2022 Chinese Traveler Questionnaire Survey The popularity of Japan remains the same as before COVID-19. What has changed is the SNS you use and the things you want.

[2022 Chinese Traveler Questionnaire Survey] The popularity of Japan remains the same as before COVID-19. What has changed is the SNS you use and the things you want.
Weibo is down 10 points and falls to third place media. Clothing (apparel) is the number one item you want to buy in Japan

ENJOY JAPAN Co., Ltd. (located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO Fumi Wei Tu, hereinafter referred to as “ENJOY JAPAN”), which supports inbound marketing and promotions for Chinese visitors to Japan, offers services to Chinese citizens residing in China who wish to travel abroad. WEB questionnaire survey (number of valid responses: 571, implementation date: October 24 to 28, 2022, target area: first and second tier cities, target age: 18 to 60 years old * From the age distribution of the survey target 18 Until the age of 40: 464 people account for 80%.) was implemented.
As a result, Japan continues to be a popular travel destination, and compared to before COVID-19, clothing (apparel) was the number one product (category) they wanted to purchase, surpassing cosmetics. (Weibo/Weibo) fell to the third largest media, and Douyin/Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok) made a big leap forward.
■ Survey background
The Japanese government has set a target of 5 trillion yen in consumption for travel to Japan. This amount will exceed the 2019 result of 4.8135 trillion yen, but about 40% of inbound travel consumption in 2019 (* 2019 Japan Tourism Agency survey: 36.8% / 1.770 trillion yen) It is the consumption amount of Chinese tourists, and the Chinese market occupies an important position in achieving the target.
On the other hand, at the Congress of the Communist Party of China held in October 2022, although the zero-corona measures so far have been evaluated to a certain extent, no policies have been announced for future zero-corona measures.
Some overseas media outlets are saying that there will be a change in policy from the zero-corona countermeasures next spring. In addition, more and more people in China want to travel abroad as soon as possible.
Therefore, this time, in preparation for the lifting of the ban on travel to Japan by Chinese tourists, we conducted a questionnaire survey on how Chinese people’s attitudes, information gathering methods, purchased products, etc. have changed since before COVID-19. ■ Survey content 1 ~ Deep-rooted popularity in Japan ~
Question: If the ban on overseas travel is lifted, which country would you like to travel to? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 1

Countries where Chinese people want to travel_2022
Europe is the highest at 73.73%, but Japan is the highest when viewed by country because Europe includes popular areas such as France, England, Italy, and Spain.
■ Survey content 2 ~Purpose of travel to Japan is experience and shopping~ Question: (Question only for those who chose Japan) What is the purpose of your trip to Japan? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 2

As for the purpose of traveling to Japan, more than 95% of people chose sightseeing and leisure experiences, and more than 80% also chose shopping. I can say
■Survey content 3 ~ Changes in what you want to buy! ~
Apparel (clothing) jumped from 33% (August 2019 survey) to 89% (October 2022 survey)
Question: (Only for those who chose to shop in Japan) What product would you like to purchase? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 3

Purpose of visiting Japan by Chinese
Apparel (clothing) was the most frequently selected item in this survey, followed by cosmetics. According to a survey conducted by our company in August 2019, 87% of cosmetics and 33% of apparel (reference material 1.).
According to the 2019 annual report (Japan Tourism Agency) consumption trend data of foreigners visiting Japan, 81.9% chose cosmetics, and apparel (clothing) was not a very high category at 38.5% (reference material 2. ).
(Reference material)
Reference material 1. Our August 2019 survey (unit %)
Products you intend to purchase when traveling to Japan *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 4

Purchasing category
Reference material 2. 2019 Annual Report (Japan Tourism Agency) Excerpt from consumption trends for travel to Japan
[Image 5

2019 Japan Tourism Agency Survey_Purchase Category
■Survey content 4 ~Significant changes in SNS platform usage trends~ Luyin (Chinese version of TikTok) made a big leap with 64%, RED (Xiao Hongshu) ranked second with about 60%, and Weibo dropped 10 points to fall to third place media.
Question: [Cognitive media] Which website, app, or media (SNS) helped you find out about the product you want to buy? *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 6d58185-11-a5b48fae54de5a37d66e-17.png&s3=58185-11-1dd6576f9db4625712f8ca9920764d28-1354x675.png
Chinese tourists_cognitive media
The point I want to pay attention to is the great leap forward of 抖音/Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok). Compared to 2019 before Corona, it doubled to 64%, making it the most used platform by Chinese people as a product recognition media. On the other hand, in 2019 before COVID-19, China’s No. 1 media Weibo fell by 10 points and fell to the third place media.
(Reference material)
Reference material 3. August 2019 survey: SNS media that led to product knowledge *Multiple answers allowed
[Image 7d58185-11-583b1d9fac50c8fcd65e-18.png&s3=58185-11-5ade25d1e4861e07a8c858eebc544b1c-1067x635.png
2019 SNS Usage Survey
Survey content 5 ~ RED (Xiaohongshu) is the No. 1 media in tourism and leisure ~ RED is the No. 1 platform with about 80%. Weibo falls to third place in tourism sector
Question: Which websites, apps, or media have been helpful in gathering tourism and leisure information? *Multiple answers allowed [Image 8d58185-11-e795ce20eaac9dba7328-19.png&s3=58185-11-ef1659eec34b7c9d407936a719386041-1354x674.png
SNS used for leisure purposes

Survey content 6 ~ Three points for promoting Chinese visitors to Japan ~ Influencer measures, SNS official accounts, company homepages, just one is not enough
Q: Which sources do you value most (trust) when gathering product information? *Multiple answers not allowed
[Image 9d58185-11-3e6bf32e01a3aef9c064-20.png&s3=58185-11-d5b60982fc130054104688d79d24e76e-1354x307.png
Media Trusted by Chinese Tourists
While it is said that they do not often look at corporate websites in China, when looking for information related to visiting Japan, the results show that they trust the official websites of companies the most. Influencers and official corporate social media accounted for about 25% each.

[Image 10d58185-11-0c641edc5bf1cd189664-11.png&s3=58185-11-9cd539e259f671a36b331b37062fe108-207x32.png
■Company profile
Company name: ENJOY JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Location: 8-7 Yotsuya Sanei-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Ku Shii
Established: February 2010
Business description: Advertising agency, cross-border EC store management agency, Chinese marketing tool development
URL: https://enjoy-japan.jp/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCawtcTordTPKIU7S6UlbaYg Twitter: http://twitter.com/enjoy_japan
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