Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. Yukiguni Maitake’s new commercial features actress Koyuki! From October 4th (Tuesday) By your side. Series 4 works will be broadcast mainly in the Kanto and Kansai areas!

Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd.
Yukiguni Maitake’s new commercial features actress Koyuki! From October 4th (Tuesday) [By your side. ] Series 4 works will be broadcast mainly in the Kanto and Kansai areas!

Yukiguni Maitake’s new commercial features actress Koyuki!
From October 4th (Tuesday) [By your side. ] Series 4 works
Started broadcasting mainly in the Kanto and Kansai areas!
As a representative of the people who stand in the kitchen every day, Ms. Koyuki speaks with a lot of affection.
● CM music tie-up is Nissy “I Need You”!
● Making videos and interview videos are also available!
She commented, “I want to make a commercial recipe for my family,” and revealed her real face as a mother.

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October 3, 2022
Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, President: Naofumi Yuzawa) will launch a new commercial for “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami” from Tuesday, October 4, 2022, mainly in the Kanto and Kansai areas. It will be aired and broadcast nationwide on TVer advertisements.
Actress Koyuki is appointed as the CM character. Koyuki, who herself cooks for her family every day, speaks to consumers as a
representative of the people who work in the kitchen every day. . “Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami: Beside you. ], the day when there was a good thing, the day when I did my best …. Ms. Koyuki realistically expresses the thoughts that go into her daily cooking. “Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami: Even in the morning, next to you. ], the simple and gorgeous new menu “Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms with colorful vegetables and grilled beef gyu” is “Yukiguni Maitake mushrooms next to you at noon. ], a new menu “Snow Country Maitake Extreme Mai Chiki Karaage” that adds nutrition to the fried chicken that children love will appear. In addition, “Snow Country Maitake Pole Even at night, be by your side. ], a new lineup of trendy numbness menus, such as “Yukiguni Maitake Pole Flower Pepper Aroma! rice field.
Nissy’s “I Need you” has been decided as a song tie-up. In addition, on the official website of Yukiguni Maitake, a special page linked to the commercial has been opened. In addition to commercial videos, we will also release valuable making videos, as well as recipes that can be searched according to consumer needs.
●Snow Country Maitake Official Website Special Page:
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Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami 2022 key visual
● CM overview
Title: Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami CM “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami: Your first side.” (30 seconds) / “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami: Your first side in the morning.” (15 seconds) / “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami: Noon Also, your closest side.” (15 seconds) / “Snow Country Maitake Pole Night also, your closest side.” (15 seconds)
Broadcast start date: Broadcast mainly in the Kanto and Kansai areas from October 4, 2022 (Tuesday)
* TVer will be broadcast nationwide
●About the new CM
In this commercial, with the theme of “Make snow country maitake mushrooms closer to your daily life”, Koyuki appeared as a
representative of the people who stand in the kitchen every day to protect the body and mind of the family with cooking. speak to the consumer. A day of good things, a day of hard work… Koyuki-san, who stands in the kitchen every day, is able to realistically express the thoughts that go into her daily cooking. In the commercial, a newly developed menu that matches various situations also appears. With a lineup of menus that you want to use every day, we will create opportunities for Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami to be on the dining table more every day.
Also adopted Nissy’s “I Need you” as a song tie-up. A beautiful love song gives the commercial a warmer atmosphere. Please take a look at Ms. Koyuki’s gentle expression, which reminds us once again that there are thoughts on the dining table every day, and that the food is made with the thoughts of the important people.
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr9BCQp0YC8]               ”Snow Country Maitake Kiwami Beside you.” (30 seconds)                *All commercial videos can be viewed on the special site.

● Shooting report
Take a deep breath! Koyuki, who loves maitake mushrooms, enjoys the scent Koyuki, who will be appearing in our commercial for the first time this time. Look at the large snow country maitake mushrooms and say, “Wow! It’s big!” Please brighten up the shooting site. During the shooting, I was able to see a scene where I could bring my face closer and inhale the scent and show a soothing expression saying “I’m healed ~~”.
The size of the snow country maitake pole looks bigger than usual in contrast to Koyuki’s small face.
Koyuki’s improvisational performance in the kitchen every day is adopted “What should we have for today’s side dish?”
A word used by people in the kitchen. Since Koyuki-san also uses these words on a regular basis, she suggested realistic expressions, facial expressions, and actions, saying, “If I were you, I would say this.” This commercial was created with the theme of getting close to “the people who stand in the kitchen every day.” I was able to see exactly “Koyuki who stands in the kitchen every day”.
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[Image 4

[Image 5

[Video 5: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxUh9rcBdrY]  Making video

●Interview with Koyuki
Q. How did you feel when you decided to appear in this commercial? I used to use mushrooms in my cooking, but I really like maitake mushrooms. After all, it is by far the best among mushrooms and has a high fragrance and high nutritional value, so
I like it so much that when I go to the supermarket, I always look for it. So, at the same time as I’m very happy to have this opportunity, It was a good opportunity for me to study myself, such as recipe ideas. Q. You were seen enjoying the scent of mushrooms during filming. I like mushrooms, so I always smell them,
In order to enhance the fragrance, vitamin D is also increased, so it is dried in the sun.
Also, when you don’t have time, you can heat it a little to bring out the scent. I’m cooking after doing that, so the scent may be pretty important. Q. Do you have a mother who speaks kindly to her family like in a commercial? No, I don’t smile like that all the time (laughs)!
Besides, the setting of the commercial is for a family nearby, Mothers usually stand in the kitchen and talk to someone in the child’s room, I think it’s a little lonely work to be in a little far away place. That’s why I don’t feel as elegant as I did during filming (laughs). I want to stay there
Q. Do you have a favorite maitake dish?
If maitake mushrooms are fresh, I like to eat them like matsutake mushrooms after roasting them over charcoal.
The most recent thing I’m addicted to is that it keeps well for a long time, so I buy all kinds of mushrooms.
You can grill them, pickle them in oil, and use them in a variety of recipes. For example, make it into an omelet, make it into pasta, or add it to a salad. It is useful because it can be used for various dishes as it is. Q. Koyuki, who is good at cooking, do you have any worries?
Yes, we have it. It’s like asking “What do you want to eat today?” about 100 times.
“Anything is fine” is the most troublesome, and if anything is fine, I want you to eat it all,
Even though I said anything is fine, they complained.
However, I value food education, so I used bonito and iriko (dried sardines) to make the soup stock.
Based on ingredients that took a little time and effort, such as miso soup with lots of ingredients
I believe that cooking and eating simple food is the greatest luxury. It takes time, but it’s simple and delicious
I’m trying to make sure my body can understand it properly.
There was a recipe in the commercial that I wanted to try, so It gave me a hint that I should give it a try when I get home. Q.Is there anything you do every day?
In terms of diet, I often eat vegetables and legumes such as soybeans. I’m conscious of taking vegetable protein.
I also value vegetables, but when I can’t get enough vegetables and don’t have time,
Make miso soup with lots of ingredients.
That’s why I try to make miso soup every day, no matter how busy I am. Q.Do you have any new challenges?
There are a lot of things, but now my base is to cook for my family every meal, I want to increase the number of recipes so that I can make delicious things quickly and quickly.
It is to enrich your life, so your family will be enriched, you will be enriched,
There are so many positive things in life,
I would like to accumulate such things.
[Video 6: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeY25IzQhR4]                        Interview video
●Koyuki’s profile
Born December 18, 1976 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
Since 1995, she has been active as an exclusive model for magazines and shows, and debuted as an actress in 1998.
The movie “Last Samurai”, “Iemon laughing”, “ALWAYS Sunset on Third Street” series, “I’m going out”, “Shin-san Mining Town Serenade”, “Chiune Sugihara”, drama “Barren Zone”, “Great Poverty”, “Top” He has appeared in many works and commercials such as League, Naked Director. ● Tie-up songs
Nissy “I Need you”
●Nissy profile
Born in 1986, singer and actor. Started solo activities in 2013. He also writes lyrics, directs the stage, and directs the MV himself. A dome tour with a total mobilization of 400,000 people -Nissy Entertainment 4th LIVE ~DOME TOUR~- will be held.
He became the sixth Japanese male solo artist to tour five major domes, making him the youngest person ever to do so.
[Image 6d78522-29-4c109d10fec3fa559fa9-12.jpg&s3=78522-29-77affe9a8eb9dd9f03d91e53093e3baf-2700x2700.jpg

◆ Song information
“I Need You” Streaming Link
◆-Nissy Entertainment 4th LIVE ~DOME TOUR~-Overview
October 21, 2022 (Friday) Saitama / Belluna Dome (Seibu Dome) Open 15:30 / Start 17:30
Saturday, October 22, 2022 Saitama / Belluna Dome (Seibu Dome) Open 15:30 / Start 17:30
November 12, 2022 (Sat) Aichi/Vantelin Dome Nagoya Open 15:00 / Start 17:00 November 13, 2022 (Sun) Aichi/Vantelin Dome Nagoya Open 14:00 / Start 16:00 December 24, 2022 (Sat) Fukuoka / Fukuoka PayPay Dome Open 15:00 / Start 17:00 December 25, 2022 (Sunday) Fukuoka / Fukuoka PayPay Dome Open 14:00 / Start 16:00
February 4, 2023 (Sat) Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka Open 15:00 / Start 17:00 February 5, 2023 (Sun) Osaka Kyocera Dome Osaka Open 14:00 / Start 16:00 February 16, 2023 (Thursday) Tokyo, Tokyo Dome Open 16:00 / Start 18:00 February 17, 2023 (Friday) Tokyo, Tokyo Dome Open 16:00 / Start 18:00 *Opening and starting times are subject to change.
*No cancellations, changes, or refunds can be made after purchasing tickets for any reason whatsoever.
● New menu for CM appearance
[Image 7d78522-29-7507ea116f39f6836575-8.jpg&s3=78522-29-97f8b656830d8fd5d3bab523d38e2136-1920x1080.jpg

Simple and luxurious celebration menu!
The proteolytic enzymes contained in maitake mushrooms make the meat tender.

[Image 8d78522-29-15a6becfc7d9ff05cab3-9.jpg&s3=78522-29-6f38233973c0dc99b095c1e3105d335d-1920x1080.jpg

A changing ball in the standard menu that children love!
By combining maitake mushrooms with your usual menu, you can increase your satisfaction while reducing the calories compared to chicken alone.

[Image 9d78522-29-6925f76dbb1a01db5229-7.jpg&s3=78522-29-22a6651e3ec21a6c9b60914c735e7476-1920x1080.jpg
Also with alcohol! Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which increases blood flow and warms the body.

● CM target product “Yukiguni Maitake pole”
[Image 10d78522-29-1f1025b2631a7762961e-11.png&s3=78522-29-5c175455d54983172ee8a9cefa18da0a-419x293.png
“Maitake”, which was once said to be a phantom, 30 years ago, With the large-scale cultivation technology established by Yukiguni Maitake, Now it has become a familiar presence that can be seen everywhere. We want you to eat more delicious and higher quality maitake mushrooms. With that in mind, we continue to pursue delicious maitake mushrooms, One answer we arrived at was “Snow Country Maitake Kiwami”.

We, Yukiguni Maitake, will continue to provide products such as “Yukiguni Maitake Kiwami” so that many people can enjoy the
deliciousness and functionality of nutritious Maitake, so that all customers can enjoy a healthy diet. I will continue to convey the goodness of mushroom products.
Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 89 Yokawa, Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture 949-6695 tel: 025-778-0111 (representative)
URL: https://www.maitake.co.jp/
Contact information for media inquiries regarding this release Yukiguni Maitake Co., Ltd. Marketing Department Person in charge: Abe, Kanno 〒135-0041 11-17 Fuyuki, Koto-ku, Tokyo Ishima Building 6F
tel: 03-6778-1529 (9:00-18:00, excluding weekends and holidays) e-mail: cp-information@maitake.co.jp

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