Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd. SPACE factory 1st Anniversary “Space Nanchara Kotetsukun” Space Nanchara Factory” held

Yomiuri Land Co., Ltd.
SPACE factory 1st Anniversary “Space Nanchara Kotetsukun” Space Nanchara Factory” held

The amusement park “Yomiuri Land” will be open from November 11th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of the opening of “SPACE factory”. We will hold an anniversary event in collaboration with kun.
In addition to the attraction collaboration where you can enjoy the theme song and recorded voice, there are plenty of events to celebrate the 1st anniversary, such as selling original goods using newly drawn illustrations, a quiz rally about space, and a kids parade in which Kotetsukun participates.
[Image 1

Loan image “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun’s Uchu Nanchara Factory” main visual Overview of the event
[Name] Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun’s Uchu Nanchara Factory
[Holding period] November 11th (Friday) to 27th (Sunday), 2022 [Venue] Yomiuri Land / 4015-1 Yanoguchi, Inagi City, Tokyo
・ Event official website:
Yomiuri Land will continue to take measures to prevent the spread of infection based on the “Guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infections at amusement parks and theme parks.”
■ Attraction collaboration
[Image 2

Loan image “Fight Ippatsu!”
At the attraction “Fight Ipparts!”, you can enjoy “MI-RA-I miracle circle” sung by Aika Kobayashi, the theme song of “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun”, and Kotetsukun’s newly recorded voice.
[Fee] 500 yen *Various passes available
[use restrictions] Height 105cm or more
     Under 120 cm, under 6 years old, must be accompanied
■ Workshop collaboration
[Image 3

Loan image “Lipovitan Lab”
At the workshop “Lipovitan Lab”, the “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun” collaboration design and the SPACE factory 1st anniversary design will appear in the Ramune pattern.
[Fee] 400 yen
[Restrictions on use] Children under elementary school age must be accompanied * One attendant for a child under elementary school age is free of charge per participant.
■ What’s the universe quiz rally
We will hold a quiz rally where you can learn about space in a relaxed and fun way. A 4-question quiz about space will be posted in the Goodjoba!! area. If you answer all the questions correctly, you can participate in the Garapon lottery where you can win collaboration goods such as “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun”.
[Date and time] November 11th (Friday), 12th (Saturday) to 27th (Sunday) weekends and holidays
Park opens to 17:00 *Rally papers will be distributed until 16:00 [Fee] Free
[Reception] Special venue in front of “BUNGU factory”
Kotetsu-kun’s greeting
[Image 4

Loan image “Kotetsu-kun”
Kotetsukun is Yomiuri Land’s mascot character “Good & Lucky” Appear in the park with
[Date and time] November 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun) 1.10:30 2.15:30 [Place] In front of the Gj shop
* Canceled in case of rain * Please refrain from interacting to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection
■ Collaboration goods
We will sell collaboration goods with newly drawn illustrations. [Place] Gj shop
[Image 5

Acrylic key chain ・880 yen
[Image 6

Mechanical pencil 550 yen
[Image 7

Clear file ・450 yen
[Image 8

Mini towel・550yen
Kotetsu Kun Kids Parade
[Image 9

Rental image “Kids Parade (Past Halloween Parade)”
This is an event for children only.
[Date and time] November 12th (Sat) and 13th (Sun) 1:12 p.m. 2:14 p.m. *Reception starts 30 minutes before each session
*In case of rain, the content and location will be changed.
[Participation fee] Free
[Reception] In front of Goodjoba!! Aurora Space
[Capacity] 30 people each time *Includes 15 people who have
pre-registered via the Internet
[Target] Children from 3 years old to 3rd grade (9 years old) [Costume] Alien-style headband (rental)
*The types and number of headbands are limited.
[Regarding pre-registration via the Internet]
Pre-registration via the Internet will be carried out for a limited number of 15 people each time.
For details, please check the official event website.
* Pre-registration will end at 9:00 am on the day or as soon as the capacity is reached.
*If you have pre-ordered and wish to cancel, please be sure to contact us. *Although there is a reception on the day, the reception will be closed as soon as the capacity is reached.
○ What is “SPACE factory”?
It is an attraction zone that opened on November 12, 2021 in the new amusement park area “Goodjoba!!” where you can experience
manufacturing. Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a partner company, and you can enjoy two attractions and workshops with the theme of the company’s drink “Lipovitan D”.
[Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna]
A hanging roller coaster that sways back and forth and left and right. In the first half, you can experience the manufacturing factory of Lipovitan D, and in the second half, you can experience space travel. [Image 10

Fight Yippers!
[Lipovitan Lab]
A workshop where you can have a simulated experience of making medicine. You can make ramune sweets that look like tablets with a “tablet press” that actually makes tablets.
[Image 12d41300-213-46746ac268455fa589a5-10.jpg&s3=41300-213-7449be6fe382d569cbcef4524e239939-3000x2000.jpg
Lipovitan Lab
○About “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun”

The TV anime “Uchu Nanchara Kotetsukun” is being broadcast every Thursday from 18:40 on NHK E-tele!
It’s been 50 years since mankind landed on the moon.
Kotetsu, the main character of the story, dreams of becoming an astronaut and enrolls in the pilot course. In the same class, the elite “Nico”, the rocket researcher “Lou”, the space hospitality “Hikaru”, and the universe’s best chef “Otama”. Set in the Space Academy, Kotetsu and his friends aim for space.
Official website: https://space–academy.com/
[Image 13d41300-213-0f217174fdfb8d4eeadf-12.jpg&s3=41300-213-40cacf1f9b75646efa925888036c7bb1-1925x2700.jpg
(C) Space Academy/Committee up to Chokkura Tsuki 2
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