Yellow Co., Ltd. Capsule toy released in February 2023 KRAP’s loose rubber again! Accepting orders for “KRAP Rubber Mascot Vol.2”!

Yellow Co., Ltd.
[February 2023 release capsule toy] KRAP loose rubber again! Accepting orders for “KRAP Rubber Mascot Vol.2”!
Adorable eyes are addictive ♪

Yellow Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Eiichiro Sakazaki), which conducts OEM business for domestic and foreign brands and companies such as planning, manufacturing and selling mainly fashion and apparel miscellaneous goods, has announced “KRAP Rubber Mascot”. Vol.2” will be released as a capsule toy product.
A rubber key chain by “KRAP”, a dull pop illustrator from Kyoto, is back from the yellow group!
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Continuing from the previous animal, this time the motif is “sushi”! It is a product that cuts out a cute sushi-kun playing happily. KRAP who is also active on Instagram and Twitter
We also post videos on other SNS, so please take a look!
TIKTOK has 85,000 followers!
KRAP is also selling goods at SPINNS, and his popularity is on the rise. Keep an eye on her who continues to increase her fans!
[Image 2d56550-546-9af3061f2223860cfe31-0.jpg&s3=56550-546-cd8fc7e5d1cd81925723278ebd1034fe-1921x1006.jpg
Product Name: KRAP Rubber Mascot Vol.2
Release date: Late February 2023
Price: 300 yen
■ Inquiries about capsule toys
Yellow Co., Ltd.
Capsule Toy Division “Yellow Group”
TEL: 03-4500-8253
corporate site
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