2022|Survey on the actual situation of daycare

mog Inc.
2022|Survey on the actual situation of daycare

Mog Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Akie Inada, hereinafter mog), which develops a career support business for working moms, targets working moms who have registered at “Mamanova”, a place where working moms expand their career possibilities. I researched health insurance in Japan.
■Elimination of childcare waiting lists = increase in nursery schools. At the same time, the childcare environment is of concern
As of April 1, 2022, the number of children on waiting lists nationwide decreased by 52.3% year-on-year to 2,944, a decrease from 26,081 in 2017 to one-ninth in five years (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare statistics: https:
http://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/newpage_27446.html). While the number of nursery schools has increased, the problem of children on waiting lists has improved, but some parents feel that there are issues with the childcare environment, such as a chronic shortage of nursery teachers and an increase in the number of nurseries without gardens. Due to these changes in the environment surrounding nursery schools, there are also major changes in childcare activities.
■ There are still many people who start looking for childcare at an early stage, such as during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth. Even though the waiting list for nursery schools has improved recently, there are still many people who start looking for nursery schools at an early age. As for the ratio, “before simultaneous recruitment of licensed nursery schools” was the most common, but the next most common was “during pregnancy” at 30%, and “immediately after childbirth” at 13%.
When did you start preschool?
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■ More than 90% of people visited a nursery school
While there are many people who start childcare from an early age, the content of the childcare activities shows recent features. Speaking of nursery school activities a few years ago, which became a hot topic in “Nursery school Ochita death ne”, it was an activity to somehow get admission to a licensed nursery school, earn points for admission, fill in the application form and go to nearby nursery schools one after another. In the past, it was common to fill it out, but due to recent concerns about the childcare environment, there is a strong desire to leave the child in a safe and secure nursery school. seems to be changing to 91% of the respondents answered that they had actually visited a nursery school. I was there.
What specifically did you do in life?
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What did you check with the nursery school when you visited the nursery school? [Image 3d46870-20-cd4e6ff5fb0cd6c23344-2.png&s3=46870-20-57e3cf5ae8032db63f7a11144d8729bf-724x434.png
-Other things to check with the nursery school-
・Crime prevention measures
・Response when children fight
・Is there an officer such as a parent association?
・Is the diaper named?
・ Is the contact book on paper or an application?
・Price system for extended childcare
・Details of SIDS countermeasures
・Can I take a stroller?
・Number of events attended by parents
・Park where you often go for a walk
・Walking distance and location
・Evacuation site in the event of a disaster
・Costs other than childcare costs such as teaching materials ・Is there an opportunity to visit a nursery school?
・The method and period of acclimatization childcare
・Whether or not to bring home futons

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