60% of senior dogs are 7 years old or older Dealing with Japan’s pet aging problem ~ 3rd series “BESTIES paw care oil” new release

SARABiO Hot Spring Microbiology Laboratory Co., Ltd.
60% of senior dogs are 7 years old or older Dealing with Japan’s pet aging problem ~ 3rd series “BESTIES paw care oil” new release 2nd anniversary of the launch of the pet brand “BESTIES” produced by Karina Pre-order sales will start on November 25, 2021 (Friday) on the brand site

SARABiO Hot Spring Microbial Laboratory Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, President: Takuya Hamada, hereinafter referred to as our company) develops a care brand that supports the healthy daily life of pets. In commemoration of the 2nd anniversary of the pet brand “BESTIES” launched with Karina, who is also a model, actress and dog lover, we have released a new product “BESTIES” as the third in the series. We will start selling paw care oil.
The price is 3,300 yen (30 mL). Sales will begin on the brand site and Rakuten Ichiba from Friday, November 25th.

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Brand site https://sarabio.jp/besties/
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/besties_karina_official/ BESTIES is a product in which Karina, who is known as a dog lover, produced the brand concept, package design, and fragrance all by herself. Formulated with hot spring algae RG92 discovered by SARABiO Hot Spring Microbiology Research Institute. The first one will be pre-ordered for the same brand pet shampoo in December 2020. ■ Stage 3 Background of the development of “Paw Care Oil (Lavender Scent)” ■ “BESTIES Paw Care Oil” will be released to commemorate the brand’s 2nd anniversary.
The BESTIES brand is based on Karina’s desire to create a product that can give “healing” to the owner and his dog, as a result of caring for the old dog “Momiji”, which passed away on December 25, 2019. I got up from my thoughts.
Dogs are also attracting attention in the aging society, and 58.8% (approximately 4.17 million) of the approximately 7.1 million dogs raised are senior dogs (ages 7 and up)*1.
Based on the social situation, it is thought that the need for nursing care of old dogs will increase more and more.
In such a society, Ms. Karina herself had experience caring for her pet dog. With the desire to provide opportunities to spend time, we have developed this meat ball oil.
■ Besties Paw Care Oil Sales Overview ■
Manufactured and sold by: SARABiO Co., Ltd. Hot Spring Microbiology Laboratory Pre-order release date: Pre-order sales start from 12:00 on Friday, November 25, 2022
Sales location: Start selling online on the brand site
Sales price: 3,300 yen (tax included) 30 mL
■BESTIES Paw Care Oil (Lavender Fragrance) Product Overview■ [Image 3d38987-27-f2092047010966d5db67-4.jpg&s3=38987-27-28e827e10151c6203a0f38a4a322510a-866x866.jpg
3 roles in 1 (moisturizing, protecting, relaxing)!
It is an oil for paw care of your dog that communicates with your dog with the “lavender scent” that is the characteristic of “BESTIES”. Since most pets have much more sensitive skin than human skin, product safety is very important. Taking advantage of the development capabilities of the SARABiO Onsen Microbiology Research Institute, we develop formulations based on organic ingredients and natural essential oils. It is also a paw care oil that contains our original ingredient “hot spring algae RG92”.
All ingredients: green algae extract, orange roughy T, lavender oil, tocopherol The reason why paw care is important
It is said that the paws play a very important role in maintaining the health of dogs.
Paws act as cushions, absorbing shock from the ground and supporting joints and bones.
Therefore, if your paws are inflamed, you will not be able to exercise properly to maintain your health (i.e. take a walk), making you more susceptible to stress and various diseases that worsen your
metabolism. Walking while covering your feet when it hurts puts a strain on your legs and lower back, which can lead to arthritis. In Japan, where pets are aging* in recent years, it is necessary for owners to be conscious of paw care so that they can spend their lives in good health every day.
■BESTIES Paw Care Oil How to use■
1. By wearing it “before” your walk, it will “protect” your paws from the impact you receive during your walk.
We recommend using it as a moisturizer after a walk.
You can use it as a massage oil for relaxing time such as before going to bed. ■ BESTIES brand concept
[Image 4d38987-27-6ebf63010e66d58bb810-3.jpg&s3=38987-27-04d08d8301535536b9382e83caa90b59-2851x1647.jpg
Fragrance not only heals the mind, but also has the power to revive memories. Even if we can’t meet or be close to each other, we can remember happy ibis with its scent. And you can also make them feel the you that you love. Forever this unfading feeling.
Let’s connect
Bond with your beloved family with scent.
■ Karina profile
▼ Name: Karina
▼Title: Model/Actress
▼ Affiliation office: Tencarat (https://tencarat.co.jp/karina/) [Image 5d38987-27-1360e33796c9bbda62c1-5.png&s3=38987-27-bdf6861e8452263aa115eff7ab0d8541-222x291.png
▼ Profile:
Since 2000, she has worked as an exclusive model for the fashion magazine “Ray” (Shufunotomosha), and is currently a regular model for “GINGER” (Gentosha). In 2001, he made his drama debut with “Kaba Chitare!” Drama “The reason why I can’t fall in love” (CX series 11 years) “SUMMER NUDE” (CX series 13 years) “Koi wa Tsuzukuyo Dokodemo” (TBS series 20 years) “True criminal flag” (NTV series 21.22 years), movie ” Romantic Comedy” (10 years), “Girl” (12 years), “Omoide Photo” (21 years), January 13, 2023 release “And I am at a loss”. She has appeared in many representative works and is active as an actress mainly in dramas and movies.
In recent years, in addition to being a model and actress, she has been actively disseminating “what can be done now” under the theme of sustainability in the GINGER series. BS11 “CC ~ Credence Clue ~” has expanded the range of activities, such as acting as a narrator. Since 2015, she has been actively working on SDGs promotion activities (promotion of women’s active participation) with Tokyo Girls Collection x Friends of the United Nations Asia Pacific.
▼ Affiliation office profile: https://tencarat.co.jp/karina/ ▼ Karina Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karina_official_221/ ■ Overview of SARABiO Hot Spring Microbiology Research Institute Co., Ltd. Company name: SARABiO Hot Spring Microbiology Laboratory Co., Ltd. Representative Director: Takuya Hamada
Year of establishment: July 20, 2006 Number of employees: 60 Capital: 183 million yen (including capital reserve)
Head office location: 1356-6 Minoyashiki, Tsurumi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture Business: Hot spring probiotic research, manufacturing and sales of foods, cosmetics and quasi-drugs
Corporate Philosophy: Keep Evolving
Website: https://sarabio.jp

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