★ Daimaru Umeda Now is the time to enjoy delicious persimmons in season! Black Friday special project “All-y ou-can-eat persimmons” is also held! in Nara is coming.

Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Co., Ltd.
★ [Daimaru Umeda] Now is the time to enjoy delicious persimmons in season! Black Friday special project “All-you-can-eat persimmons” is also held! Nara’s -Nouyusha Oindo- is coming.
November 23rd (Wednesday/holiday) → 29th (Tuesday) B1F east entrance event space
Delicious persimmons are coming! Daimaru Umeda store first appearance! Nishiyoshino Town, Gojo City, Nara Prefecture. In the area called “Oku-Yamato”, we aim for food safety, peace of mind and the
revitalization of farming villages -Noyusha Oyindo-,
We will deliver the best products, including the seasonal “Fuyu persimmon”. In addition, there are plenty of events such as Black Friday limited projects and Daimaru Matsuzakaya app members limited rattle lottery. Enjoy the taste of the season!
[Image 1

Delicious persimmons and sweets using persimmons are available! [Image 2

↑ [Fuyu persimmon] A large, brightly colored Fuyu persimmon that Mr. Oyindo carefully nurtured. Round and shiny persimmons with plenty of sweetness and a pleasant crunchy texture. Please take this opportunity to taste the deliciousness of Okuyamato, which is in season. 3 balls 600 yen (tax included)
[Image 3

↑ [Anpo persimmon] Persimmon from Nishiyoshino, Nara Prefecture. We do not use sulfur fumigation and value the natural color. Great for dicing and serving with ice cream or yogurt. 180g 3 balls 702 yen (tax included)
*Because it is handmade, there may be slight variations in color and shape. [Image 4

↑ [Persimmon Ensemble] Naturally sweet sweets with butter sandwiched between dried persimmons. In addition to black tea and coffee, we also recommend pairing it with Western liquors such as wine and brandy. Cut into 5 mm pieces and eat little by little. (140g) 1,200 yen including tax
Black Friday Special! All-you-can-stuff persimmons!
[Image 5

■ November 25 (Friday) 14:00-
■East entrance event space on the first basement floor
■First 200 people: 500 yen including tax for 1 bag
We hold advantageous event for one day-limited! (Noyusha Oyindo) We will sell delicious Wakeari persimmons as much as you want!
* It will end as soon as it runs out. *All-you-can-eat containers are limited to those prepared at the sales floor.
Limited to Daimaru/Matsuzakaya app members! rattle lottery
■ November 25th (Friday), 26th (Saturday), 27th (Sunday) 11:00 to 20:00 each day ■ B1F west special counter
During the period, please present the “rattle lottery floor” screen distributed in the “coupon” of the Daimaru/Matsuzakaya app and the receipt for purchases of 2,000 yen or more including tax (can be combined) to the staff at the west special counter on the first basement floor. This is a chance to win an invitation ticket to an outdoor facility based on the concept of “agricultural x satoyama experience” and a restaurant where you can enjoy plenty of seasonal vegetables.
★ Prize A – Tenchi no Terrace Yushio – Invitation to stay for 1 group [Image 6

“Tenchi no Terrace Yushio Farm&experience” is an outdoor facility limited to two groups per day based on the concept of “farming x satoyama experience” in Gojo City, Nara Prefecture. increase. *One group can accommodate up to 8 people. *This is a free ticket for accommodation only. *Meal plans for adults need to be ordered separately.
★Prize B – Noyusha Oindo – Special gift box for 2 people in total [Image 7

This is a gift set that collects the “Eemon” of -Noyusha Oyindo- and his friends.
[Contents] Nanko Sakura Umeboshi (150g), Rinshu Mukashi Umeboshi (150g), Ginger Shigure (40g), Persimmon Shizuku (40g), Junmai Daiginjo (720ml), Miso Soup with Domestic Vegetables (7g x 2) ), Yamato Mana and Totsukawa Nameko Miso Soup (7g x 2), Green Plum Jelly (80g x 3) ★ Prize C – Seasonal vegetable restaurant Noyusha Oyindo – Meal vouchers for 4 people in total of 2 groups
[Image 8d25003-1704-14dfe357c122d835377d-7.jpg&s3=25003-1704-5f6f42fde1ce60a9a78f04877ee24c3e-500x350.jpg
Most of the ingredients in restaurants in Gojo City, Nara Prefecture are homemade. You can also enjoy a menu using persimmons, a local product.
[Image 9d25003-1704-49d7546dd5411b895a67-9.jpg&s3=25003-1704-b69b21085d9aba2c7bb1e43bb972c5e9-3900x3901.jpg
★In the event space on the first basement floor, seasonal persimmons and persimmon sweets are lined up! Please stop by♪

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