Yoronotaki Group “Half Price Fair for Recommended Menus” New Menu Appears! October 12th (Wednesday) Yoronotaki / Danmaya Suisan’s menu will be renewed!

Yoronotaki Co., Ltd.
Yoronotaki Group “Half Price Fair for Recommended Menus” New Menu Appears! October 12th (Wednesday) Yoronotaki / Danmaya Suisan’s menu will be renewed!
“Yoronotaki” and “Danmaya Suisan” highly recommended menu items sold at half price First: October 12, 2022 (Wednesday) to October 18, 2022 (Tuesday) / Second: October 19, 2022 Sunday (Wednesday) to October 25 (Tuesday)

Yoronotaki Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Toshiyuki Yamanda) will introduce a new menu on October 12, 2022 (Wednesday) in the group business categories “Yoronotaki” and “Danmaya Suisan”. Along with this, we will hold a “half price fair for recommended menu”.
[Image 1

fair visual
At this fair, we will offer a fair menu at half the normal price for the newly added menu during the period.
In the first installment from October 12th (Wednesday) to October 18th (Tuesday), 2022, at Yoronotaki, the deliciousness of juicy fried chicken with spicy yangnyeom is addictive. At Danma-Ya Suisan, in addition to the spiciness of chili peppers, we sell “Squid and Boiled Cabbage with Ethnic Negi Sauce,” which is a mixture of green onion and garlic flavor and fish sauce.
In the second installment from October 19th (Wednesday) to October 25th (Tuesday), 2022, at Yoronotaki, the “ Kuroge Wagyu beef burger and radish teriyaki ”, which is plumply baked with the meat juice of Kuroge Wagyu beef, will be served at Danmaya. In the fisheries sector, we will sell “cod roe-filled yam isobe-age,” which accentuates the salted cod roe hidden in the yam.
By all means, please visit us during this period and enjoy the delicious and affordable fair menu, as well as the refined standard menu and the delicious draft beer.
-Overview of half-price fair for recommended menu-
■ Fair menu
[First] October 12 (Wednesday) to October 18 (Tuesday), 2022 Yoronotaki
Yan’nyomu chicken
420 yen (462 yen including tax) → 210 yen (231 yen including tax) [Image 2

Yangnyeom chicken (Yoronotaki)
Danmaya fisheries
Ethnic Negi Sauce with Squid and Boiled Cabbage
390 yen (429 yen including tax) → 195 yen (215 yen including tax) [Image 3

Ethnic green onion sauce with squid and boiled cabbage (Danmaya Suisan) [Second] October 19th (Wednesday) to October 25th (Tuesday), 2022 Yoronotaki
Kuroge Wagyu Beef Burger and Teriyaki Radish
680 yen (748 yen including tax) → 340 yen (374 yen including tax) [Image 4d2892-287-0b901e30ec792d516af3-3.jpg&s3=2892-287-d5b7388af0273ff3a54638d51503a498-3320x2241.jpg
Kuroge Wagyu Beef Burger and Teriyaki Radish (Yoronotaki)
Danmaya fisheries
Deep-fried yam with cod roe
340 yen (374 yen including tax) → 170 yen (187 yen including tax) [Image 5d2892-287-03f31315bf4cf2d28950-4.jpg&s3=2892-287-3f44c2e45753defbd2499184eea6ab50-1161x783.jpg
Deep-fried yam with cod roe (Danmaya Suisan)
[Image 6d2892-287-304c9af564aa44afa42b-5.jpg&s3=2892-287-32159fdcc39ed15116b19cde82ce7d3b-1080x1920.jpg
Yoronotaki Fair POP
[Image 7d2892-287-1bfdde1ea103e98826b3-6.jpg&s3=2892-287-bef567db4664b20199596eddd51cbec1-1080x1920.jpg
Danmaya Seafood Fair POP
■ Implementation store
Target stores of Yoronotaki and Danmaya Suisan
*Not available at some stores.
■ Fair URL
-Overview of Yoronotaki Co., Ltd.-
Company name: Yoronotaki Co., Ltd.
Location: 1-10-15 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Toshiyuki Yamanda
Business description: Operation and franchise business of
“Yoronotaki”, seafood izakaya “Danmaya Suisan”, “Ichikenme Sakaba” and “Kan-Geki”
Number of stores: 312 stores in Hokkaido, Tohoku area, Tokyo metropolitan area, Chubu area, Kinki area, Chugoku/Shikoku area, and Kyushu area
(As of the end of December 2021)
Established: June 1961 *Founded in 1938. Yoronotaki opened in 1956. Capital: 50 million yen
Net sales: 5,233,870,000 yen (FY2021 Group overall results)
URL: https://www.yoronotaki.co.jp/
Twitter Official Account: @yoronotaki_com

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