3 lessons (up to 9,900 yen) can be tried for free, 10 online piano lesson monitors for children have started recruiting, applications accepted until November 10th

Small Bridge Co., Ltd.
3 lessons (up to 9,900 yen) can be tried for free, 10 online piano lesson monitors for children have started recruiting, applications accepted until November 10th
Recruiting free lesson monitors for Japan’s largest online lesson “Cafetalk”
Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Kotaro Hashizume), which operates the online learning site “Cafetalk (http://cafetalk.com/)” that connects instructors and students around the world, is online / We are looking for 10 monitors who can try one-on-one piano lessons for children from November 4th to November 10th, 2021.

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We are looking for up to 10 people for free online/one-to-one piano lessons for children, which can be taken online via Skype or Zoom at home.
Online children’s piano lesson free monitor recruitment page https://cafetalk.com/campaign/monitor-extra/piano/nov2022/?lang=ja If you win the monitor, you will receive two tickets to try online one-on-one lessons using Skype or Zoom for free, and if you write a review after taking the lesson and let us know, you will receive a ticket for one more lesson.
It will be a popular project where you can try up to 3 lessons for 9,900 yen for free.
▼ Online piano lesson monitor application guidelines for children [Image 2

Recruitment period: November 4th to November 10th, 2021
Recruitment number: Up to 10 people
Application method: Apply after entering the necessary information from the application form
Target audience: Those who are interested in online piano lessons, and those who want to try online lessons on Cafetalk.
Cafetalk Online Piano Lesson List
https://cafetalk.com/lessons/?term=lesson-music&term_sub=lesson-music-piano&page=1&lang=en ▼ Reviews from students
“Thank you very much for giving my daughter a fun lesson with a lot of content today! You have always taught me how to distinguish between A major and A monotony, etc., which is very helpful. He also gave me a lot of guidance on how to play the shape, which made it much easier to play the notes that were difficult to play, and the sound became beautiful. I am very grateful to have met such a wonderful teacher.I am looking forward to next week as well.Thank you very much.” Kids and adults Intermediate piano lessons
(https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJxzKc~PdE6OSs4Or_INicorLcnwTXQut7UFAG9kCL8.&lang=ja) “It was the first piano lesson for an elementary school boy. 30 minute lesson for beginners (elementary school students)
(https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJwrSgssNIr0cC41y3cKTS4xzQk3yix0tLUFAGbzB_g.&lang=ja) “My 7-year-old son who lives in Canada enjoys learning every time. He also teaches sheet music in the Adventure series that you can buy on Amazon in Canada, which is very helpful. He has a wonderful singing voice and piano, and is a kind and fun teacher. I will continue to take care of you.”
– For beginners – Pia time 25 minutes
(https://cafetalk.com/lesson/detail/?c=eJzLS3IzzsuqDM3zLdMPMTHO9TRL9_RxtLUFAGaCB64.&lang=en) “I asked for lessons for my 13-year-old son. I hadn’t played the piano for more than two years, but I joined the lesson without even practicing, hoping that it would be a good opportunity for me to start playing the piano again. You taught me carefully and brought out my son’s enthusiasm. It seems that even my shy son was able to take lessons with peace of mind! I would like to ask you again. Thank you very much.”
♪Take a piano lesson tailored to you♪
Click here for other piano lesson reviews:
https://cafetalk.com/feedback/?term=lesson-music&lang=en&fblang=en&sort=latest&term_sub=lesson-music-piano ▼ Background of free lesson monitoring
Cafetalk currently offers online lessons in a variety of categories, such as languages, music, hobbies, career advancement, fitness, and more, with instructors from more than 90 countries and regions around the world.
Recently, the way we spend our time at home has changed completely, so we are recruiting monitors in various categories every month and taking lessons so that you can easily connect with the world through your smartphone, tablet, or PC, learn, and enjoy lessons.
Monitors will post reviews after taking the course, which will be a reference for other users who are considering taking the course. It is also an opportunity to brush up on the lessons.
About Cafetalk
[Image 3

“Cafetalk” is one of the largest online classes in Japan, where you can take one-on-one online lessons from instructors in over 90 countries using Skype and Zoom, based on the concept of “adding spices from around the world to your everyday life”. This is a learning lesson site.
In addition to language, we have a wide variety of online lessons such as music, fitness, dance, self-improvement, and private tutor lessons. -Online training and online lessons for corporations as a welfare program are being strengthened-
We have prepared a page for administrators who can see the attendance status of students in real time, and provide online lessons where you can feel the effects by cooperating with the instructors.
We can also support a style in which you can freely use fixed points, or a training style in which you attend a set number of times for a set period.
cafetalk vision
Connecting people around the world who want to teach and share knowledge with people who want to learn and acquire new skills. We aim to create a society in which people can learn from each other and have a more open perspective, thereby recognizing diverse values. Company Profile
Company name: Small Bridge Co., Ltd. (http://small-bridge.com) Representative: Kotaro Hashizume, Representative Director
Location: SHIBUYA SOLASTA 3F, 1-21-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo [Customer Inquiries]
● Feel free to contact us via chat: chat box on the bottom right of Cafetalk page
[Inquiries for media related to this release]
Small Bridge Cafetalk Secretariat: Nagata

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