11/21 Antique sister store “Benkei” newly opened as the 4th store in Chiba! Renewal as “Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store”! Up to 100 kinds of novel breads using rice appear

All Hearts Company Co., Ltd.
[11/21 Antique sister store “Benkei” newly opened as the 4th store in Chiba! ] Renewal as “Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store”! Up to 100 kinds of novel breads using rice appear

All Hearts Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Nagoya, Representative: Yutaka Yomota), which operates bakeries and patisserie nationwide, will open on November 21, 2022 (Monday) in Yachiyo City, Chiba, at Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka. We will newly open “Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store”.
store information
[Image 1

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● Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka
・Address: Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka 2F, 2-1-3 Midorigaoka, Yachiyo City, Chiba Prefecture 276-0049
・Phone number: 047-406-4020
・Business hours: 10:00-21:00
・Regular holiday: No holidays (according to the facility)
*Business hours may change from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Background of the reopening
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“Heart Bread Antique Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store” will reopen as a sister brand “Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store”. In this era of with corona. In addition, in the current situation where the range of activities of customers has narrowed due to the market conditions where prices continue to rise, and the range of commercial areas has narrowed, “Benkei” has a lineup of products at affordable prices so that more customers will love the store. We will change the brand.
[Image 3

benkei chocolate ring
With the theme of “Japanese bread,” Benkei offers up to 100 different types of bread, including sweet buns and side dish breads, such as “Benkei Chocolate Ring” and “Benkei Mentai France”, which use rice crackers for toppings. We have a wide lineup. Whether you are a customer who has patronized Heart Bread Antique or a customer who will be visiting the store in the future, please look forward to the newly reborn “Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka Store”.
[If you come to Benkei, this is the first thing to do! ] Recommended sweet bread-side dish bread!
[Image 4

It is a chocolate ring that you can feel “Japan” using rice crackers as a topping. Chocolate chips are added to the moist Danish pastry, and the rice hail and granulated grains give it a crispy finish. The richness of chocolate, the texture of hail, and the fragrant dough. Please enjoy Benkei’s proud chocolate ring.
●Benkei chocolate ring
・Sales price: 1 piece; 430 yen (tax included)
[Image 5

Mentaiko France is irresistible for mentaiko lovers.
Plenty of filling using mentaiko in a crispy fishel. Every time you bite into it, the umami of mentaiko overflows.
Furthermore, it is topped with rice hail to make it crispy and fragrant. ● Benkei Mentai France
・Sales price: 1 bottle; 340 yen (tax included)
[You can get one rice flour salted bread! ] First download privilege in the official app
[Image 6d35909-642-271a83b69f2f0ccf7fc0-1.jpg&s3=35909-642-562db1eb32bcc8e35caba4a3c23b4e6a-1378x918.jpg
As a first-time download privilege in the official app “All Hearts Company Official App”, Benkei Aeon Mall Yachiyo Midorigaoka store will present one “rice flour salt bread” when presenting the “”rice flour salt bread” gift coupon”. increase.
An addictive white salt bread with a slightly salty taste and soft, chewy dough. Please enjoy this opportunity.
[Image 7d35909-642-093c420acbfd11e39905-0.png&s3=35909-642-3886f0c658eaf5f61d8d09edbf375586-1023x1023.png
You can also download the official app from the above QR code. We also deliver information such as advantageous coupons and events, so please use it.
* Valid only once during the period.
*If there is no product at the store due to out of stock, etc., we may respond with a substitute product.
*All images are images.
About Benkei
[Image 8d35909-642-5c895198b3ce706998dc-6.jpg&s3=35909-642-494117f790514fc63a41e7d6e6ab5445-1378x919.jpg
A sister brand of the bakery “Heart Bread Antique” operated by the same company. We offer up to 100 types of products at a reasonable price, such as the Japanese bread “Benkei Chocolate Ring” and the “Benkei Mentai France”, which uses rice crackers as a topping. I’m here.
-Official HP-https://b-benkei.com
Company Profile
Company name: All Hearts Company Co., Ltd.
Representative: Yutaka Yomota, President and Representative Director Head office location: Okaya Steel Building 1F, 2-4-18 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Business: Operation of bakeries and patisserie, wholesale of products to retail stores
Corporate site: https://allheartscompany.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiLUWXD26tKBkPKGEcKFGdQ Official online store: https://allhearts-mall.jp
Official app download: https://yappli.plus/allheartscompany_000_016 -Operating brand-
・Heart Bread ANTIQUE: https://www.heart-bread.com
・Pastel: https://pastel-pudding.com
・GRANDIR: https://grandir-kyoto.jp
・PINEDE: https://pinede.co.jp
・baguette rabbit: https://baguette-rabbit.com
・ Neko Neko: https://neko2.co
・ Neko Neko Bread: https://nekoshoku.jp
・Neko Neko Cheesecake: https://nekonekocheesecake.com
・ Benkei: https://b-benkei.com

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