YSL BEAUTY First Christmas 2022! A limited Noel look that mixes Moroccan style with the iconic gold and star motif!

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[YSL BEAUTY] First Christmas 2022! A limited Noel look that mixes Moroccan style with the iconic gold and star motif!

2022 Noel Collection “YSL Holiday Banquet” | October 21, 2022 (Friday) Limited quantity nationwide release (some new releases) | All 6 items / 10 items | Tax-included price 5,390 yen to 15,510 yen [Reservation accepted]
[Image 1

YSL Holiday Banquet
A secret address in the suburbs of Paris. A classic mansion surrounded by gold light and floating in the dark. An invitation-only holiday night begins with a luxurious space in a stylish mansion with exotic Moroccan architecture. The fun-filled laughter of the cool members flew around the dinner table, and the holiday banquet was enjoyed to the fullest without worrying about anyone tonight. The dress code is the iconic “Gold & Star”. Modern couture that mixes Moroccan style with the brand’s signature color gold and the iconic star motif. Enchanting lustrous lips, dazzling eyes, impeccably perfect mode skin. The first Noel look of the Gold & Star Noel collection “YSL Holiday Banquet” that catches the eye and does not let go will appear. [Image 2


“Couture Color Clutch Collector” limited item | 1 type | Tax-included price 15,510 yen
Create eye-catching eyes with colors that express the excitement of the holiday season and sparkling accents.
A gorgeous palette with 10 multicolor colors. With 10 colors that control the festive glitter of complexion and three-dimensionality The variation of makeup is also easy to blend with different textures of matte and glitter, and the ultimate color lineup that is easy to color mix from pure matte nude to passionate metallic red for eyes and cheeks. * Can also be used as cheek & highlighter, bronzer
[Image 3

[From the top left] 1 Cream White / 2 Smoky Nude / 3 Moroccan Caramel / 4 Sparkle Brown / 5 Star Gold
[From the bottom left] 6 Sandy Lame Brown / 7 Morning Glow / 8 Coral Desert / 9 Sunset Rose / 10 Metallic Red
“Rouge Volupte Shine Collector” Limited Edition | 2 colors | Tax-included price 5,390 yen each
YSL No.1 Balm lipstick “Rouge Volupte Shine” appears in a package with a star motif that shines in popular colors!
A balm lipstick with 65% beauty oil provides a transparent color and a raw luster with a gold sparkle that not only enhances the holiday mood, but also greatly improves skin compatibility. The luxurious texture that melts on your lips with one stroke protects your lips from dryness with plenty of moisture, and cares for chapped lips and vertical wrinkles like a treatment. Two colors: #122, the popular complexion color, brick brown, and #153, ​​the new color of this year, dusty rose pink.
[Image 4

122 Burnt Zellige
[Image 5

153 Rose d’Antel
“Rouge Pur Couture Collector” Limited Edition | 2 colors |
Tax-included price 5,940 yen each
From “Rouge Pur Couture”, which has vivid colors and supreme wearing comfort like satin, it is dressed up in a star motif with two iconic colors.
A rich formula that achieves infinitely pure color and maintains the richness of the moment you put it on. Contains 25% naturally derived emollient oil for a satin-smooth, moisturizing feel. The gold mirror case is dressed up even more luxuriously, as if it were wrapped in the sparkle of a party night. Two colors, Rosie Nude #157 and Burnt Red #1966.
[Image 6

157 New Annatendue
[Image 7

1966 Rouge Libre
“Uncle de Paul Cushion N Collector” Limited Edition|2 colors in total|SPF50+/PA+++|Price including tax 10,450 yen each (preset price) YSL No.1*1 cushion foundation appeared in a limited package that shines dazzlingly
For flawlessly flawless, glossy skin that is too real to be seen through. Formulated with jasmine extract*2 that reproduces the translucence unique to beautiful skin.
In addition, neoskin powder keeps the skin from crumbling and makes it less oily. *1 In YSL *2 Jasminum flower extract (moisturizing action, anti-inflammatory action)
[Image 8

2 colors (20, 25)
“Rouge Pur Couture The Bold” 2 new colors | Tax-included price 5,500 yen each [Image 9

Simultaneous release of new couture lipsticks and new colors that have been sublimated to the level of “inexplicable”!
The vivid, dense color and luster make your lips stand out without blurring, and it melts into your lips.
The dense texture that adheres tightly and spreads well becomes an ultra-thin film that fits perfectly on the lips and keeps the lip line. It’s like a “lipstick”* lipstick. Contains about 40% care ingredients that provide lip care effects, gently and smoothly envelops the lips and provides a comfortable fit that lasts for a long time**. “THE YSL” signature lipstick with the iconic square package that synchronizes luxury and edgy, and the YSL logo that shines boldly. *Make-up effect **YSL research. There are individual differences.
Two new colors, #4, a dressy deep red that gives you glamor and strength, and #8, a brown carnelian that brings out your individuality and dresses you up more beautifully, will color your lips this holiday season.
[Image 10

4 Revenge Red
[Image 11

8 Fearless Carnelian
“Libre Parfum” limited item | 30 mL | Tax-included price 14,300 yen [Image 12

Libre Parfum

[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32072/table/202_1_9a2bd65c08d998189f778268c447504c.jpg ]
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Toll-free: 0120-526-333
Official online boutique: https://www.yslb.jp/
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