A brand that allows you to experience “completed and genuine Japanese tea” has been released. A bottling tea brand line using the finest Japanese tea leaves developed by a long-established tea company founded 65 years ago.

Kanesu Tea Co., Ltd.
A brand that allows you to experience “completed and genuine Japanese tea” has been released. A bottling tea brand line using the finest Japanese tea leaves developed by a long-established tea company founded 65 years ago.
A tea brand that uses the finest tea leaves carefully selected by top Japanese tea professionals.

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Kanesu Tea Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Yukiya Komatsu) is a bottling tea brand “IBUKI bottled tea” (https:/ /ibuki-tea.com/ ) has been released.

What is bottling tea
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Bottling tea is a liquid-type high-class tea that is packed in a bottle that maximizes the potential of tea leaves using a special manufacturing method.
In recent years, the demand for non-alcoholic beverages has increased, and you can enjoy it not only as a gift but also as a new option for luxury beverages.
Characteristics of IBUKI bottled tea
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All the bottled teas of “IBUKI bottled tea” are extracted using a unique method called “filtered cold brew method”.
By sterilizing with a filter that does not heat and extracting at an appropriate temperature that matches the tea leaves, we have succeeded in maximizing the potential of “fragrance, umami, and light blue,” which are the criteria for evaluating Japanese tea.
In addition, the tea leaves used are supervised and carefully selected by Yukiya Komatsu, who is also the chairman of an association of Japanese tea appraisers, of which there are only 39 (*) in Japan. We are confident that we can deliver the best Japanese tea experience because we have been working with many tea producers in Shizuoka for 65 years.
*As of November 2022
Product line-up
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■ Bottling tea IBUKI
We use a rare variety of tea called “Kanaya Ibuki”, which was developed over 20 years in our own research tea garden. You can feel the mellow sweetness of the moment you put it in your mouth, and the rich umami that you feel later. It is also characterized by a refreshing sweetness that lingers in the aftertaste, and it is a perfect bottling tea that allows you to fully enjoy its potential even in a small amount.
[ Selling price ]
– 750ml: ¥24,840 including tax
– 180ml: ¥10,800 including tax
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■ Bottling tea KOUSHUN
KOUSHUN is characterized by its fruit-like splendor, the aftertaste of high-grade nori seaweed, refreshing umami, and just the right amount of bitterness. A variety of tea called Koshun, which is grown in Shizuoka Prefecture, is used as the raw material. The sharp and clean taste is enhanced by pairing it with salty foods such as cheese. After work at 9:00 p.m., enjoy a little luxury in your own space where you can take a deep breath.
[ Selling price ]
– 750ml: ¥12,960 including tax
– 180ml: ¥6,480 including tax
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■ Bottling tea NIROKU
NIROKU was named after Jiroku Muramatsu, a pioneer of Japanese black tea. The raw material tea leaves used are the phantom variety “Izumi” (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture) made by Mr. Niroku. It features a gorgeous top note scent and a pleasant sweetness that spreads the moment you put it in your mouth. You can enjoy the soft yet shaped body unique to Japanese black tea and the sweetness of the tea leaves that lingers on your tongue until the very end.
[ Selling price ]
– 750ml: ¥10,800 including tax
– 180ml: ¥5,400 including tax
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Value (value to customers)
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“IBUKI bottled tea” promises customers the following three values. 01. Trust: With Quality and Safety
We promise to provide not only the safety and security of our products, but also the delicious taste of authentic Japanese tea, which we have built up tirelessly since our founding.
02. Surprise: With Impression
From the moment it is delivered to the moment it is tasted, it is a novel and high-quality experience that you will want to share with someone. We promise a new encounter with Japanese tea that you have never tasted before.
03. Luxurious Heart: With Rich and Room
As a gift for your loved ones or as a reward to appreciate yourself on a daily basis, we believe that giving everyone a high-quality “joy” is the most important value. The finest Japanese tea experience will fill your heart.
Brand launch background

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In today’s world, where people drink less tea in teapots due to changing lifestyles and soft drinks are becoming popular, the domestic consumption of Japanese tea is declining year by year.
As a result, the mass production and mass consumption of tea leaves has become the mainstream of the domestic market, and the producers who supply raw tea leaves are exhausted after price competition, and there is a phenomenon of giving up tea plantations in various places. This ultimately has a major impact on the decrease in the number of bearers due to the lack of successors.
brand mission
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The mission of “IBUKI bottled tea” is to “connect the value of genuine Japanese tea to the world for a long time”.
In the midst of the aforementioned issues facing the Japanese tea industry, we will hand down to future generations the techniques and ideas that have been passed down over generations. And we will prove the value of Japanese tea to the world. We will deliver the best quality and experience to everyone with the enthusiasm of the producers who pursued the quality and charm of genuine Japanese tea without compromising.

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– Official Twitter:
Operating company
■ Company Profile
Company name: Kanesu Tea Co., Ltd.
Location: 834-1 Ushio, Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Established: March 1, 1978 (Founded in 1957)
Representative: Yukiya Komatsu
Business description:
– Operation of IBUKI bottled tea
– Manufacturing, wholesale and OEM of Japanese tea
– Overseas OEM
– Operation of online shopping “Wacha Club”
■ Inquiries about this matter
IBUKI bottled tea PR: Genki Komatsu
E-mail: pr@ibuki-tea.com
Details about this release:


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