– 2nd round of supply chain impact survey for caddy and manufacturing industry – From 2022 onwards, about half of the companies are reviewing their procurement regions

Caddy Co., Ltd.
– 2nd round of supply chain impact survey for caddy and manufacturing industry – From 2022 onwards, about half of the companies are reviewing their procurement regions
It is clear that the policy is to diversify procurement sources regardless of whether it is domestic or overseas.

Caddy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Yushiro Kato), which is challenging the reform of the manufacturing industry supply chain, is a manufacturing industry (excluding food, textiles, and chemicals) management and procurement / purchasing staff. We conducted a survey on the impact of geopolitical risks and changes in social conditions. Following the survey results announced in September, we will announce the second edition. Please see the full PDF from the link below
https://caddi-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/d415ee4a95ed71b1f4f08c254b3f3db9.pdf [Survey Topics]
Events that will have a medium- to long-term impact on the company’s procurement, compared to the present, issues related to Taiwan and “economic stagnation/depression” are high. “Russia-Ukraine problem” and “China’s lockdown” ranked high
Procurement anxiety due to supplier bankruptcy closure, more than 70% answered “feeling risk”
It can be seen that about half are reviewing the region (country or area) of the supplier, and about half are proceeding.
By category of procured items subject to review, “electronic parts” accounted for the highest percentage at 29.8%, followed by “materials” at 22.6%.
In terms of review policy, the most common answer was “diversify domestic procurement sources,” followed by “change overseas
procurement sources to domestic ones.”
The most common hurdles in reconsidering the regions of procurement are “costs do not match” in Japan, and “quality level does not match” in overseas. “There is no time for procurement staff” also reached 40% in domestic reviews
The progress of reviewing suppliers, “progressing according to plan” remains at the 10% level for all procured items
In the previous announcement, we outlined the impact of changes in social conditions on the supply chain and management of the
manufacturing industry, such as “over 80% impact on sales and profits” and “need to review procurement and purchasing strategies in the medium to long term.” and severity. This time, we are confirming the examination and implementation status of more in-depth
Approximately 70% of the survey respondents answered that they “feel the risk” of the bankruptcy and business closure risks of suppliers. While the price of aluminum and other materials continues to soar, suppliers such as processing companies are unable to sufficiently pass on selling prices to manufacturers, dependence on one
company/industry, lack of successors and labor, etc. are intertwined with multiple factors. there is. It is speculated that manufacturers also feel a sense of crisis in this situation.
In addition, approximately half of the companies have started reviewing the countries/regions of their suppliers. It was found that the diversification of procurement sources is proceeding with a wide range of policies. On the other hand, progress has been significantly delayed, and quality and cost reconciliations were among the top issues. In transactions between manufacturers and suppliers in the Japanese manufacturing industry, there are many cases where the required standards, including quality, are not defined or verbalized, and are supported by experience and tacit knowledge based on long-term mutual contact. The change ahead comes with a heavy load. In order to ensure the continuity of the manufacturing industry as a whole, we were again able to see that there are various issues such as eliminating the dependence on individual skills and turning tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge.
Materials announced on September 5, 2022 https://caddi-inc.com/20220905/ “Investigating the impact of supply chains in the manufacturing industry (excluding food, textiles, and chemicals), more than 80% impact on sales and profits due to geopolitical risks such as the situation in Ukraine”
[Survey overview] Survey name: “Survey on the impact of geopolitical risks on manufacturing (excluding food, textiles, and chemicals) supply chains and procurement”
Survey purpose: To clarify the impact of geopolitical risks and changes in social conditions in 2022 on the manufacturing industry, especially the machinery and electrical fields, and the response status
Survey method: Internet survey using monitors from Cross Marketing Co., Ltd. Survey period: August 19-23, 2022
Survey target: A questionnaire was distributed to 18,542 people who answered that they work in the “manufacturing industry (excluding food, textiles, and chemicals)”.
Of these, 3,727 employees work for companies with 10 or more employees and annual sales of 10 million yen or more, and are involved in any of the “purchasing/procurement,” “cost planning,” “design/development,” or “production control.” We asked whether geopolitical risks and changes in social conditions have directly or indirectly affected their supply chains.
Number of valid responses: 3,727
■ About “CADDi” (http://caddi-inc.com/)
With the mission of “unlocking the potential of the manufacturing industry,” Caddy has been working to address the structural issues facing the value chain of the manufacturing industry since its founding in 2017. We continue to create “new mechanisms”. At CADDi MANUFACTURING, a one-stop partner for procurement and manufacturing, we use our unique technology to provide the most suitable processing for quality, delivery, and price in response to the request of the ordering party in order to solve the issues of ordering in the industrial value chain of the manufacturing industry. Select a company. By actually inspecting and delivering products, we have provided a mechanism for building an optimal supply chain. In June 2022, we will newly start providing “CADDi DRAWER”, a drawing data utilization cloud that supports the realization of DX in the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, we have established bases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Bangkok City, Thailand, and are promoting the construction of a global supply chain.
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