11/29 (Tuesday) “Önschool (Onscar Nail School)” where you can learn practical salon work techniques opens in Ku yasu, Kanazawa City

Onscar Co., Ltd.
11/29 (Tuesday) “Önschool (Onscar Nail School)” where you can learn practical salon work techniques opens in Kuyasu, Kanazawa City A more essential and practical nail school taught by experienced manicurists in Tokyo

Onscar Co., Ltd. (Location: 1-484 Kuyasu, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture) will open a nail school “Önschool” where you can learn practical salon work techniques from Tuesday, November 29th. [Image 1

Önschool (Onscar Nail School)
● Önschool (Onscar nail school)
*”Ö” can be replaced with the letter “O”
URL: https://www.onskar.jp/school/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onskar_nailsch/
LINE: https://line.me/R/ti/p/@500cdhhl
Date: Starting November 29, 2022 (Tuesday) (advance reservation required) Address: 1-484 Kuyasu, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, inside the Onscar store
I want to color adult women living in modern society and support them to shine more. We are doing nail care and nails every day with such thoughts.
However, I felt that the skills of manicurists, who should color such women, are not high in rural areas.
Therefore, we thought that by cultivating high-quality human resources, we could support the realization of a society where women can play an active role with confidence, and a more practical nail school. I came to open a course.
[Overview of products and services]
First of all, in addition to the basic techniques, we will start a “2-DAY fill-in lesson” at the end of this month where you can learn the fill-in techniques that you want to acquire as a professional manicurist. We will tell you about the high-quality fill-in technique that we have arrived at at the end of a lot of learning.
An “Academic Program” is scheduled from December for those who want to learn more essential and practical skills necessary for professional manicurists. With a small number of people, it will be a detailed lesson that feels like a tailor-made according to your technical level.
There is also a “1DAY lesson” for those who want to experience our school once. In January, we are planning a “one color lesson” where you can learn advanced techniques to bring out the beauty of your nails.

● 2DAY fill-in lesson (6 hours x 2 days))
Date: 11/29 (Tue) 30 (Wed)
Cost: ¥110,000 (tax included)
● Academic program (6 hours x 6 days)
Date: 12/12 (Mon) 13 (Tue), 1/16 (Mon) 17 (Tue), 2/13 (Mon) 14 (Tue) Cost: ¥297,000 (tax included) *First time limited price
● 1DAY one color lesson (3 hours)
Date: 1/18 (Wed)
Cost: ¥23,100 (tax included)
[Future outlook]
Develop high-quality human resources and improve the awareness of manicurists. We also hope that by enjoying our work, we can make Kanazawa, Ishikawa, and Hokuriku a brighter place.
With high technology and heartfelt service, we support the nail life for women to shine like themselves and change the world from the fingertips. That is our wish.
[Image 2d98546-2-bb07e212eecd27c1b33b-2.jpg&s3=98546-2-c11bf843db116fef64b42b0309cb1ae2-2351x1568.jpg
1DAY one color lesson
[Image 3d98546-2-08cae1f4f0ee25c6fe5f-4.jpg&s3=98546-2-c47e758e0526d4a3e3409868014878e6-2396x1598.jpg
2DAY fill-in lesson
[Image 4d98546-2-26771c8c0fa3d7dfdced-3.jpg&s3=98546-2-dec2093be18002667e67c07bcd42a121-2396x1348.jpg
academic program
[Image 5d98546-2-d3afc355a87356c3fb38-6.jpg&s3=98546-2-c5a81ecc9be9634f5b058f7e184be0bb-1124x1685.jpg
Lecturer: Mizuka Mori
[Image 6d98546-2-a7619dd1df48e05f20bb-7.jpg&s3=98546-2-2a966e51ab493154da1d24bb654fb9bf-1598x2396.jpg
Lecturer: Mutsumi Watanabe

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