【love.fútbol Japan】 Partnership with Cloud9 Co., Ltd.

NPO love.futbol Japan
Partnership with Cloud9 Co., Ltd.


-About Cloud9 Co., Ltd.-
Based on the main concept of “updating sports with the power of technology” and “technology for glass tool clubs”, we are working on the AI ​​camera rental service business, live distribution, and game analysis business. By recording and analyzing play made possible by AI cameras, we will provide unprecedented growth and excitement to everyone who enjoys sports. In particular, we are a start-up company that focuses on the growth of young people who think and grow on their own, and is focusing on supporting various student sports
organizations through the veo business.
-Organization Profile-
love.fútbol Japan is an NPO that works to change the “environment” of children in Japan and Asia who cannot play soccer safely due to economic poverty or social disparities. “Community-type sports ground development” to solve local issues and co-create a place where all children can play. We operate a platform “1% FOOTBALL CLUB” that supports us.
Organization name: Love.futbol Japan Specified Non-Profit Organization Established: January 12, 2018
Representative Director: Ryoya Kato
Official website: https://www.lovefutbol-japan.org/
1% FOOTBALL CLUB: https://onepercentfc.com/
love.fútbol Japan Public Relations Department
E-mail: team@lovefutbol-japan.org

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