【Pixta】 Birth of “PIXTA IP Contents” Platform, a New Service that Uses Characters from Manga, Anime, Gam es, Stamps, etc. for Advertisements, etc.

Birth of “PIXTA IP Content” platform, a new service that uses characters from manga, anime, games, stamps, etc. for advertisements, etc.
Bringing more Japanese characters to the world with overseas expansion in mind!
Pixta Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Daisuke Furumata, Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth: 3416, hereinafter “Pixta”), which operates the “Pixta” marketplace for photos, illustrations, videos, and music materials, has newly , Manga, anime, game characters, popular illustration characters for communication apps, etc. IP content platform “PIXTA IP Content” that brokers and sells the usage rights of various IP (intellectual property) content 11 It will start on the 18th of the month.
PIXTA IP content: https://ip.pixta.jp/
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PIXTA IP Content Platform Overview
“PIXTA IP Content” is a platform that connects companies and individual creators (hereinafter referred to as licensors) that own and manage IP content and companies that want to use IP content. “PIXTA IP Content” takes over the individual negotiations with each licensor and the troublesome window support, enabling centralized management.
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【Service contents】
1. Intermediary sales of IP content usage rights
Characters on “Pixta IP Content” can be used in your company’s web advertisements and websites. (currently limited to use only on the web)
From 30,000 yen
*Varies depending on the IP content you want to use, the purpose of use, and the period of use.
* We will issue an estimate each time.
2. IP content research agency (free)
If you would like to use a character that is not yet available on “Pixta IP Content”, please enter information about the desired IP content, intended use, etc., and we will investigate the terms of use and an estimate.
Upon request, we can also assist you in making a contract with a licensor (optional).
Free (A fee will be charged when the contract is concluded only when using the option)
Details of intermediary sales of IP content usage rights
Currently, the IP content provided by “Pixta IP Content” is the following eight items.
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[Usage flow]
1. Application for use: Please fill in the necessary items on the application form and apply.
2. Hearing/estimate proposal: We will ask about usage, conditions, budget, etc., and propose an estimate.
3. Application/Payment: Please consider the contents of the proposal, apply, and make payment.
4. Delivery: We will deliver the specified IP content.
5. Content creation: Please create advertisements, etc. using IP content according to the contents of the application.
6. Supervision: You can submit your work and publish it after our company supervises it.
Details of IP content research agency (free)
If you would like to use a character other than the IP content provided by “Pixta IP Content”, we will research the terms of use and estimate for free.
[Usage flow]
1. Research agency application: Please apply after filling in the information of the IP content you want to use.
2. Research: We will research the necessary information for free and contact you.
3. Choice of options: End with research, or reach out to a licensor for contract assistance.
4. Brokerage/contract support (paid): We will continue to support negotiations and contracts according to your request.
Many characters (IP content) have been created in Japan, such as manga, anime, games, picture books, and stamps for SNS communication apps. On the other hand, it tends to be buried with the passage of time, and the current situation is that it cannot fully demonstrate its value.
For example, even after the end of the manga, some characters remain popular and some do not. I thought that it might have an effect on how I lived inside.
If IP content is used in various ways in social activities, the earnings of IP content will diversify, and many profits will be returned to the author.
On the other hand, Pixta’s survey also found that there are many companies that want to use IP content for promotion, branding activities, merchandising, etc., but they have not actually taken the plunge.
According to a survey (*) of 1,008 purchasing members of the digital material platform “Pixta”, although about 60% of the 595 people who indicated their intention to use IP content, Only 13.8% of the respondents answered that they have used the content, and it turned out that more than 80% could not use it.
Among the concerns about using IP content, the most common concerns were related to costs, such as “I don’t understand the market outlook (55.47%)” and “The cost is high (52.83%).” (42.71%).
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Based on this situation, while exchanging opinions with member companies of the Japan Content Blockchain Initiative (abbreviated as JCBI), in which pixiv participates, we have come up with the idea of ​​“clarification of IP content transactions”. Many advertising and design-related companies aim to realize a world where companies that want to use IP content and licensors can connect more easily than now, and aim for a future in which more profits can be returned to the creators who are the creators of IP content. , and has many creators, has decided to launch an IP content platform.
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*Summary of survey
Period: May 25th to June 1st, 2022
Target: 1,008 members who purchased from PIXTA
Method: Internet survey
About future development
In the future, in addition to characters created by individual creators, characters from manga, anime, games, etc., which are popular in Japan, will be aggregated into PIXTA IP content, aiming to clarify fees and transactions. We intend to grow it into the largest “IP content platform” in Japan, where you can easily use the IP content you have acquired.
In the future, with a view to overseas expansion, we are considering the use of Japan’s public blockchain “Sanpō-Blockchain” supported by general incorporated association JCBI. I aim to make you flap your wings.
“PIXTA” was launched in May 2006 as a digital material marketplace where anyone, whether professional or amateur, can buy and sell their own photos, illustrations, videos, and music on the Internet. We have a wide variety of images, videos, and music that support creativity in all genres and media, and are highly supported by people in the creative production field, mainly in Japan.
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PIXTA URL: https://pixta.jp
【Company Profile】
Pixta Inc. (TSE Growth: 3416)
Established: August 25, 2005
Location: NBF Shibuya East 7F, 3-3-5 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo TEL: 03-5774-2692 FAX: 03-5774-2695 URL: https://pixta.co.jp/ Capital: 325,777 thousand yen (as of the end of September 2022) President and Representative Director: Daisuke Furumata
Business description: Operation of digital material online marketplace “PIXTA”, business trip photography and photographer service “PIXTA On Demand” for corporations, business trip photography platform “fotowa” Subsidiaries: Snapmart Co., Ltd., PIXTA ASIA PTE. LTD., PIXTA VIETNAM CO., LTD.

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