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Yotsuba’s tofu factory “Betsuin Shokuhin” is back with the support of many people!

Yotsuba Home Delivery
Yotsuba’s tofu factory “Betsuin Shokuhin” is back with the support of many people!

A fire broke out on January 23, 2022, destroying the factory of Betsuin Foods Co., Ltd. From mid-September, more than seven months after the suspension of production of all products such as tofu and fried foods handled by Yotsuba Home Delivery, we resumed accepting orders for some products.
Up to this point, we have received words of encouragement and donations from countless people, including Yotsuba members, soybean farmers and related companies all over the country that are used to make tofu for Betsuin Foods. , I had my heart that was about to break at times supported.
“Let’s aim to get people back to the site and resume production, even if only partially!” In the end of August, we were finally able to produce a prototype, even though the work did not go as planned and we faced many troubles.
Sales have resumed for some tofu and soybean curd lees, and although the factory is still on the way to full recovery, all the staff are working every day to deliver more delicious products than ever before. I’m in.
On the “Yotsuba HD Channel”, the video program “Let’s learn about Yotsuba Home Delivery! Betsuin Shokuhin Revival” describes the journey from the fire to the restart and the staff’s thoughts on making tofu. *
[Video 2:]

[Image 1d73616-4-b277af6489b0bcd904a6-0.jpg&s3=73616-4-9d36dd9d70b8fc18676cbdc00aae7b51-1920x1080.jpg
video program
[Image 2d73616-4-74b9e1a24d05a07bfb7e-1.jpg&s3=73616-4-165316f69cd18a6eaf9ac41aa5d87504-1920x1080.jpg
Betsuin food
[Image 3d73616-4-1ef2015a4d466c398f32-2.jpg&s3=73616-4-efa2b991fd2b0f146d7d0d733a85a460-1920x1080.jpg
Betsuin Foods Factory Manager Masayuki Takeda
[Image 4d73616-4-01e546ed1a3bb7c1594a-3.jpg&s3=73616-4-c7b9ede9377e30ecf51817a621741289-1920x1080.jpg
Tofu production
[Image 5d73616-4-bc917045eb14812a4f8d-4.jpg&s3=73616-4-f0bda82b65a60905eb8931dfa334584e-1000x867.jpg
Products that have resumed sales. “Momen Tofu”, “Kinugoshi”, and “Okara” using pesticide-free soybeans grown under contract
Yotsuba Home Delivery is a catalog of reliable food and household goods, such as agricultural products with no or reduced pesticides, and foods that do not use chemically synthesized additives, for about 40,000 household members (consumers) throughout the Kansai region. , and personal delivery with our own trucks.
We are actively involved in food production, such as farming, livestock, and operating factories for meat, ham, rice, tofu, bread, and side dishes.
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