10,000 people visit the work experience children’s event “Akinai Festival” held for the first time in 3 years!

Akinai Festival Executive Committee
10,000 people visit the work experience children’s event “Akinai Festival” held for the first time in 3 years!
[12th Akinai Festival] Saturday, November 19, 2022 10:00-16:00 Akinai Street (Chuomachi, Kurume City)

The popular event “Akinai Festival”, which combines work experience and festivals, is a powerpup!
You can get a salary after experiencing work, and you can play with the money and shop at the food booth!
[The 12th Akinai Festival] will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2022 from 10:00 to 16:00 at Akinai Street (Chuomachi, Kurume City). The popular “Akinai Festival”, which attracts more than 10,000 visitors every year in Kurume City, has returned for the first time in three years with a more powerful performance.
The Akinai Festival is an event that combines work experience and a festival. The concept of this event is to have children, who will be responsible for the future, experience the difficulties and joys of working and the importance of money while having fun.
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How to enjoy the Akinai Festival
Get a leaflet with a map at headquarters!
Think about which experience you want to have and which shop you want to do! Let’s have a work experience at a shop where you can have a
“children’s boring experience” (business management + money
Manet experience list
[Image 2d69201-2-a291be620556413106ec-1.jpg&s3=69201-2-849b6960422415c0a2a3faadec8a2932-900x900.jpg
Station staff experience (JR Kurume), children’s gyoza dojo (Kurume Ramen party), booming sesame and straw dragonfly experience (PAF painting class), food education cooking experience (Hanamaru Gakudo Childcare), patissier experience (Slowly Kitchen), bus driving Samurai experience (Nishitetsu Bus Kurume), miscellaneous goods making experience (Hamaru), vegetable making experience (Cosmo Farm), let’s learn about cardboard! (Kyushu cardboard), president experience (children’s president’s cram school), yukata model experience (Kimono Choya), daashi shop experience (Nishihara Ito store), esthetician experience (POLA THE BEAUTY Kurume Meiji Dori store), nurse experience (social work) Medical corporation Tenjinkai), make-up and nail experience (B Staff Makeup Universal), hair arrangement experience (Fukuoka Minami Beauty College), eyeglass disassembly work experience (glasses standing stone), nursing care experience in a wheelchair (Duskin Life Care) ), Japanese sweets making experience (Maneidou), tatami accessory making experience (Nakamura Tadami store),
hairdresser experience (VIVI), orchard experience (Inoue Farm), taxi driver experience (safety taxi), life cycle game experience (The Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company)
*For JR Kurume and Nishitetsu Bus, lottery tickets will be distributed at two times: 1.9:30 and 2.12:30.
If you do a managerial experience (work experience), you will actually receive a 50 yen managerial ticket (money that can be used at the Akinai Festival) as a salary!
Let’s shop at the food booth and product sales booth using the money ticket! In addition to the shops on Akinai Street, popular shops in the Kurume area have set up stalls selling food, merchandise, fairs, etc., in order to let people know about the attractive shops in Kurume. . From rice dishes such as hot dogs and udon to sweets such as taiyaki and crepes! There are also play booths such as ring toss and mini bowling. [Image 3d69201-2-3503083d4b885e90b0a5-2.jpg&s3=69201-2-038579afa0add6c3675ef4c9e1d74d55-900x900.jpg
[Image 4d69201-2-25b920290bdb34bced02-3.jpg&s3=69201-2-ae63018ccb38400e05bae814c1d81a50-900x900.jpg
[Image 5d69201-2-33f04b9da615666792ce-4.jpg&s3=69201-2-8ab9edfc02398876023540c8af6b351d-900x900.jpg

-What is “Akinai Festival”-
To commemorate the opening of the Kyushu Shinkansen in 2011, the wholesale district (Chuo-dori), which boasts a history of about 360 years, was reborn as the “Akinai (business + never getting bored) street” and the “Akinai Festival” began.
Please see Instagram for event details

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