2.5D VTuber group Notice of new cast recruitment for virtual maid cafe “Konektopia”

TAKE1 Co., Ltd.
[2.5D VTuber group] Notice of new cast recruitment for virtual maid cafe “Konektopia”

TAKE1 Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Junji Matsuda) is looking for two new cast members for the 2.5D VTuber group virtual maid cafe “Konektopia”.
This time, we are looking for a new cast for the 2.5D VTuber group virtual maid cafe “Konektopia”.
Our group is a new VTuber brand that started its activities in July. The number of YouTube channel subscribers for the entire group has continued to grow with a total of over 70,000 people in about four months.
ASMR content with high traffic on YouTube and distribution using highly novel live-action expressions are our strengths, and we are engaged in unique activities among the saturated VTuber genre. In addition, we regularly collaborate within the group, and we have prepared an environment where you can grow with friends who share your aspirations.
We are a very unique Vtuber group, but if there are people who can sympathize with our activities and concepts and grow the community together, we would appreciate it if you could apply.
▼Audition Details/Entry
[Image 1

Recruitment of new cast members for “Konektopia”
1. Application requirements
・People over 20 years old
・Those who can serve (delivery) at least 4 times a week
・Those who can continue to do long-term distribution activities for more than 1 year
・Those who can start working immediately after passing the exam – Familiar with working with a computer
・Those who agree with our concept and worldview
2. Selection flow
1st screening (form entry)
Documents will be selected based on the information sent from the application form.
Second screening (online/or offline interview)
An interview will be held for those who pass the first screening. 3. Application form
Please access the application form from the official website below. https://cafe-connectopia.com/news/SIlsJXVN4XO8OS7daJnA
The activity environment that our shop can provide – a complete support system – 1. Provide SSS-level exclusive avatar
We will prepare avatars of the industry’s highest standard of SSS quality, just like our cast members who are currently serving! 2. Rental of distribution equipment
For distribution activities, we will lend you the necessary equipment from our store.
-Rental distribution example-
・Distribution computer
CPU: Core i7-12700 / GPU: GeForce RTX 3070 Ti 8GB GDDR6X
・Microphone SHURE SM7B
・Binaural microphone 3Dio Free Space XLR
・Audio interface MOTU M4
・Smartphone: iPhone XS or above
3. Group activities
One of the challenges of personal distribution is the difficulty of making friends and the feeling of loneliness.
At our shop, together with delivery colleagues and support staff who have the same aspirations,
You can experience the excitement of collaboration and event measures together. 4. Extensive support system
The management team, which has been involved in the VTuber business for many years, will support the activities.
In principle, we believe that it is ideal for influencers to be self-propelled. Software settings, lectures,
Thumbnails and distribution content know-how, planning consultation, problem solving during activities, etc.
We have a comprehensive support system in place.
What is virtual maid cafe “Konektopia”?
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXjuwlhXWHs&t=19s] For those who are exposed to various stresses on a daily basis, the cast (human) will wear an avatar and serve the ultimate “healing” and “relaxation” from the two dimensions of “real” and “virtual”. A virtual maid cafe where you can Our store is truly a utopia where wonderful friends, cast and staff gather.
By all means, please find a wonderful partner at our store and spend a luxurious time together.
Official website/SNS information
For the latest information on “Konektopia” and information sent by the management team,
Please check the official website and SNS below.
◆ “Konektopia” official website
◆ “Konektopia” Official Twitter
◆ “Konektopia” Official YouTube
◆ Operating team Twitter
◆ Operation team YouTube channel (StudioTAKE1)
TAKE1 Co., Ltd.
TAKE1 Co., Ltd. is a content production team with a vision of providing a new user experience that has never existed in the world by utilizing content and technology.
[Image 2d102894-8-355c7fc1775e763008f2-1.png&s3=102894-8-52d7cdeef51c07c3535a1e81937abe7d-983x983.png
・ Location: Nakano Ward, Tokyo
・Representative: Junji Matsuda, President and CEO
・Corporate site: https://studio-take1.com/
・Please include credit when using images in this article: (C) Connectopia Details about this release:



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