You can enjoy popular characters and psychological tests ♪ Gakken Mook “I’m happy every day with my favorite c haracters! Uranai club” is on sale! The appendix is ​​”Sumikko Gurashi Charm Uranai Roulette” & “East Ken. Tsuge Car d”

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
You can enjoy popular characters and psychological tests ♪ Gakken Mook “I’m happy every day with my favorite characters! Uranai club” is on sale! The appendix is ​​”Sumikko Gurashi Charm Uranai Roulette” & “East Ken. Tsuge Card”
It is a mook book with a gorgeous appendix that is full of popular characters “Uranai” and “psychological test” projects.

Gakken Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President: Toru Goromaru), a group company of Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa, Tokyo/President: Hiroaki Miyahara), is Gakken Mook, “Happy every day with my favorite character! “Uranai Club” (price: 1,320 yen, tax included) was released on Monday, October 3rd.
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From the character and fashion magazine “Kirapichi” for elementary school students, a mook book for children who want to enjoy their favorite things “Daily characters and everyday happy! “Uranai Club” was born! This magazine is a book that allows you to enjoy “Uranai” and “psychological tests”, which are of great interest to elementary school girls, while immersing yourself in the world view of popular characters. Also, pay attention to the appendix “Sumikko Gurashi Charm Uranai Roulette” and “East Ken. Otsuge Card”! Both are original items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. With articles worth reading and a special appendix, we will deliver a happy everyday ★
“Happy every day with my favorite character! “Uranai Club” points ■Comes with a special appendix featuring the popular characters “Sumikkogurashi” and “Eastken.”
This journal has two appendices. The first is the “Sumikko Gurashi Charm Unavailable Roulette”. By pulling the roulette lever and pressing the button at the desired timing, you can see the “Sumikko Gurashi Charm” that will make your day happy. There are 5 types of charms, each with different colored rhinestones. Attach it to the included chain to transform it into a stylish necklace! When worn, it attracts happiness with the power of color. In addition, if you set the “Unai Sheet” in this magazine on the roulette, you can get lucky with fashion items, spots, actions, words, talks, and many other things.
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▲ “Sumikko Gurashi Charm Unavailable Roulette” and “Unavailable Sheet”. The roulette is lavender in color and has an elegant design that resembles a jewelry box. Accessory parts can be stored in the hollow part. You can enjoy 10 types of play on the unplayable sheets (1 roulette cover, 5 unplayable sheets).
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▲The Sumikko Gurashi charm will sparkle when worn as a necklace, making it a great accent to your outfit.
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▲ This magazine introduction page of “Sumikko Gurashi Charm Uranai Roulette” The second is “East Ken. Otsuge Card.” A card created under the supervision of the popular fortune teller Akari Maki. By deciphering the message of each of the 16 cards, you can get hints to solve your worries and hesitation. East and Ken drawn on the card. The
illustrations are cute and soothing♪ The magazine introduces 3 easy ways to do it.
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▲ The design of “Eastken. Tsuge Card”. Each card has East Ken. character is drawn. Palm size easy for children to handle
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▲Introducing how to use the “Eastken. Tsuge Card”
■Plenty of popular characters and psychological tests!
In the magazine, Sumikko Gurashi Ya East Ken. In addition,
Koupen-chan, Kokoro Raccoon, Koneko Cotton, Juicy Friends, Shirotan, Chikawa, Mochimochi Panda, Rilakkuma, and other popular characters are now available! Introducing Uranai, psychological tests, and spells that match the worldview of each character. Every time you turn the page, you can’t stop your heart pounding and excitement!
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▲ Rilakkuma and Relax♪ Going out psychological test
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▲ What kind of friend are you? “Juicy Uranai with juicy friends” (C) 2022 San-X Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
[Product Summary]
Book title: Gakken Mook “Happy every day with my favorite character! “Uranai Club”
Price: 1,320 yen (main unit 1,200 yen + tax 10%)
Release date: October 3, 2022
Format: AB size / text 42 pages
Electronic version: None
ISBN: 978-4-05-611690-8
Publisher: Gakken Co., Ltd.
Gakken Publishing Site: [Click here to purchase]
Rakuten Books
Seven Net
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