Nishizaki, Tomorrowgate Co., Ltd. / Mr. Yusaku Fukunaga, Armory Co., Ltd. / Mr. Toshiyuki Yamamoto, SEVEN Scale pitch judges: Mr. Genki Kanaya of akippa Inc. / Mr. Tomoya Nakano of i-plug Inc.
・Engineer Pitch Contest
A pitch contest in which student engineers (creators) compete for ideas and skills with the CEOs and CTOs of Kansai IT companies as judges.
Judges: Mr. Ryuhei Miyazaki, CTO of Smaregi Co., Ltd. / Mr. Thomas Aquinas Foley, CEO of Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd. / Mr. Junko Foley, Director
・Mini pitch
On a temporary stage set up in the lobby, student entrepreneurs pitch their thoughts and business ideas, and senior entrepreneurs provide candid feedback.
・Monsters x Eggs (Large wall area)
[Image containing text, building, symbol, photo Automatically generated description] [Graphical user interface, text Description automatically generated with medium accuracy] The main content of this event. Set up a one-on-one mentoring booth where you can talk directly with entrepreneurs representing Kansai. Anxiety about
entrepreneurship, thoughts, dreams, business ideas, hints for scale [Image 2

[Image 3

List of participating entrepreneurs *in alphabetical order
Mr. Yoshihiro Adachi, Light Up Ventures Co., Ltd. / Mr. Tomohiro Ishii, iobi Co., Ltd. / Mr. Koji Ueno, BABY JOB Co.,Ltd. / Hanagata (AOI) Mr. Tadashi Ozawa / Tensodo Co., Ltd. Kenji Kasui / Akippa Co., Ltd. Mr. Genki Kanaya / Neton Co., Ltd. Mr. Satoshi Kijima / Kurobo Co., Ltd. Mr. Tomohiro Kitaji / KB Company Co., Ltd. Mr. Manjo Kitajima / Daisuke Sakane, Ikura Co., Ltd. / Yusuke Shibata, Route Zero Co., Ltd. / Tsubasa Sugai, Spice Cube Co., Ltd. / Mika Suzawa, Mamantre Co., Ltd. / Hideki Tani, Valley Co., Ltd. / Makoto Tamura, Penseur Co., Ltd. / Terashima, Penseur Co., Ltd. Masahiro / Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd. Thomas Aquinas Foley / i-plug Co., Ltd. Tomoya Nakano / Tomorrow Gate Co., Ltd. Kohei Nishizaki / X Lab Co., Ltd. Katsuyuki Fuji / Silver Egg Technology Co., Ltd. Junko Foley / Armory Co., Ltd. (Entrepreneur Training High School) Mr. Yusaku Fukunaga / Street Smart Co., Ltd. Mr. Daisuke Matsubayashi / KURU Co., Ltd. Mr. Kosuke Mizutani / Smaregi Co., Ltd. Mr. Ryuhei Miyatake / Ryo -tano- Mr. Aimi Miyatake / fixU Co., Ltd. Yamaoka Genji / SEVEN Mr. Toshiyuki Yamamoto / Ingage Co., Ltd. Mr. Tetsuya Wada
Yaruka Yaranka Co., Ltd.
Company Profile
Company name: Yaruka Yaranka Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 2-1-20-2C Tomio Motomachi, Nara City, Nara Prefecture 613-0078
Established: April 15, 2022
Representative: Natsuki Nishi, Representative Director and President URL: http://yaruka-yaranka.co.jp/
Business description: In-house business (store management, event planning and management) support business (branding design, planning design, WEB/EC site construction, SNS branding)
We have a vision of [showing “choices” to young people in Japan, and we will do whatever it takes to achieve it. is the concept. Aiming to be the world’s number one visionary company. In-house planning and operation of the environment construction to embody the vision. Develop content that attracts the interest of Generation Z, and create a system where Generation Z can play an active role. Create an environment in which young people can directly discover their life options. Currently, he mainly operates two ramen shops, “Susuruka, Susuranka.” and “Kindai wo Susuranka.” ing. Through this process, we create brands and products that serve as touchpoints for the company’s vision. Founded by a fourth-year student at Kinki University. Monster×Eggs Sponsorship/Cooperation/Sponsored Company/Organization List [Special Sponsor] Hideyoshikai
[Sponsor] Ingauge Co., Ltd. / Transportation Urban Development Institute / Hanagata Co., Ltd. / Penseur Co., Ltd. / Restus Co., Ltd. / KURU Co., Ltd. / Street Smart Co., Ltd. / (Individual) Baby Job Co., Ltd. Koji Ueno / Yumemiru (Robotan) Mr. Akinori Shigemi / akippa Mr. Genki Kanaya / Mr. Dr. Yamamoto Smaregi Co., Ltd.
[Special cooperation] REACH REACH
[Cooperation] U-30 Kansai Entrepreneur Community / The Senshu Ikeda Bank [Support] MBS Mainichi Broadcasting System / Kinki University / Osaka Innovation Hub / Kansai Association of Corporate Executives / Xport (members: Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Osaka Institute of Technology) / GVH#5 / Kansai University Umeda Campus / K JCT, Osaka Prefecture / Village Osaka
[Image 4d99917-6-9a3daa1afaaf739b046b-4.jpg&s3=99917-6-ae5e76032929f37a8890fa4b2c3a802a-960x560.jpg
Monsters×Eggs Official Homepage
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