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Yotsuba x FM COCOLO Holding Marche at Lohas Festa!

Yotsuba Home Delivery
Yotsuba x FM COCOLO Holding Marche at Lohas Festa!

Date: November 5th (Sat) and November 6th (Sun), 2022 9:30-16:30 Venue: Expo Memorial Park East Plaza (1-1 Senri Banpaku Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)
 Yotsuba Home Delivery will participate in the autumn Lohas Festa, which will be held under the theme of “Everyone’s small eco can be a big eco”, at a collaboration booth with FM COCOLO this year as well. Safe and secure vegetables and fruits, ingredients such as natural wine and olive oil imported directly from Italy, and this year, Masao Nomura, who is a DJ of FM COCOLO “CIAO 765” and a Yotsuba member, and Yotsuba Bakery. San・Paradise & Lunch collaborated to introduce bread specially designed for this Marche! The bread designed with the theme of autumn ingredients is a hot item that is sure to sell out. And on the 5th (Sat), there will also be a talk show with Masao Nomura and Yotsuba producers on stage.
Twice from 10:30 to 10:50 / 11:30 to 11:50 (planned), we will deliver plenty of charms unique to Yotsuba products and manufacturing secrets. Relax and enjoy the autumn day on the lawn square.
On FM COCOLO “CIAO 765”, from 10:00 am Monday to Thursday, Masao Nomura, a DJ who is also a member of Yotsuba, will talk about the appeal of recommended products and the story behind them in the corner “Buon Appetito!” Introducing!
[Image 1d73616-9-23eefc4dfb17b33c673c-0.jpg&s3=73616-9-aadb3fd145dc59e9fc5763ec3675965e-2205x1470.jpg
Yotsuba x FM COCOLO
[Image 2d73616-9-36bb2d6eec16b2b4ca2a-1.jpg&s3=73616-9-e3366ae7653bedd091f505012ad4e339-3900x2600.jpg
pattern of last year
[Image 3d73616-9-2a52a3fc7a690c244816-2.png&s3=73616-9-d05984520f3799fe27f8e7a75d21be21-950x791.png
CIAO 765
[Image 4d73616-9-e8a2c30cae0377657259-3.jpg&s3=73616-9-211750b9061fd69ee1ff8ba152a0629b-1050x1050.jpg
Masao Nomura
Yotsuba Home Delivery is a catalog of reliable food and household goods, such as agricultural products with no or reduced pesticides, and foods that do not use chemically synthesized additives, for about 40,000 household members (consumers) throughout the Kansai region. , and personal delivery with our own trucks.
We are actively involved in food production, such as farming, livestock farming, and operating factories for meat, ham, rice, tofu, bread, and side dishes.
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