Yui.JAPAN co-created with hotel staff.With the Tokyo metropolitan government’s national travel support just around the corner, the accommodation industry is welcoming everyone in the midst of a labor shortage. announced

Yui.Japan Co., Ltd.
Yui.JAPAN co-created with hotel staff.With the Tokyo metropolitan government’s national travel support just around the corner, the accommodation industry is welcoming everyone in the midst of a labor shortage. announced

Yui.JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Ward, CEO Masakuri Nakayama), which operates the travel planning app “nicody”, will start on October 20, 2022 (
From (Thursday), in response to the start of nationwide travel support in Tokyo, “5 requests” to create a fulfilling trip “together” with the hotel staff and the accommodation industry, which is understaffed, and tourists. create and publish.
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■ History of “Five Requests”
“National travel support” has already started on October 11, 2022 in 46 prefectures excluding Tokyo. While there are expectations that domestic tourism demand will recover, which has been hit by the corona crisis, each local government has its own response such as
“reservation method”, “vaccination requirements”, and “application to reservations that have already been made”. There is confusion on the ground of the lodging industry.
In fact, people working in the accommodation industry are forced into a situation where they can’t help but feel negative emotions, saying, “I’m busy answering thousands of calls a day,” They visited the site without checking the necessary preparations and rules for application, causing trouble with customers and receiving unreasonable demands and abuse.”
This time, as Yui.JAPAN Co., Ltd., which operates the travel planning app “nicody”, we want travelers who are involved in the experience of travel and the staff who welcome travelers to enjoy their trip. We have put up “Five Requests” based on our thoughts.
“Five Requests” image download link
https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1WDZgUf6Cl_yI5f07ZHqUyjItCvuSXkWH ■Overview of the “Five Requests” co-created with hotel staff 1. [Know] Know the actual situation of the accommodation industry The lodging industry is suffering from a serious labor shortage due to the impact of the corona virus. The shortage of full-time employees in all 51 industries is the worst, and we are responding to the site with the minimum number of people.
2. [Check] The system is different for each municipality! Let’s find out for ourselves first
In fact, there is no detailed information on the site until the last minute about the nationwide travel support. Nationwide travel support is opaque, and rules are being added and revised on a daily basis. Please check the official website of the hotel and the official website of the local government in advance. A lot of hotel staff will be saved by actions of about 3 minutes.
3. [Support] A word of “thank you” encourages the site
While we are looking forward to meeting travelers through our nationwide travel support, the hotel staff is full of emotion with on-site support. The hotel staff’s feelings are rewarded just by saying a warm word such as “I’m rooting for you.”
4. [Enjoy] Have a happy trip together!
There is no change in the fact that each and every hotel staff member works every day with the desire to make travelers more comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s make this initiative a positive one by joining hands with everyone involved in travel.
5. [Share] It is important for each person to be mindful
Let’s share information so that we can increase the number of people who genuinely enjoy traveling. I hope that everyone will help each other and think that it was good to have nationwide travel support in Japan.
■ Comment from Masakuri Nakayama, Representative Director of Yui.JAPAN Co., Ltd. [Image 2d25332-24-7b640ecb6b1959e2c28f-0.jpg&s3=25332-24-2c98db51cbec37ea719e4ea15075f205-160x160.jpg
We have been running a company in the travel and accommodation industry. In the midst of this, through this nationwide travel support, I was able to listen to the voices of the hotel staff with whom I have connections, and learned that there was a tremendous burden on the site. On the other hand, it was very encouraging to see the hotel staff positively working towards the long-awaited recovery in travel demand. We still don’t have a lot of power to communicate and influence, but there is something we can do to make sure that travelers can enjoy their trips under these circumstances and that hotel staff on site can welcome them with peace of mind. I was thinking.
Therefore, we listened to the hotel staff frankly, and thought that we would be able to understand the feelings of the hotel staff and convey them in the form of a kind of spokesperson. I have issued a statement. We hope that as many travelers and hotel staff as possible will know about us, and by sharing and spreading the word, we will be able to create a Japanese society where people can enjoy traveling
■ Comments from sympathizers
neuet Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kentaro Iemoto
[Image 3d25332-24-23ef1b8608e0aa1beb6e-1.png&s3=25332-24-4b5326a8993ea6b2171eae7ef75d98b6-160x160.png
“National Travel Support” is very bright for those who travel, those who support your enjoyable trip, and those who are waiting for you at your destination in the state of corona misfortune, where you can’t see the exit of the tunnel forever. It’s news. Airplanes and bullet trains have already started to become more active, and we are beginning to see signs of hope in hotel and rental car reservations. I feel that more and more people are traveling in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Nagoya, and Tokyo, even with the bicycle sharing “Charicari” that we are developing. However, we are hearing that it will not be easy for the travel and accommodation industry, which has been hit hard by the corona wreck, to suddenly return to normal. In order to make your travels more enjoyable and fulfilling through these five requests, we hope that you will take an interest in the people behind the scenes in the travel and accommodation industry. I hope to become
Airporter Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kunio Izumiya
[Image 4d25332-24-63bf55b143c00b349642-2.png&s3=25332-24-d93419b1513e73b37bf1a54917fa9b27-160x160.png
“Tourism” is the industry that was first affected by the corona crisis and then finally recovered. In such a situation, “National Travel Support” should be a “recovery” measure. In the corona misfortune, the tourism industry, which is represented by accommodation facilities, has lost a lot of things. It’s not just sales that you can see in numbers. We are proud to be involved in important customers, important friends, and tourism. On the one hand, tourism is definitely picking up. But too much was lost. I’ve heard many times from hotel managers that “people don’t come even if you put out a job offer.” I’m sure there will be days when we can’t provide the same quality as before. However, the staff of the hotel who welcomes customers at the site now responds with “pride”. In the corona crisis, a new normal was born in many industries. I hope that the accommodation industry will also update “Tabi no Katachi” through “Five Requests”.
About nicody
[Image 5d25332-24-a74c17efe59e69e5e8d4-3.jpg&s3=25332-24-19dfbdbe5df9141ce1907f2dcef8ad4d-130x58.jpg
A travel planning app that allows you to create, edit and share a travel itinerary. We live in an era where you can have a reasonably satisfying trip just by looking at SNS. That’s why I want to travel in my own way that I can be completely satisfied with. It was born in Reiwa with the aim of creating an ideal travel bookmark app that can meet such demands.
・nicody service site
・nicody iOS
*Not compatible with Android and overseas travel
■ Yui.JAPAN company profile
Company name: Yui.JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Udot Japan)
Head office location: Ebisu Garden Place 27F COEBI, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku Business summary
1. Operation of travel planning application “nicody”
2. Operation of “nicody Business” to promote direct sales of hotels and inns URL: https://you-japan.co.jp/
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