10 share service companies change their logos to green! In conjunction with Green Friday, promote “sharing and sustainable consumption options” in collaboration with the industry.

Sharing Economy Association
10 share service companies change their logos to green! In conjunction with Green Friday, promote “sharing and sustainable consumption options” in collaboration with the industry.
From “Black Friday” that encourages mass consumption to “Green Friday” that promotes sustainable consumption through sharing

The Sharing Economy Association (Representative Directors: Yuji Ueda, Anju Ishiyama) is launching its sharing service business in
conjunction with Green Friday (November 25th) (1*), which promotes sustainable consumption that spreads mainly in Europe. Together with 10 companies, we will conduct the “Share Eco Green Friday Project” as an opportunity to think about future consumption.
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From left to right: Otetsudabi Nagaoka, Tusukaji Wada, Space Market Shigematsu, Air Closet Amanuma, Sharing Economy Association Ishiyama, Azuma Koda, Class Kubo, Ekbo Kudo
This press release was held at the “SHARE FES 2022 (*2)” venue. Aiming to popularize the “sharing economy” that leads to sustainable consumption This initiative is a project planned by Air Closet, the lead company of the Association’s SDGs Promotion Committee, with the desire to stop and think about consumption in recent years, when there are more options for consumption.
While people are calling for a shift from mass production and mass consumption to sustainable consumption, large-scale sales such as Black Friday continue to exist. We aim to make a difference by proposing to the world.
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Comments on Share Eco Green Friday Project
Sharing Economy Association SDGs Promotion Committee Lead company Air Closet Co., Ltd. Representative Satoshi Amanuma
While we hear people talking about sustainability on a daily basis, I feel that there aren’t many opportunities to actually face it and stop and think about it. For those of you who have been exposed to our efforts over the past three days, I hope that this time will serve as an opportunity to think about the sustainability of “consumption” in particular. In addition, even if we say “sustainability” in one word, it is not limited to consumption and environmental issues like this time, but it also covers various fields such as work styles, gender equality, and education. We regard the SDGs as something we take for granted and aim to achieve all 17 goals. If we cannot do it alone, we will work together with other companies to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.
Sharing Economy Association Representative Director Anju Ishiyama The size of the sharing economy market has reached a record high of 2.4 trillion yen, and the number of users of sharing services has expanded and their uses have diversified.
In a survey on the relationship between the sharing economy and the SDGs conducted jointly by our association with Information and Communications Research Institute, Inc., one in four people who used sharing services said that they actually reduced the amount of garbage. I answered (*3) and found that it has a reduction effect (*4) that exceeds the amount of CO2 emissions that are said to be emitted annually by the lodging and retail industries.
Our association will serve as a bridge between companies, consumers, and governments, and we will continue to work together as an industry to promote sustainability.
Supporting comments from the Ministry of the Environment
Recycling Promotion Office, General Affairs Division, Environmental Reclamation and Resource Recycling Bureau, Ministry of the Environment In order to create a recycling-oriented society, it is necessary to promote thorough resource recycling throughout the entire life cycle. From this point of view, 2R (reduce and reuse) businesses such as sharing will continue to evaluate the environmental impact of their spread.
It is important to establish and spread it as a business.
In September 2022, the Ministry of the Environment announced a schedule for accelerating the transition to a circular economy. Among them, it indicates the direction to promote initiatives for new business models related to the circular economy, such as sharing. We hope that this event will help spread the sharing business. Supporting comment from Shibuya City Tourism Association
Sharing Economy Association Advisor
Hiroyo Koike, director and secretary general of the Shibuya Ward Tourism Association
The tourism industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and at the same time, the world is reconsidering new ways of travel, represented by responsible tourism, green tourism, and conscious travel. By using and utilizing sharing services, it is possible to choose various ways to enjoy while solving many problems such as consideration for the environment due to mass consumption and the use of micro-mobility as a means of transportation, while at the same time providing convenience and functionality. So, I would like to promote further in the city of Shibuya.
[Image 4d22734-76-d016c4cb9cad2fce8f0a-4.jpg&s3=22734-76-12dba0d9033bb71db5496f503d79dc40-1200x800.jpg
A share Eco Green Friday poster will be displayed at “Creation Square Shibuya” from November 23 (Wednesday) to 25 (Friday).
List of Participating Services/Companies
Aikasa / Nature Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
ADDress / Address Co., Ltd.
airCloset / Air Closet Co., Ltd.
Ekbo Cloak / ecbo Co., Ltd.
Otetsutabi / Otetsutabi Co., Ltd.
TABETE / Cocooking Co., Ltd.
Space Market / Space Market Co., Ltd.
Locapi / AsMama Co., Ltd.
*Honorific titles omitted, service in Japanese syllabary order [Image 5d22734-76-1f36674da4c0dbc7bccc-0.png&s3=22734-76-e59c455b865e01c445ddbd21f9608393-1200x630.png
(*1) What is “Green Friday”?
In response to Black Friday (the 4th Friday of November), where large-scale sales are held to encourage mass consumption, efforts are being made to raise awareness of sustainable consumption, such as using things carefully for a long time, mainly in Europe and the United States.
(*2) SHARE FES 2022
(*3) https://sharing-economy.jp/ja/news/20201116
(*4) https://sharing-economy.jp/en/20220310
[Image 6d22734-76-d2890d9b989dab126e28-3.png&s3=22734-76-90f8e01847856be590dd0873d75c5804-1004x345.png
Sharing Economy Association
With the vision of “Co-Society-a sustainable society of coexistence through sharing (mutual assistance, sharing, and co-creation)”, since its establishment in January 2016, as the only industry organization that supports the sharing economy, it has been involved in legal development and other activities. We are implementing various initiatives to As of November 2022, 354 companies and 105 local governments are members.
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