“Yotsuba New Year’s Set” that sticks to the ingredients and taste is now available!

Yotsuba Home Delivery
“Yotsuba New Year’s Set” that sticks to the ingredients and taste is now available!

We are particular about not only the taste but also the quality of the ingredients, and we have prepared a compact osechi that can be used as an hors d’oeuvre from traditional Japanese osechi, starting with the Yotsuba original osechi set that is very popular every year. We offer a wide variety of lineups so that you can choose according to your lifestyle and the number of people in your family.
“Yotsuba New Year’s New Year’s Yoshiharu (Frozen)” will be on the cover. Yotsuba’s own factory, Okita Shokuhin’s celebratory shrimp, white-grilled eel, Marutomo Shimaka’s octopus sweet and sour, and other popular New Year’s items are carefully selected and packed in three layers. Recommended for those who want both the standard Japanese-style osechi and Western-style hors d’oeuvres, and who want to eat a little bit of various things. A total of 40 items that you can enjoy a full course with one of these, including Harayama flower petal mochi. It’s a heavy item, so it’s a point that you can eat it immediately just by defrosting it. Defrost it naturally for about a day while it is still in the box, and enjoy it as it is.
The refrigerated “Yotsuba New Year’s Jushun” has 14 carefully selected items that are perfect for the New Year’s table. Jushun is the No. 1 popular New Year’s set made with the concept of “using safe
ingredients and delicious enough to empty a box.” No chemical seasonings are used, and carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan, such as Tanba black soybeans and Shimanto River eels, are hand-finished. The burdock root is left unpeeled to retain its flavor. In addition to celebratory dishes, vegetables and fish are
well-balanced, and it is just the right size for three people to eat. If you can’t decide which osechi to choose, try Jushun. On the “Yotsuba HD Channel”, the video program “Yotsuba Secrets of
deliciousness: Making side dishes where you can see the faces of the producers. Ohkita Shokuhin’s New Year’s cuisine” introduces the special preparation method.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RpC31g5-v8] In addition to the old-fashioned “Ai Osechi”, which brings out the deliciousness of the ingredients by layering, and the hearty “Western-style Osechi” and “Chinese Osechi,” there are also items for preparing handmade New Year’s dishes and items that color the New Year’s dining table. The flyer was also published for the first time. Please take a look.
* The Yotsuba New Year’s pamphlet with the full lineup will be distributed to Yotsuba members from October 3rd.
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New Year’s leaflet 1
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New Year’s leaflet 2
[Image 3d73616-3-27be27101cc163537bbc-2.jpg&s3=73616-3-7955ce0a8cf7761c121954f7c8a1c022-831x1200.jpg
New Year’s leaflet 3
Yotsuba Home Delivery is a catalog of reliable food and household goods, such as agricultural products with no or reduced pesticides, and foods that do not use chemically synthesized additives, for about 40,000 household members (consumers) throughout the Kansai region. , and personal delivery with our own trucks.
We are actively involved in food production, such as farming, livestock, and operating factories for meat, ham, rice, tofu, bread, and side dishes. https://www.yotuba.gr.jp/
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