Zuiren Co., Ltd. SDGs of corona misfortune. The new UVC sterilization tool “Jokinbo” that solves the new p roblem of “lack of alcohol sterilization liquid” has exceeded 2.5 million yen in support of Makuake.

Zuiren Co., Ltd.
Sdgs of corona misfortune. The new UVC sterilization tool “Jokinbo” that solves the new problem of “lack of alcohol sterilization liquid” has exceeded 2.5 million yen in support of Makuake.
We may be too ignorant about disinfection. In the midst of the spread of “viruses and bacteria”, “Jokinbo” was completed with the desire to protect our precious family and friends.

Mitsura Co., Ltd. (Location: Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative: Makoto Miyashita) has started pre-order sales of “Jokinbo” at “Makuake”.
Currently being held. Click here for public information on Jokinbo → https://www.makuake.com/project/mitsura-jokinbo/
I think that there are many people who feel that “What will happen to the SDGs in the future…” and “The SDGs are no longer relevant…” due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
However, in fact, I feel that the SDGs are moving forward more than ever in order to realize a sustainable society, far from stopping. that is…
Since the spread of the infection, we have run out of masks, and we have run out of disinfectants, and the “serious problem” that what we need is not where we need it has arisen. One of the challenges is the lack of alcohol disinfectant, and this time, a new UVC disinfectant that does not consume alcohol, “Jokinbo”.
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A new virus attacks the world. The number of infected people worldwide is updated day by day.
[Image 2

Due to the fear of infection, our awareness of disinfection has increased rapidly.
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Smartphones and tablets that you use every day, keyboards and mice around your desk, stationery, doorknobs at home or on the go, electric Switch… Also, if you are raising a child, disinfecting the things your child touches…
As a result of the use of alcohol for sterilization everywhere, the “shortage of alcohol sterilization liquid” becomes a serious situation.
However, in fact, there was a new sterilization method that could overcome such problems. “UVC sterilization”. UV sterilization has long been adopted mainly by specialized institutions as an alternative sterilization to eliminate the troublesomeness of alcohol
sterilization. It was made smaller and circulated due to this virus disaster, but there were many problems with the handy UV sterilization machine that was circulated there.
■Things that have doubts about the sterilization effect.
■Things that are inconvenient to use.
■Those that do not consider safety.
In other words, it wasn’t a handy UVC sterilizer that was
commercialized with you in mind during this virus crisis. That may be why people still rely on alcohol disinfection instead of UVC disinfection machines.
That’s why we wanted to bring out a truly reliable UVC sterilizer. The “Jokinbo” that I developed was released to the world in collaboration with my father, who runs a manufacturing factory. This product was developed to focus on the problem of alcohol disinfection when the corona began to spread, and that the disinfection effect of UV light is effective. UV products have been commercialized by other companies, but this product was developed to eliminate bacteria in an
overwhelming amount of time. In addition, it has been approved by the worldwide standard for inspection agency approval to prove its competence.
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In addition, “Jokinbo” has been commercialized with specifications that take into consideration another SDGs.
That is the Jokinbo packing box. A packaging box designed to reduce waste. Specifically, we can continue to use the packaging box as a tool to assist in disinfection.
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihp2XoPs9u4] Generally speaking, when we think of SDGs initiatives, we tend to think of changing the material of the box, but we made the box itself reusable. We are realizing the effective use of resources, which is the goal of the SDGs.
In this way, as an initiative for the SDGs in the corona crisis, we made two feasible corporate efforts: “proposing a solution to the shortage of alcohol disinfectant solution” and “reusing packaging materials”.
I hope that this product does not exist because of the virus, but that it exists like people wear masks. “Even if the times change, it is universal to take care of yourself and to take care of your loved ones. I want to help and protect my precious family and people in the community.”
We want you to try this product that was born with our passion. [Image 5d101182-6-a72c246be10a886bec80-5.jpg&s3=101182-6-d1840a64bc6f03a8040cf1e1539c74a5-740x1000.jpg

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