8 finalists for the 2023 International Woolmark Prize announced

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8 finalists for the 2023 International Woolmark Prize announced This year’s theme, “Dialogue,” connects to the next generation
Eight of the most promising emerging designers were selected from hundreds of applicants for the International Woolmark Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion awards.
2023 International Woolmark Prize Finalist
・ A. ROEGE HOVE Denmark
・ Bluemarble France
・ Lagos Space Program Nigeria
・ MAXXIJ Korea
・ Paolina Russo (UK)
・ RHUDE America
・ ROBYN LYNCH (Robin Lynch) Ireland
This year’s theme, “Dialogue,” is an important element in the creative process and means a letter-like dialogue for the next generation. It represents The Woolmark Company’s mission to forge a dialogue between leading designers and industry insiders to jointly envision a more sustainable future.
The 2023 International Woolmark Prize, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion awards and a talent development program, has selected eight of the world’s most promising emerging designers out of hundreds of applicants. it was done.
The eight finalists for the 2023 International Woolmark Prize are: [Image 1d11718-31-51d3045537a25807c166-0.jpg&s3=11718-31-47e05f6a3473de47371b619fb32ce46e-3900x2195.jpg
・ A. ROEGE HOVE ・ Denmark
・ Bluemarble ・ France
・ Lagos Space Program ・ Nigeria
・ MARCO RAMBALDI (Marco Rambaldi) ・ Italy
・MAXXIJ ・Korea
・ Paolina Russo (UK)
・ RHUDE (Rude), America
This year’s theme, “Dialogue,” is an important element in the creative process. It means a dialogue like a letter to the next generation, and The Woolmark Company builds dialogue and connects with leading designers and industry insiders to envision a more sustainable future together. represents a mission. Zak Group is once again partnering with the International Woolmark Prize to help bring this vision to life.
Each 2023 finalist will be awarded a A$60,000 grant for the
development of the Merino Wool Collection and will be supported by the program’s education and mentoring initiative, the Innovation Academy, an industry leader in You’ll get mentorship from people including Gabriela Kalefa Johnson, Vogue Global Fashion Editor and Stylist, and Tim Blanks, Business of Fashion Editor.
About Awards:
For over 60 years, the International Woolmark Prize has helped the Australian wool industry support emerging talent in fashion. The award symbolizes The Woolmark Company’s continued philanthropic commitment, resource sharing and enduring support of local artisans.
The eight finalists will each be challenged with six merino wool looks, either as part of the Fall/Winter 2023 collection or as a stand-alone capsule collection at the competition, highlighting the versatility, innovation and ecology inherent in merino wool. increase. Following the final judging of the Merino Woollook, one of the eight finalists will be awarded the International Woolmark Prize, an investment of A$200,000 to develop their business. The Karl Lagerfeld Award for Innovation will also be presented to one finalist and the winner will receive A$100,000. Trade partners who drive innovation in the wool supply chain will be awarded the Woolmark Supply Chain Award for outstanding contributions.
The eight finalists will have the opportunity to be sold in the world’s leading stores through the International Woolmark Prize retailer network.
This year’s International Woolmark Prize finalists join an incredible network of alumni including Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Ralph Lauren and most recently Saul Nash and Mousseau Maxwell. increase. About The Innovation Academy:
As part of the Innovation Academy, finalists will receive mentorship from industry experts to help develop their collections and brands, including support for product ideas, commercial development, supply chain connections and sustainability strategies. increase.
The program boasts a global network of over 50 leading international supply chain partners. The Innovation Academy will assist finalists with early stage investment, product R&D, mentoring, networking and sales, providing unparalleled insight and support for growing sustainable businesses. increase.
About The Woolmark Company:
The Woolmark Company is the global authority for wool. Through our vast network that spans the global textile and fashion industries, we are elevating Australian wool as the ultimate natural fiber and raw material for luxury apparel.
The Woolmark logo is one of the world’s most recognized and admired brands, certifying the highest quality and symbolizing pioneering excellence and innovation from farm to finished product.
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[Image 2d11718-31-10afca933f909f8a948e-4.jpg&s3=11718-31-c00ec0a4aa13abaeda99d93f85351644-2160x2700.jpg
[Image 3d11718-31-b149f937cc9fad3ff731-6.jpg&s3=11718-31-08b1e9def15f3d4b3af132f0823f5cf3-2160x2700.jpg
blue marble
[Image 4d11718-31-396fd29b2eaadaeb13e5-2.jpg&s3=11718-31-d27781e3fa4ea639b49aba9a64cfddd3-2160x2160.jpg

[Image 5d11718-31-bffe1c85fdcca7eaa321-7.jpg&s3=11718-31-635317eb9e90e0fbc654445075935837-2160x2700.jpg
[Image 6d11718-31-4d2d1fc0017497f643ea-3.jpg&s3=11718-31-bd8c9dba62b8515bf69f762423a75483-2160x2160.jpg
Paolina Russo
[Image 7d11718-31-5ab6858882d60d86b219-8.jpg&s3=11718-31-0251f5086da05f6064bc3cf94041e786-2160x2700.jpg
[Image 8d11718-31-2a2a8b63361d483ba4d3-5.jpg&s3=11718-31-0928da2df7a6d78719b6cd7a78736edd-2160x2700.jpg

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