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Yukai Resort Co., Ltd. Hot springs have power. “In the source of smiles” Yukai resort brand movie released on October 3, 2022 (Monday)

Yukai Resort Co., Ltd.
Hot springs have power. “In the source of smiles” Yukai resort brand movie released on October 3, 2022 (Monday)

Yukai Resort Co., Ltd. (Address: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, President: Koji Nishitani, hereinafter referred to as Yukai Resort) will deepen the experience value of Yukai Resort to customers as part of its efforts to clarify and rebuild the brand. In order to convey this, today, October 3, 2022 (Monday), the brand movie “In the source of the smile” was released on the Yukai Resort website
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Yukai Resort, which was founded in Kyoto in September 2003 and currently operates hot spring resort hotels and hot spring inns in 30 famous hot spring areas nationwide, mainly in western Japan, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2023. We have been working on the clarification and reconstruction of
As part of this, we revamped our management philosophy, evolving the founding spirit of “bringing Japanese hot springs closer to you” into “becoming a source of smiles” and making Japanese hot springs closer to you. With passion, we will make customers, employees, and everyone involved with Yukai Resort smile.”
Our Yukai Resort brand consists of four elements.
The first is “Purpose”, which is the reason for our existence in the world. = “Be the source of smiles.” We will fill your heart with excitement and provide you with a trip that creates connections.” The third is the Yukai Way, which is a style of providing value that is typical of Yukai resorts.” ”, and the fourth is “value” = “hot springs, meals, sleep, play, relaxation, communication”, which is the value we provide to our customers. Based on the action guidelines established to realize the significance of our existence, we will provide the unique value of Yukai Resort in a style that is unique to Yukai Resort.
This brand movie, which incorporates these four elements, is based on the desire to bring smiles to customers’ daily lives and their future lives through the experience of Yukai Resort. So, what kind of experience can you have at Yukai Resort, what kind of emotions you can feel through that experience, and how you can bring a smile to your daily life after returning from Yukai Resort. I am writing a story about whether it is possible.
Brand movie (Yukai Resort official YouTube): Yukai Resort Official Homepage:
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Company name: Yukai Resort Co., Ltd.
Business description: Hot spring inn/resort hotel development Representative: Koji Nishitani
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