11/22 Released “The No. 2 who will lead the company! A textbook for developing the right arm”

Beauty Atelier Group Sobi Co., Ltd.
11/22 Released “The No. 2 who will lead the company! A textbook for developing the right arm”
Responding to the diversity of employees I want to convey to management how to build a strong and warm organization

On November 22nd, Narue Gunji (Representative Director of Beauty Atelier Group Sobi Co., Ltd. Headquarters: Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture), who runs 24 beauty salons in Japan and overseas, released the second paper book, “Pull the company. No.2 Grows! Textbook for right arm training” (Kazahi no Bunko Co., Ltd.) will be published. This book explains how to develop the right-hand man who will be the backbone of the company and how to make the organization “strong and warm one team” for managers who are worried about human resource development.
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The cover of the new book “The No. 2 leader of the company will grow! A textbook for developing the right arm”
According to a survey on promotion targeting 200 regular employees (men and women in their 20s and 30s) who work at small and
medium-sized companies and do not have a managerial position, “83% of people said they didn’t want to be promoted to a managerial position. I answered that I refused.” (Feature: Why young employees don’t want to become managers? Prescription for attractive positions The Showa generation is shocked!? 83% of young people say “I don’t want to get ahead” “2022.11.7 Nikkei Business”)
This book is based on the fact that the author receives consultations from business owners through daily lectures and training.
“I don’t have a right arm who can speak my true feelings”
“I want a cooperative team aiming for the same future.”
I wrote this article because I wanted to convey my own advocacy of “creating a one-team company” in response to the problems of human resource development.
In order to become a company that continues to evolve and evolve, there is a limit to the one-man management of the president. It is no exaggeration to say that the development of a company depends on how well it can develop talented right-hand men in line with the diversification of human resources and how they can play an active role.
It is especially essential for small and medium-sized companies to develop multiple right-hand men who can maximize their strengths as a team, even though each has their own strengths and weaknesses. The author has a beauty salon and barber shop in Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, as well as a directly managed salon in Da Nang, Vietnam, and currently manages 24 stores in 9 industries. I work with over 140 members on a daily basis, but it is supported by over 10 right-hand men.
In March 2022, the five right-handers will publish an e-book titled “Right-handed Work Techniques to Support Companies” (Kindle
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Partial introduction to this book
In addition, Beauty Atelier Group Sobi Co., Ltd. celebrated its 59th year in business, and as a result of earnestly inheriting the stance of its predecessor of “valuing people”, in 2021 it will be “The 11th most important in Japan.” Received the Special Award from the Judging Committee of the Company Award that I want to do.
In addition, his maiden work, “Human Resource Development Textbook to Nurture Ideal Members”, won the “2021 Management Research
Encouragement Award that Values ​​People, Best Book Award”. There are very few people who are good from the start and can act as voices for the top from the start.
How much can you face people sincerely, spend time together, and share your thoughts? Whether or not you can grow as a “right arm” depends on this accumulation.
In this book, while colliding with many obstacles, the various attempts that the author has put into practice are thoroughly conveyed by interweaving case studies.
-Supplementary material-
[Author introduction]
Gunji Masae
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Author: Gunji Masae
Human resource development consultant
Representative Director of Beauty Atelier Group Sobi Co., Ltd. Born in Tochigi prefecture. After graduating from university, he studied abroad at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in England.
After gaining experience at a local salon, joined the beauty atelier group run by her mother.
After working as a manager, he became the representative in 2010. In addition to beauty salons and barbers in Utsunomiya City, we also have directly managed salons in Da Nang, Vietnam.
Based on the theme of “three-sided beauty” to make the outside, inside and spirit beautiful, he is currently responsible for the management of 24 stores and 9 industries.
As we celebrate our 59th year in business, we continue to hold interviews with each of our 140 staff each year.
He has been involved in the training of more than 1,000 people so far. Careful training style that nurtures new graduates from scratch, low turnover rate,
Efforts such as employment of people with disabilities have been evaluated, In 2021, he won the 11th Japan’s Most Valuable Company Award Judging Committee Special Award.
In 2022, his maiden work won the 2021 Management Research
Encouragement Award that Values ​​People, Best Book Award.
Currently, he is expanding his field of activity by giving lectures and training sessions for managers.
In her private life, she is a mother of two children.
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First work “Textbook of human resource development to develop ideal members” His publications include his maiden work, “Textbook for cultivating human resources to nurture ideal members” (Kazahi no Bunko), “How to make a successor want to become a president himself” (Kindle Publishing), “Company and team How to create a management policy document that will grow your business” (Kindle Publishing), “A management policy document that will be useful in the future There is a How to Make Super Practical Book (Kindle Publishing). Narue Gunji Personal Homepage: https://masae-gunji.com/
Corporate website: https://www.banet.jp/
[Book information]
Book title: “Develop the No. 2 who will lead the company! Textbook for cultivating the right arm”
Author: Narue Gunji
List price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
Release date: November 22, 2022
Publisher: Kazahino Bunko Co., Ltd.
Number of pages: 192 pages
Sales destination: https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/4867231126/
-table of contents-
1 The law of managers who can develop the right arm
1 Are you trying to develop your “right arm”?
2 The growth of my right arm leads to the growth of the company  3 Focus on “making customers happy” rather than “best”
4 The development of influential human resources depends on the “approach” of top management
5. Develop a right-hand man who will say, “Don’t do bad things.” other
2 The secret to stretching the right arm
 13 The key to the survival of the company is how much it can train the next generation
 14 In order to obtain a reliable right-hand man, first find someone to share your dreams with
15. Your right-hand man should be someone you can trust as a person  16 Another point about the person who should be the right arm 17 From the first year after joining the company, catch the future right-hand man
3 Q&A for developing the right arm
 31 How should the right arm deal with staff who lack confidence?  32 Should a mid-career hire be a right-hand candidate?
 33 How should I deal with the right arm who keeps his pace?  34 I can’t move without a reward, can a highly skilled person be my right hand?  35 Is it okay to have someone with a strong sense of competition as my right-hand man?
4 Use the management policy document to develop your right arm  45 Confirm the common language within the company in the management policy document
46 Clarify the mission and vision
 47 Share the image of the company 1, 5, and 10 years ahead
 48 The “Action Guidelines” are created together with the right arm  49 Considering the “Action Guidelines” for actual implementation other
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