YMG One Co., Ltd. Bringing together 40 years of car wrapping know-how Opened “Car Wrapping Center” in Sumida-ku, Tokyo

YMG One Co., Ltd.
Bringing together 40 years of car wrapping know-how Opened the “Car Wrapping Center” in Sumida-ku, Tokyo

YMG1 Co., Ltd. (President: Kazushige Yamaya, hereinafter referred to as YMG1) will open a “Car Wrapping Center” in “Sumida Park Place II” completed at 1-chome Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo today, October 3rd. was opened in
Car wrapping applies film processing to the surface of the car, and in addition to being able to decorate the car body with a completely different color and design from the existing paint, it also protects the painted surface from flying stones and light contact, etc. It is spreading worldwide as a means of free and easy self-expression without reducing asset value.
YMG1 was the first company in Japan to work on bus wrapping
advertisements for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Transportation, and has a wealth of experience in film printing and construction of more than 4,000 bus wrappings. Designated by 3M Japan Co., Ltd. as Japan’s first training company for the 4Star Car Wrapping Construction Technician Certification System. More than 1,000 certified trainers who have received this training are engaged in wrapping construction all over Japan.
In addition, we launched the “LAPPS” brand, a wrapping service for personal cars, and since then, the number of vehicles that use 3M Japan Co., Ltd.’s film has maintained the top share in Japan. The “Car Wrapping Center” to be opened this time will consolidate the know-how that we have cultivated over 40 years in one location, and will provide more extensive know-how and services to all customers, including companies that will start a car wrapping business in the future. It was born as a facility to nurture.

■ About “CIPS”, a support course for in-house car wrapping business WEB: https://lapps.jp/cips/

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