Z Entertainment Co., Ltd. Who will get “Captain” Takuya Kimura & “Commercial first co-star” Atsuko Maeda & “Young brother” Akiyoshi Nakao “Dragon-class hairtail” !? ] Opening

Z Entertainment Inc.
“Captain” Takuya Kimura & “Commercial first co-star” Atsuko Maeda & “Younger brother” Akiyoshi Nakao “Dragon-class hairtail” who will get it!? ] Opening
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A program distributed by GYAO Co., Ltd. in cooperation with Yahoo Japan Corporation, a free video distribution service “GYAO!” #219 (October 9th), Takuya Kimura will be closely following the appearance of enjoying sea fishing with actress Atsuko Maeda and actor Akiyoshi Nakao.
Guest Atsuko Maeda will co-star with Kimura for the first time in a McDonald’s commercial broadcast in January 2022. The two co-starred in the same commercial for the first time, “Kimura Sa~~n! ] will be the second co-star. Maeda became addicted to fishing when he was 16 years old when he was a member of AKB48. Recently, not only has he acquired a second-class small boat license, but he has also won the “Cool Anglers Award 2022”, which is awarded to celebrities who have contributed to expanding fishing fans and improving the image of fishing.
On the other hand, Akiyoshi Nakao has co-starred with Kimura about 19 years ago in the drama “GOOD LUCK!!” He also made a guest appearance on . While revealing that “It’s a regular event for my family to go fishing at sea on New Year’s Day after getting married,” he said, “I like fishing.”
The two guests gather at the beach at 5 in the morning to enjoy sea fishing with Kimura. Kimura himself, who wants his guests to catch fish, catches dolphinfish and inada one after another, but Maeda and Nakao, who are the key, wait while staring at the tip of the rod in anticipation of a bite. No hits, great struggle… However, after that, when I changed the place in search of hairtail, all three fish hit! Among them, the “dragon-sized hairtail” that a certain person got had everyone on board excited, saying, “Amazing!”, “Amazing!”, “Nice!”, and “Beautiful!”. Who is the person who got this huge fish, which boasts the width of five human fingers!?
-Program overview-
■ Program title: “Kimura Sa~~n! 』
■ Viewing page URL: https://yahoo.jp/juRjCn
■Distribution schedule: Free distribution on “GYAO!” every Sunday at 12:00. ■ Contents: Starting in August 2018, listeners and A popular variety program currently being distributed on “GYAO!”, where Kimura responds to staff requests with all his might.
■ Performers: Takuya Kimura and others
■ Program official Twitter: @flowsaaaan
■ Program official LINE: @flowsaaaan

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