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YK Planning Co., Ltd. Sponsored by YM Consulting Okamoto, the representative of YK Planning, will be on stag e at the “2nd YM Next Generation Management School”

YK Planning Co., Ltd.
[Sponsored by YM Consulting] Okamoto, the representative of YK Planning, will be on stage at the 2nd YM Next Generation Management School
-Cultivation course for “managers who value people” required in the new era-
Tatsunori Okamoto, CEO of YK Planning Co., Ltd. (Location: Hofu City, Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as YK Planning), which provides the management support cloud “bixid” that accelerates the “next step” of management decisions, in June 2022 We will be on stage at the “2nd YM Next Generation Management School” sponsored by YM Consulting Co., Ltd., which has started from.
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What is YM Next Generation Management School?
With the aim of cultivating “managers who value people” that are required in the new era, we will conduct management strategy, DX, financial strategy, capital policy, organizational strategy, and It is a lecture that combines both the input of a wide range of knowledge such as company inspections and the output through the exchange of opinions among the school participants.
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Lecture content
On October 27th (Thursday), I will be on stage as a lecturer in charge of financial accounting and management accounting for the 5th lecture theme “Financial Strategy” of the “2nd YM Next Generation Management School”.
[Lecture content]
How to read the income statement and balance sheet
Financial analysis (profitability, safety, etc.)
What is management accounting (difference from financial accounting) Concept of decision-making (cost concept unique to management accounting, break-even point, pricing strategy)
Performance evaluation (a form of accounting useful for management) bixid
A management support cloud planned, developed, sold and supported by YK Planning Co., Ltd. It supports data from a wide variety of accounting software, and offers a wide variety of content, such as an automatic checking function for accounting data, grasping and analyzing the monthly business situation, analyzing the current situation, and creating a business plan.
In addition, it has a function to share data not only with companies and accounting firms, but also with consultants and financial institutions, etc., and you can start using it for free. It supports multiple devices such as internet browsers, smartphones and tablets. [Image 2d62252-55-79a298ebbc45c61d1626-1.png&s3=62252-55-2980a9ad3301b76a999a37eff857cb8e-650x355.png
YK Planning Co., Ltd.
Company name: YK Planning Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tatsunori Okamoto, President and CEO
Date of establishment: January 6, 1986
Location: 1-13-1 Sanami, Hofu City, Prefecture
YK Planning, under the mission of “Reducing the number of solitary managers to 0”, accompanies SMEs with tax and accounting offices nationwide to create a management support platform that creates the “now” and “future” of SMEs. It will come true. We will continue to provide services that make company management interesting and strengthen teams and employees for all small and medium-sized business owners.
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