“5 points to know before introducing e-learning” Introducing the points to implement effective e-learning! 11/15 (Tue) / 12/13 (Tue) Free online event

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“5 points to know before introducing e-learning” Introducing the points to implement effective e-learning! 11/15 (Tue) / 12/13 (Tue) Free online event
For those who are worried about introducing e-learning. A detailed introduction on the demo screen of the e-learning system
“KnowledgeDeliver”, from the points to the introduction and the schedule to the points to note when developing teaching materials.
Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroaki Haga), an e-learning solution company that boasts over 2000 installation records, sponsored “5 things to know before introducing e-learning Point” has been decided to be held in December.
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As online education becomes more common and the use of e-learning becomes more and more necessary, there are probably many customers who do not have a concrete image of the process from introduction to operation.
In this seminar, when introducing e-learning, we will talk about the points to realize effective education that is attractive to students and required by administrators.
From the schedule until the introduction of e-learning to the precautions when developing teaching materials, we will introduce concretely by using the demo screen of our e-learning system “KnowledgeDeliver”.
In addition, we will explain the basic knowledge and tips for creating educational content.
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・ Those who are considering new introduction or replacement of learning management system (LMS)
・ Those who want to know the flow and points when introducing e-learning ・ Those who want to know about student learning management such as learning period and progress
・ Those who have introduced “KnowledgeDeliver” but want to know the points of operation again
Five points to know before introducing e-learning
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2022, 16:30-17:40
     Tuesday, December 13, 2022 16:30-17:40
Venue: Online seminar (On the day, it will be delivered via Zoom webinar.) Cost free
・November https://www.digital-knowledge.co.jp/archives/29613/ ・December https://www.digital-knowledge.co.jp/archives/29854/ *The same content is planned for both times. Please apply when it is convenient for you.
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Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
Learning Center Division
Maiko Umeda

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Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
Learning Center Division
Content service room
Hiroshi Uchiyama

■ Introduction of digital knowledge and e-learning system “KnowledgeDeliver” ■ Flow of e-learning introduction and operation ■ Introduction phase Point 1. Application/User registration
Point 2. user’s learning style
Point 3. Examination of curriculum and preparation of teaching materials ■ Operation phase
Point 4. operation
■ Teaching material content production
Point 5. Teaching material development
■ Q&A/Questionnaire
Click here for details and application ▼
・November https://www.digital-knowledge.co.jp/archives/29613/ ・December https://www.digital-knowledge.co.jp/archives/29854/ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━
■ Other seminars
Digital Knowledge holds free seminars from time to time
https://www.digital-knowledge.co.jp/archives/category/event/ On November 25th (Friday), you can experience the operation of “KnowledgeDeliver” more specifically.
“KnowledgeDeliver Free Trial Seminar ~For Customers Considering Introduction~” will be held.

【11月25日】KnowledgeDeliver無料体験セミナー ~導入をご検討中のお客様向け~《オンライン開催》

We look forward to your participation.
About Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
While sharing dreams and thoughts about education, we will be a “learning bridge” and create a learning environment.
The mission of digital knowledge is to distribute “knowledge” in educational institutions and training departments more efficiently and effectively and deliver it to students, and to contribute to the realization of a better knowledge society. We believe that this is our responsibility as the first e-learning solution vendor in Japan. We will realize better education using IT from the same viewpoint as educational institutions and training departments.
Name: Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.
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