Yokohama City Digital Headquarters Regarding the formulation of the Yokohama DX strategy

Yokohama City Digital Headquarters
Regarding the formulation of the Yokohama DX strategy

With the aim of “creating an attractive city by spreading the benefits of digital technology to all citizens and local communities,” Yokohama City has established the “Yokohama DX Strategy,” which indicates a policy of digitization, with the keyword “digital x design.” It was formulated and announced on September 30th.
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Yokohama DX strategy summary version image 1.
❖In preparation for the formulation, public comments were solicited from July to August 2022 on the “Yokohama DX Strategy” draft. Based on your comments, we have added a response for those who are not good at using digital technology.
❖The strategy consists of a frame section that shows the overall direction and an action section that describes specific measures and projects.
In conjunction with the announcement, we created a summary version that conveys the points of the strategy to citizens in an
easy-to-understand manner.
❖Yokohama DX strategy (frame version, action version, summary version, text version) is available on the Yokohama City website. [Image 2d99300-9-ba65d78190e79405f81b-1.jpg&s3=99300-9-3c0325e68d7c431865e1d1d682b948ef-1139x805.jpg
Yokohama DX strategy summary version image 2.
◆ Main points of Yokohama DX strategy
1. Emphasis on reducing the time (labor) that citizens and staff spend on procedures (see pages 14 and 16 of Frame Section)
In order to clarify milestones, we have set three guidelines, “Periods”, “Steps” and “Values”. In particular, we will focus on reducing the labor required by citizens for administrative procedures and creating time value.
2. Make 100% of the top 100 administrative procedures received annually online by FY2024 (see page 8 of Action)
The top 100 procedures, which account for about 90% of the total number of administrative procedures received annually, will be made online by FY2024 as a priority target for smartphone compatibility. 3. Implementation of initiatives to realize a work style that does not select a place (see page 20 of the Action section)
We will introduce a cloud service to realize a work style that allows city officials to collaborate across organizations regardless of location, and will operate from 2024.
4. Promotion of Digital Ward Offices (See page 24 of Action) Centering on the two model wards (Nishi Ward, Konan Ward), various demonstration experiments will be conducted based on the concept of “Don’t write, don’t wait, don’t go, and connect.”
5 Launched “YOKOHAMA Hack!”, a framework for emergence and co-creation (see page 51 of Action Edition)
An open platform that matches administrative issues (needs) and digital technology proposals (seeds) from private companies, etc. We will launch “YOKOHAMA Hack!” and lead to problem solving and value creation through demonstration experiments.
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