500 Global 500 Global and Aichi Prefecture Decide 17 Companies to Participate in Overseas Startup Program Landing Pad

500 Global
500 Global and Aichi Prefecture Decide 17 Companies to Participate in Overseas Startup Program Landing Pad
Supporting foreign startups entering the Japanese market and promoting open innovation in Aichi Prefecture through partnerships with companies and startups


https://www.3dktech.com/: Providing metal 3D printer joint development services and developing unique metal 3D printer technology that improves durability by 200 times
Autopass Inc (Taiwan) https://autopass.xyz/: A cloud-based, end-to-end fintech API-oriented platform built for drivers in parking lots, gas stations, charging spots, and more. 500 Global Investee Companies (Portfolio Companies)
Bitskout (Estonia) https://www.bitskout.com/: Automation of work using AI Blazing Audio (US) https://blazingaudio.com/: Developed remote touch technology that allows you to touch and feel virtual objects in AR/VR without wearing anything.
Cereb Intelligence Limited (Hong Kong) https://www.cereb.ai/: A core system that allows customers to easily connect and centrally manage various third-party systems
Climate Technology Solutions Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
https://www.thecapture.club/): A sustainability engagement platform that helps organizations combat climate change by driving behavioral change in their employees.
Crescendo Lab (Taiwan) https://www.cresclab.com/jp: LINE marketing automation tool used by over 450 brands in Taiwan and Thailand. 500 Global Investee Companies (Portfolio Companies)
MOVE IT MOVE IT LIMITED (Hong Kong) https://moveitmoveit.io: An AI logistics platform that utilizes big data and AI to advocate green logistics tech innovation and a comprehensive real estate ecosystem Pollen (Singapore) https://www.pollen.tech/: B2B inventory disposal marketplace for expired and surplus inventory
Profet AI Technology Co. Ltd. (Taiwan) https://www.profetai.com: No-code AutoML platform
PT Virtual Online Exchange (Indonesia) https://www.duithape.com/: Last mile payment for companies and organizations using a biometric authentication system. 500 Global Investee Companies (Portfolio Companies)
ROBOPRENEUR (Malaysia) https://www.robopreneur.com/: A service robot company that provides professional and home service robot products and solutions
Silvia Health Inc. (Korea) https://silvia.io/en/: Combining AI technology and human touch in a single platform to provide end-to-end cognitive health services for people suffering from forgetfulness siolla. (Saudi Arabia) https://siolla.com/: A micro-investment platform that turns surplus funds into a source of income. 500 Global Investee Companies (Portfolio Companies)
Turing Chain Ltd. (Taiwan) (https://certs.turingchain.tech/): One-stop service for issuing, managing and verifying digital certificates on the blockchain
Untrite (UK) https://untrite.com/: Artificial intelligence software that supports data visualization for public institutions and private companies
URBANCHAIN ​​(Hong Kong) https://urbanchain.world/: Development of eco-friendly smart city solutions
Tony Wang, Managing Partner of 500 Global, said, “The program attracted a strong pool of candidates. In order to boost innovation in Aichi Prefecture, I am pleased with the successful track record of this program for international start-up companies to establish a foothold in Japan, and I look forward to their continued success. It says that
The program schedule is as follows.
November 22nd to December 16th, 2022 Market education and roadmap creation January 16-February 10, 2023 Market entry and exploration
February 16, 2023 Demo Day (Presentation)
After completing the program, the graduates of the first LANDING PAD have established a solid presence in Japan and started collaborating with Japanese companies. Among them, Germany’s Kojia Intelligence, which provides AI-based solutions, successfully completed a project in August 2022 with its first Japanese client, UACJ Corporation. (https://nationworldnews.com/cogia-wins-its-first-customer-from-japan/) Some of the first graduates will participate in the program in Nagoya this time as alumni.
500 Global and Aichi Prefecture launched the initiative “Accelerate Aichi by 500 Global” to promote innovation in Aichi Prefecture through the startup ecosystem, and this year marks the second year. Every year, we carry out three programs for domestic startups centered on Aichi Prefecture, overseas startups, and business companies in Aichi Prefecture.
“Accelerate Aichi by 500 Global” welcomes companies, venture capitalists, and ecosystem stakeholders interested in working with startups. For more information on “Accelerate Aichi by 500 Global” and “LANDING PAD”, please visit
https://ecosystems.500.co/accelerate_aichi. Also, if you are interested in information about participating startup companies or collaboration, please contact us at
-About 500 Global-
500 Global is a venture capital firm with $2.7 billion in assets under management that invests early in founders of fast-growing technology companies. We focus on markets where technology, innovation and capital unlock long-term value and drive economic growth. We also work closely with key stakeholders to advise governments and businesses on how they can support the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help startups grow. 500 Global has helped over 5,000 founders in over 2,600 companies operating in 81 countries. Our portfolio includes 45 companies with valuations of $1 billion or more and 130 companies with valuations of $100 million or more. Over 140 team members in more than 20 countries around the world have experience as entrepreneurs, investors and managers of some of the world’s leading technology companies. http://500.co/About 500 Global
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500 Global
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