A call center transfer campaign specializing in D2C cosmetics and health foods! Until November 30 Telemarketing One

RAVIPA Co., Ltd.
A call center transfer campaign specializing in D2C cosmetics and health foods! Until November 30 Telemarketing One

Telemarketing One Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Toru Arai, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) implements P2C mail order, original OEM own brand business “round throw” service, D2C cosmetics and health food special call center transfer campaign. [Image 1d54365-531-22760893c6a5db9310dc-1.png&s3=54365-531-d8149618fb2af0d1051b568ea03befe3-800x400.png
Repeat mail order will increase the amount of business as sales increase. If you do it all in-house, you will have problems such as securing human resources, human resource training, soaring fixed costs, and office expansion. In addition, staff who are not familiar with regular mail-orders often make mistakes, and preventing this is an issue for the entire regular mail-order industry.
[Image 2d54365-531-0cf724b6c8ebcfa45a23-2.jpg&s3=54365-531-9c27144f1d05eb0ec0ba74f746fb5c3c-640x427.jpg
Subscription-type mail order for regular mail order uses a special tool called a cart system, so there was a problem that it is easy to make mistakes if you are not familiar with the operation method. Our company is a regular mail order call center and has many staff members who are familiar with the operation. Taking advantage of that strength, we provide services that can throw everything, such as backyard operations (management operations).
・Representative work
Email correspondence
Returns processing
Warehouse linkage
credit card processing
Postpaid cancellation process
Accepting orders for cross-products
Up-selling product reception processing
In the box instructions
Create a refund sheet
A service in which all management work that is not problematic even if mail order business operators do not do We will help you create an environment where you can concentrate on your work. We will improve customer satisfaction with our unique customer service, which is well-versed in mail order. Feel free to leave the complaints to us. ・Introduced company
Example 1: Cosmetics manufacturer with annual sales of 1 billion, 3 head office staff
Example 2: Hair care manufacturer with annual sales of 1.5 billion, head office staff: 2
Example 3: Annual sales of 500 million health food manufacturer Headquarters staff: 2
By outsourcing the backyard operations of regular mail order as described above, it is possible to manage a company with a small number of people and minimize fixed costs. Reason for popularity Management team can concentrate on core business
By throwing all the various tasks in the mail order, the manager can think about the next measure and concentrate on the work that should be done. Relieving yourself of the tedious tasks will make you feel better mentally.
Telemarketing One will help you create this virtuous cycle.
Call center transfer campaign limited to 5 companies every month Period: 2022/11/09-2022/11/30
Please contact us first.
▼Details of transfer price with reduced initial cost
▼ Details of P2C mail order and original OEM own brand backyard management business (round throw service)
[Image 3d54365-531-34166a34a7b7088cd39b-0.jpg&s3=54365-531-78452e5162e988ad83dec2df141527cb-500x104.jpg
■Company profile
Company name: Telemarketing One Co., Ltd.
Head office: Shinsaibashi Tanimoto Building 6F, 3-4-15 Bakurocho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
(Investment company of RAVIPA Co., Ltd.)

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