“2022 MAMA AWARDS” presenters decided! Kim Yuna, Hwang Jung Min, Jung Woo Sung, Park Se Ri, Kwak Yoongi, Mio Imada and Kentaro Sakaguchi from Japan have been confirmed to appear!

“2022 MAMA AWARDS” presenters decided! Kim Yuna, Hwang Jung Min, Jung Woo Sung, Park Se Ri, Kwak Yoongi, Mio Imada and Kentaro Sakaguchi from Japan have been confirmed to appear!
Actors with “K-POP DNA” such as Ahn So Hee, Hwang Min Hyun, Im Si Wan, and Han Sun Ah appear as presenters!

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The 2022 MAMA AWARDS, which declared a leap to the world’s largest K-POP award ceremony that will open up new paths along with K-POP global citizenship, has released a lineup of super-luxury presenters suitable for rebranding.
Previously, Park Bo-gum and Jeon So-mi were announced as the hosts of “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. In addition, Korea’s world-class global icons Kim Yuna, Hwang Jung-min, Jung Woo-sung, athletes Park Se-ri, Kwak Yoon-gi, K-pop actors Ahn So-hee, Hwang Minhyun, Im Siwan, Han Sunah, and more have been named as presenters for the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’. It has been decided that Yuna Kim, who is known as a global icon that combines fashion, beauty and culture beyond the queen of the figure world, will participate in the “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. Kim Yuna, who will participate in the music awards ceremony for the first time, said, “I will appear as a presenter of the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’ to heal and comfort the stagnant world through music through the pain of Covid-19.” clarified. Kim Yuna, who has shown her outstanding dance and singing skills through programs and fan meetings, and has had love and respect for K-POP, will appear as an awardee at the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’ and show the true K-POP world. We are going to show public awareness. Veteran actor Hwang Jung-min, who appeared in the hit movies ‘Veteran’ and ‘Let’s meet at the international market’ and recently showed the power of K-contents again with the Netflix series ‘God of Narco’, will be in 2010 and 2018. I will participate in the third “MAMA AWARDS”. In addition, actor Jung Woo-sung, who has gained popularity in the movie world and has spread K-movies at many international film festivals beyond the frame of handsome actors, will also participate as a presenter. increase.
Park Se-ri and Kwak Yoon-gi, who are Korean sports stars who are active globally and are building new characters as entertainers, will also appear as presenters of the “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. Park Se-ri, who is also called a hero in the Korean golf world, is an icon of hope and challenge, and is currently active in all directions as an
entertainer. Kwak Yoongi is a short track representative who played an active part in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, and as a YouTuber with over 1 million followers, he continues to actively interact with fans.
Actors Ahn So Hee, Hwang Min Hyun, Im Si Wan, and Han Sun Ah, who have ‘K-pop DNA’, also joined the presenter lineup. Ahn So Hee won the 2007 MKMF Newcomer Award with the second generation legend girl group “Wonder Girls”. In 2009, they became the first girl group to enter the United States, taking the lead in K-pop’s global expansion. Hwang Minhyun is active as a member of Wanna One, which caused a boom in the music world, and won the 2017 MAMA Newcomer Award, and is active not only as a singer but also as an actor. Im Siwan made his debut as a member of ZE:A and showed off his amazing acting skills through the movie ‘The Attorney’ and the drama ‘Misaeng’ in which he starred for the first time. Recently, Han Sun-ah, who is known as a popular actor with star quality through the drama ‘Drinking City Women’, is preparing for ‘Drinking City Women Season 2’.
Seo Ji-hye, Kim Dong-wook, Park Sung-hoon, Yeo Jin-goo, Moon Ga-young, Kim So-hyun, Woo Do-hwan, Kang Han-na, Joo Jung-hyuk, Nam Yoon-soo who are spreading K-contents to the world , Lee Jae Wook will also appear as a presenter of “2022 MAMA AWARDS”. Actor Seo Ji Hye showed off her beauty and solid acting skills in the tvN drama “Crash Landing on You”, which caused a big boom in Japan. Actor Kim Dong Wook, who is an actor who charms with his colorful acting and has appeared in movies with 10 million viewers, has decided to participate in this year’s awards ceremony following 2010 and 2018. Actor Park Sung-hoon, who has proven his acting skills steadily through blockbuster movies and tvN’s “Psychopath Diary”, and actor Yeo-ho, who proved his stardom with tvN dramas “Link: Sympathy for Two” and “Hotel Del Luna” Actor Moon Ga-young, who emerged as the romance queen of the Z generation through Jin Jin and tvN drama ‘Goddess Advent’, and actor Kim So-hyun, who has shown perfect acting skills regardless of genre, such as starring in the Netflix series ‘Love Alarm’. , I plan to add brilliance to the award ceremony. Actor Woo Do Hwan, who shows fascinating acting while going back and forth between historical and modern dramas. Innocent and seasonal actor Kang Han Na, who will participate in this year’s award ceremony following 2020, actor Joo Jung Hyuk, who attracted attention in the drama “Woo Young Woo Lawyer is Genius Skin”, as MC of “M COUNTDOWN” (Mnet) Active next-generation actor Nam Yoon-soo and actor Lee Jae-wook, who starred in the tvN drama “Resurrection,” will also appear as presenters.
Other K-dance icons LACHICA leader Gabee and HOOK leader Aiki, popular talents Kim Hyejun and Lee Eunji who are active in the “comedy big league”, actors who have appeared in many dramas and commercials in Japan. Mio Imada, starring in the Japanese remake of the tvN drama “Signal” “Theatrical Version Signal Long-Term Unsolved Case
Investigation Team”, Kentaro Sakaguchi, who is loved as the most familiar Japanese actor in Korea, “2022 MAMA AWARDS” ] As a presenter, we have decided to participate for the second time following 2019. “2022 MAMA AWARDS” will be held at Kyocera Dome Osaka with Yogibo as the title sponsor for two days on the 29th and 30th. , Live
broadcasting and live distribution are planned on the video
distribution service Mnet Smart + and au Smart Pass Premium. ■MAMA AWARDS Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/MnetMAMA
■MAMA AWARDS Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mnet_mama ■ Ticket sales site: http://w.pia.jp/t/2022mama/
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