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Zero Waste Japan Receives Letter of Appreciation from Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture for Promoting Zero Waste Activities to Promote “Recycling City Development”

General Incorporated Association Zero Waste Japan
Zero Waste Japan Receives Letter of Appreciation from Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture for Promoting Zero Waste Activities to Promote “Recycling City Development”

General Incorporated Association Zero Waste Japan (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Akira Sakano, hereinafter “ZWJ”), which accompanies the creation and implementation of waste reduction mechanisms for regions, local governments and companies, is located in Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture. We received a letter of appreciation from Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, for promoting zero waste within our company.
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1. Background
In Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture, which announced a decarbonization declaration in June this year, ZWJ has been promoting zero waste activities in Unnan City based on a partnership with the Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Unnan Community Foundation. In order to promote “recycling city development”, we are increasing the number of small examples of waste reduction and resource recycling in the region, and are working to create a place for human resource development that will be active locally. For these efforts, Unnan City presented a letter of appreciation, and on October 13, 2022, a presentation ceremony was held at the Unnan City Hall.
2. Business content
■ Dissemination and introduction of compost throughout the city In 2022, as a major step in promoting “recycling city development” in Unnan City, we implemented “spreading and introducing composting” throughout the city. Through the “Zero Waste Study Session” on efforts to reduce waste and the “Zero Waste Game” with children at the “Local Voluntary Organization”, which is the base of activities for citizens in Yunnan City, and at the bases of various groups. learning opportunities, plus composting and installation for two months. These initiatives are being implemented with financial support from the global skin care brand SK-II’s membership program “NOW Program”. Watch the introduction video of the initiative:
■ Promotion of “Zero Waste Certification” for offices and stores For businesses interested in reducing waste at businesses and stores in the city and promoting resource recycling by utilizing the services “Zero Waste Challenge” and “Zero Waste Certification” provided by ZWJ. training, etc.
■ Development of human resources who promote activities and provision of opportunities for active participation
Four undergraduate and graduate students who are graduates of the Green Innovator Academy, a program to develop human resources for decarbonization, are participating in these initiatives as interns, and are working under the watchful eye of the local community. . Together with Green innovation, which operates the academy, ZWJ provides a place to play an active role in various places in order to develop human resources who will promote decarbonization in the region.
■Overview of each company
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About Zero Waste Japan
Aiming for “Zero Waste”, we are a team of experts who accompany all processes in the medium to long term, such as policy planning for waste reduction and resource recycling in local governments and businesses, implementation of measures, progress confirmation, review and evaluation. In the accompanying process, we will promote the introduction of specific measures in collaboration with various stakeholders inside and outside the region and organization.
About Unnan City
Unnan City has set up a comprehensive strategy of children, young people, adults, and corporate challenges, and aims to realize a continuous “population increase in society.” In 2019, Akira Sakano, Representative Director of Zero Waste Japan, took the podium at the “Kounnan Juku,” which is an initiative of the youth challenge, to develop entrepreneurial human resources. Support for Nan Community Foundation and cooperation with university students have started. While receiving support, we are actively providing environmental education for citizens and businesses, and establishing an
environmental fund to support compost production. On June 23, 2022, the city of Yunnan announced its decarbonization declaration, aiming to realize a decarbonized society in order to pass on a sustainable local environment to the future while citizens, business operators, governments, etc. learn from each other and cooperate with each other. We will challenge various initiatives for
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About Unnan Community Foundation
A community foundation established in Unnan City, Shimane Prefecture in April 2020 based on 3 million yen of 642 volunteers. It is a mechanism for solving various problems and creating value in the region, which emphasizes the importance of connecting and working with citizens and other local actors and being rooted in the region.
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About Green innovation / Green Innovator Academy
We aim to realize a decarbonized society through innovation through collaboration that transcends industries, fields, and generations. The “Green Innovator Academy” provided by Green innovation is the core program of this program. Learn how to create value. The course will be held in 2021 with 130 first-year students, and has been held every year since, becoming a new community of green innovators.
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About SK-ll NOW
SK-II NOW is a membership program provided by global skin care brand SK-II that anyone can participate in for free. By linking with LINE, you can receive the latest SK-II news from your SK-II LINE account, and after counseling at the store, you can also view skin measurement results from your own account. You can also get Miracle Drops by purchasing SK-II products or participating in the collection of SK-II designated empty containers. The collected Miracle Drops will be donated to “Zero Waste Japan,” which is working on environmental issues, and will participate in SK-II’s sustainability efforts to “protect the fate of the earth.” Alternatively, you can exchange it for SK-II products.
■ Inquiries
General Incorporated Association Zero Waste Japan
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